Shocking!! “Evil Bird Monitoring A Man’s Destiny Killed In Benin Today” (Photos)

As shared by  UbanmeUdie

The world is wicked and many evil doers will stop at nothing to see than their devilish plots are expressly carried out unhindered by all means.

A family friend of mine has been unemployed for years now since graduating from the university with good grades. His life has been characterized by unprecedented disappointments and financial hardship.

On Tuesday this week, he was invited to a vigil at a church in Benin city and according to him, in the course of the service, he was called out by the prophet and told that, his destiny is being monitored by enemies in his father’s house through an evil bird. He was told the resulting effect of the evil bird’s activities is his present struggles with life and disappointments.


Although shocked by this revelation, he was however told to do midnight prayers for 3 nights starting from Wednesday night and the evil bird will manifest itself and he should endeavor to be alert and kill it.

Last night, he rounded up the 3 nights of midnight prayers and this morning, the unbelievable happened. Right there in his room he woke up to see a creature flying around with the windows and doors locked. According to him, he was initially scared but summoned up courage and reached out for a hanger in the wardrope with which he killed the evil bird according to the instruction of the prophet.

Below are more photos of the evil bird that was killed.