Abba Kyari Lambasted!

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari has been lambasted by Dr. Junaid Mohammed… “This shameless act by the Chief of Staff clearly shows you how desperate this administration can get.”

“Most of the questions we as Nigerians have been asking about what Mr. President knows about this whole Maina saga have been answered by this leaked memo. We have been asking what does Mr. President know about this whole thing and when was it brought to his attention?”

“Unless he comes clean, no attempt by a chief of staff to intimidate a thorough bred career civil servant whose record of performance he can never match can wash this administration clean of this crime against the Nigerian people.”

“If anybody feels strongly about what she said in her reply to the query issued to her such a person should produce a superior counter-argument instead of trying to intimidate her into silence. Nigerians are watching. This woman was queried, she merely replied, what tells you that it was not members of the cabal that leaked the document to make her look bad?”