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In Defense Of Jonathan, By A Facebook User Who Supported Buhari


In Defense Of Goodluck Jonathan:

First, let me make one thing very
clear here. I did not support GEJ
during the last election, not because
he was not better than the other bad
news from daura but because despite
his very good record as a democrat
and a gentleman president plus his
excellent economic achievements, I
still considered him too weak and not
competent enough to deserve my vote
especially after the insensitive
manner he treated the immigration
job tragedy. I was at the national
stadium. I saw my friend die in the
stampede. When Jonathan refused to
sack anybody for the job scam and
the avoidable deaths that followed, I
immediately knew the gods and the
spirit of my dead friend would not
forgive me if I gave this man my vote
as insignificant as it was. I never
made any post nor comment in support
of GEJ during the electioneering
campaign. But in all these, I never
lost sight of the fact that mentioning
the name GEJ and Buhari in the same
sentence with a view to comparing
them remained a moral tragedy.
This article is borne out of a sincere
desire not to sit back and watch
morally bankrupt men twist history
and destroy an innocent man with
devilish lies.

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David Olorunsiwa is a student of kogi state university studying business administration and a very passionate blogger. you can contact through this 08132909269

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