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Apostle Suleman’s sex scandal: 5 key revelations made by Stephanie Otobo No 3/4 Will Shock You

As the sex scandal involving the General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleiman and his alleged mistress, Stephanie Otobo keeps Nigerians busy, other details of what transpired between the two lovers have continued to emerge.

The Canadian based singer held a press conference in Lagos after she was released from Kirikiri prisons revealing details of her amorous relationship with the clergyman.

Recall that at the very beginning, Stephanie Otobo had accused Apostle Suleman of impregnating and abandoning her.

She also claimed that the pastor terminated her pregnancy without her consent after serving her concoction she drank unknowingly.

Before now, Miss Otobo had told reporters that Apostle Suleman gets his spiritual strength from having sex with so many women.

As allegations and counter allegations keep flooding the social media, here are five outrageous revelations Miss Otobo has made about the man of God.

1. Miss Otobo claimed Apostle Suleiman gave her a substance to drink that almost cost her life.
According to her, “Also, I want the police to check on the issue of when he gave me a substance to drink and that almost cost me my life.

“This was what happened this was one of the main reasons that really caused all of this.
“He gave me substance to drink after I got pregnant. He gave me substance to drink and I started bleeding, stooling blood. for over one year. It almost cost me my life.

2. She said that Apostle Suleman “cannot eat” until she had to “pet” him to do so.

Her words, “He just can’t eat, he’s worried, he’s always worried.

“He can’t eat, he wants me to pet him to eat, then I’ll beg him ‘Daddy please eat,’ and he goes ‘I love you so much.’”

3. She alleged that Apostle Suleman spent over 8000 Euros, including the proceeds from a crusade on Stephanie Otobo.

She said, “He gives me a lot of cash. I am not talking about 8000 Euros, I am not talking about $12, 000, in two weeks.

“If I was a cheap prostitute, how much do you send a cheap prostitute all the way from Nigeria to Canada? I live, I base in Canada. I’m sure there a lot of women that needs money here in Nigeria.

“Like how many people has he sent money to? How many women or cheap prostitutes has he sent money to here in Nigeria?”

4. Miss Otobo claimed to have original pictures from her video chats with Apostle Suleiman, including those of his manhood, shared during calls, also revealing the manhood size of the man of God and how he loves sex.

On this she said, “Well, it’s not very small, it’s an average size.

“He’s very good [in bed], he likes to end it off on the back, on your back all the time, I don’t know why.

“And also, even while sleeping, he doesn’t wanna stop, he’s dozing off he goes ‘continue,’ I go ‘Daddy, you’re sleeping.’ He doesn’t wanna stop, he wants to keep going while sleeping.”

5. Miss Otobo said she is not the first lady Apostle Suleman has had an affair with. She also named a Nollywood actress as ex-lover of the acclaimed man of God.

However, the pastor has since dismissed these allegations, saying they are the handiwork of some people, just to smear his reputation.

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