These Are The Major Reasons Why You MUST Pee After Having S@X With Your Partner (A MUST READ)

Peeing after s*x helps flush out bacteria before it can travel to the bladder. But there’s no absolute time requirement.
“While urinating before and after s*x clearly decreases the chance of a urinary tract infection, the couple doesn’t need to have a stopwatch,” Copperman says.



That sense of immediacy you feel is unfounded, so unless you really have to pee, there’s no need to force yourself—squeezing out a drop or two isn’t effectively flushing out your system anyway. Feel free to get in some cuddle time or a quick nap, if that’s what feels right. Just make sure to go before you fall asleep for 7 hours.

You are likely aware that the an*s is pretty darn close to the v@g*na. This means that fecal bacteria is also nearby, even in the cleanest of women. This situation plus s*x can have an unpleasant outcome. “When you have intercourse, that penetration allows some of this bacteria to get closer to the urethra,” says Kim. Women have short urethras compared to men, so it’s easy for this bacteria (once inside) to make its way to the bladder, where it can multiple, damage tissue, and cause inflammation. This is a urinary tract infection (UTI), which can be painful and require antibiotics. Peeing right after s*x can help prevent the spread of fecal bacteria to the bladder and, there for UTIs. This is also why partners should not switch to v@gin*l intercourse right after anal.


If you do feel the urge to pee, don’t ignore it.
Whether right after s*x or at any other point throughout the day, holding urine in the bladder for longer can increase bacteria and make a UTI worse. Also, it’s just straight up uncomfortable. So go when you have to go (and wipe front to back, natch).



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