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Do You Want To Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back? Read 7 Ways Of Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back"

In my previous article i discussed about how to get your ex-girlfriend back and guys in the house were happy about the tips. today, all those ladies that still needs Tunde/Bello their ex-boyfriend, today “na your day just do shakara Β “.

Sometimes, we think a break up is the best thing after bread and butter when things go south in a relationship. Emotions are boiling, swords are drawn, words are exchanged and then we decide it is best we go our separate ways.


It is however surprising when you discover that the person who seemed to cause you pain is one your heart will not let go. The heart will always want what it wants. So, what if after a break up, you discover that you still love your ex-boyfriend? Forget what many people say (especially on nairaland). A modest figure of 60% of people in relationships have experienced break up at some time.


So why did they get back? Because the break up gave them time to assess themselves and showed them how valuable the relationship they had was. So, if you still love your ex, don’t be shy about it or deny it. Even marriage will have its own issues, and you can’t opt out because of it. No, you stay to fix it.


Getting your ex-boyfriend back is not an impossible task. It will just require considerable effort if your relationship was real while it lasted. Here are a couple of things you can do to get him back.


1. Is it worth it:


You need to really be sure if your ex is worth going back to. If he has serious issues like cheating or assault, kindly save yourself from unnecessary future pain and invest your precious energy in to other productive activities. That means it is pointless following the points in this article. If he is worth it, you may then proceed.


2. How did the break up come about:


The first step to treating an illness is accurate diagnosis. You need to know what caused the problem. Was it from your end or it was his fault? Many a time, we lay the entire blame for the failure of a thing on our partner simply because we are the alternative. Even if he was at fault, you need to see the role you may have played in it.


3. Work on yourself:


Rather than mope about, improve your character. Work on your attitude and let go of bad habits that you may have. Also, take out time to change your looks. Obviously, this is one way of attracting his attention since men are creatures of sight. Make a new hairdo, get yourself new outfits and engage in exercise if need be. Those two are absolutely important. While your looks may attract him, your new character will keep him with you.


4. What kind of man is he:


You stand a brighter chance of having him back since you know him. And the good news is, guys are basically single celled. I mean we are easy to understand and predict once you know us. How does your ex like you to relate with him? You should know your way. How does he like to have issues settled?


5. Mutual friends can come in handy:


It is will help if you let close mutual friends that you both share know about your intentions. However, you need to be choosy about who you approach. Not every friend that smiles with you roots for your relationship with him. Intimate them of your plans and get their advise on how to go about it. They are your invaluable asset here.

6. Agree with him:


Agreeing with him does not necessarily mean that he is totally right and you are wrong. Instead, it means you choose to see things from his perspective and acknowledge that his opinion is valid. Wherever there is a misunderstanding, you need to find the understanding that I missing. Be humble in your approach and gentle with your choice of words.


7. Apologize for your fault:


Since we already established that both parties have their share in the blame, apologize for your faults. If your ex is thoughtful, he will naturally feel obligated to own up to his wrongs. However, you need to take some time before you implement this stage. Rome was not built in a day. Don’t try to rush the process.


all the best sister as you amend your relationship. feel free to ask questions or post your comments in the comment box.


My next article is not going to be funny for all the runs girls in the house. i will show you how to know that Funke/Amina is a runs girl so you can back out early

Credit : Importexpert

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