Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2017

URGENT NOTICE: For Participants of MMM and General Public (MUST READ)


 URGENT NOTICE: For Participants of MMM and General Public (MUST READ)

Please read and read carefully. I know innovators of these Ponzi Schemes will not like this very vital information I am about giving out and I believe they will most likely try to get back by attacking my website. What is most important is to save millions of others from financial, emotional and psychological damage that is likely to happen to them if I keep quiet.

I am not here to preach to you if MMM, Ultimate Cycler and the several numbers of Ponzi Schemes out there are good or bad or if you should participate in it or not. My major concern right now is to keep you safe and help you avoid further damage from occurring.

Now, please relax and read carefully and when you are through, don’t forget to pass the message across to others by sharing.

When you were signing up for all these ponzi schemes, hope you can vividly remember you registered with your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Gender, Bank Account details as well as other vital information. YOU ARE NOW AT RISK!!! But don’t start panicking, I will tell you how to overcome being another victim of a massive fraud that is about to happen but if you don’t heed to the advice I am about to provide to you, you are on your own (OYO).

Since you have provided these systems with information which ordinary shouldn’t get to the hands of just anyone (i.e. Your Name, Bank details, phone number and e.mail address). You are also aware these Ponzi Schemes have no office address, centralized bank or even a known founder or operator who could be held responsible if anything goes wrong. So since this is the case follow the following advice and ensure to share this information with ALL your contacts not leaving anyone behind.

Just the way people who worked for INEC, National Identity Card Board, Telecoms Companies and other personal database collection organization eventually leak out such information and sell it to people in need of Email addresses and Phone for marketing purposes, this is the same risk you are now open to; only this time it is likely to get to the hands of fraudulent individuals who will be out to dupe you. In other not to fall victim for these fraudsters ensure you do the following:

1) Change your email address password. Whatever password you used before for your email address, be sure you change it. Let it be something very different from what you used before. Also make sure your email address password is not the same with what you used on the website of any of these ponzi schemes.

2) Change the password of your ATM and online banking platforms. Since these guys now have your bank details, mobile number and email address, tampering with your account is easier for them. So ensure you protect your bank details by changing all passwords.

3) Don’t ever listen to anyone claiming they are calling from your bank or CBN. If they send you mail or put a call across, ignore such people. Every change you need on your account, unlocking of your ATM or others MUST BE DONE ONLY IN THE BANKING ALL. Since these guys now have information on your account, it is now easier to call you and sound so convincing because they now have your account number, name of bank, phone number and email address. So if they are sending you an email or placing a cross across, it will only take a miracle for you not to fall victim as they have everything to deceive you to fall victim.

4) Never be deceived to provide your ATM details over the phone or email. Like I earlier stated, every financial update and changes SHOULD ONLY be done in the banking hall with a recognized bank staff attending to your needs.

5) Report to the Police or other authority anybody who you suspect is trying to dupe you. Even if you are smart not to fall victim, what about the man or woman who isn’t as enlightened as you are.

6) Remember these people might not start with their identity theft to try to dupe you so soon, but it will only be a matter of time. As soon as the several ponzi schemes start to collapse and no other avenue for them to generate more money, it will now be the beginning of the treat to information you provided to them when registering.

Stay Safe! Be Informed!! Stay Strong!!!

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