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Just In : Ogun PDP Expels Otunba Gbenga Daniel, Adebutu, Others




Protocols :


Gentlemen of the press, the State Executive Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ogun state under my leadership met this morning to look into developing issues as it affects the interest of our party. You all are aware of the challenges we have contended with since our executive was elected and inaugurated in March this year. Chief among this challenges have been the division caused by the emergence of an imaginary parallel state executive being championed by Sikirulai Ogundele and some other misguided people.


These charlatans that have now become an embarrassment and huge nuisance to the party are not acting solo, they are being promoted and sponsored by Hon. Ladi Adebutu whose inordinate and desperate desire to contest for the office of Governor in 2019,  have made him go berserk and reckless in the pursuit of that asinine mission, even when the time for such is not ripe. Ladi Adebutu have ignored the voice of reason and is sliding irredeemably down the valley of dishonour.


Ladi Adebutu is also not acting alone as he clearly does not have the intelligence and capacity to orchestrate the degree of political subterfuge he has soaked himself in, but he is being aided and guided by the big masquerade in Sagamu, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, whose dwindling political relevance and desire to grab from the wealth of Chief Adebutu Kessignton has made him surrender leadership to the little Ladi. What a travesty!


Let me also at this junction state inter alia that there are no two state executives in Ogun state as all relevant reports, statutory agencies, judicial pronouncements and PDP national secretariat recognition – have all resolved the authenticity of of Ogun state executive and affirmatively in our favour. Consequently, it follows to say that Sikirulai and his cohorts are interlopers and impostors seeking to grab what does not belong to them. Sikirulai in particular is still on trial for criminal burglary and stealing of party register and should be now be cooling his feet in jail had the process been accelerated.


These people elevated their shenanigans two days ago when they met at their hotel and issued a statement purportedly suspending respected leaders of the party which includes myself, a senator and a member of the State legislature among others. We consider this action as highly unacceptable, ridiculous, preposterous and an affront on constituted authority of the party in ogun state. They have indeed bitten more than they can chew and they must pay dearly for this high indiscretion.


However, it is again important we state a few facts to appropriately anchor our resolution. In the first instance, Sikirulai and his friends lack the locus to suspend any on because they have no authority or legal basis to act. An illusory, imaginary and non-existent executive cannot repudiate a constitutionally elected executive.



We must also report that , Otunba Gbenga Daniel, Ladi Adebutu, Sikirulai Ogundele and their collaborators have been in and out of the party since 2011. They were in PPN at some point and later journeyed into Labour Party before we granted them waiver to come into the PDP on the eve of the 2015 elections.  Pray therefore, how can these people that are less than two years in the party seek to control it and even attempt to sack their landlords?


On the contrary, the above mentioned have in the last few weeks been negotiating with the APC and AD at the same time where they have reached an understanding to revamp at the appropriate time. What they are currently doing is to weaken the PDP and cause deep disaffection within it before moving again to their next preffered party. We shall no longer condone this gross misconduct and anti-party activity.

Consequently, the State Executive Committee have examined their actions and concluded that it continually inimical to the sustenance and progress of the PDP in Ogun state. We shall not allow them destroy our party before migrating to another one. We therefore resolve as follows:


1. That Otunba Gbenga Daniel, Hon. Ladi Adebutu, Sikirulai Ogundele and Tolu Bankole are guilty of acts of insubordination, willful undermining of the party, antiparty activities, malicious damage to party infrastructures,  physical harm to party officials and impersonation.


2. They are hereby EXPELLED from the party and cease to be members of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ogun state and the entire Federation.


3. The General public is hereby notified.

This resolution is subject to no appeal or consideration as the four people are incurably cancerous to the PDP and we are better off without them. We shall continue to in still discipline in the party while doing all we can to reposition it for future electoral success.




Engr Adebayo Dayo


For: State Executive Committee,  Ogun PDP.


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Wisdom Nwedene studied English Language at Ebonyi State University. He is a writer, an editor and has equally interviewed many top Nigerian Politicians and celebrities. For publication of your articles, press statements, upload of biography, video content, contact him via email: nwedenewisdom@gmail.com

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