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Landlord In Search Of Family Of His Female Tenant Who Died In His Apartment (Photos)

A Nigerian man, Osita Osinachi has asked the public to help him locate the family members of one of his female tenants identified as Blessing Effiong who died in one of his apartments, IGBERETV reports.

Taking to his Facebook page, Osita stated that the lady moved into his apartment in November and sadly died some days ago in the apartment after a brief illness. He stated that he was arrested by the police following her demise but that he was able to settle his way out. He is now seeking public help to locate her family members.

He wrote;

”Two days ago, Wed Dec 21,2022 d Police got me arrested becos of an Akwa ibom Lady dat slept off & died in one of my Rooms I gave to her as Rent Bayii…

Last month November, dis Akwa ibom Lady named Blessing Effiong came to me dat someone gave her my Contact dat she heard dat I do give out Furnished apartments with bed Bayii..

I told her yes, & let her know d Prices of each Room, which she agreed to settle on Room & Parlour with her Benin Boyfriend Bayii..

After she has made Payment, I asked if she’s Working or doing Hookup or Ashawo..,She told me dat she’s Working in a tiger nut drink Company, then I gave her d Keys to d Apartment Bayii..

Fast-forward to Last week Friday, She fell ill, and no one noticed me about it, so there’s no way I could know about it. But by Monday dis Week, I went to her Apartment to check on her so I can use d opportunity to let her know dat her Rent will be Expiring in a Week time Bayii..

But when I got there, She’s Covering herself, & told me dat she has been sick in d Past 3 days.., I saw her Sister in d Room, then I asked about her Benin Boyfriend, she told me dat her BF has travelled to d Northern Part of Ghana Bayii..

Then I asked if she’s has gotten some medicine bfor I Wished her a Fast Recovery, & then Left Bayii..

Next day Tuesday, unknown number called, dat they’ve admitted Blessing Effiong in d Hospital, dat they need my Presence for a Money deposit, I told Dem to carry on, dat money is not a Problem as I will be there Shortly Bayii..

After Some Minutes, I arrived at d Hospital,& went straight to see d Doctor concerning her health,which d doctor told me dat they’ve been doing their medical best in treatment Bayii..

I asked after d Bills, & Paid for Everything, then I left for my Business, not knowing dat they later discharged her dat same evening Bayii..

By 7;30pm dat same evening, I got a Call, dat she’s back home,I quickly rushed to see her, when I arrived at her apartment, & asked her about her family members, dat if she can Provide me with their Contact, but she told me dat her Phone is Off, becos it’s not Charged Bayii..

She Promised dat she will give me her family Contact d next Morning, dat she’s feeling Sleepy Bayii..

Lo & behold, Bfor d Next Morning, She’s DE.AD & her relative Sister staying with her Ran away leaving d whole load for me alone Bayii…

Well, I went to Police Station to Explain everything to dem bfor I settled dem with Money, so it’s can be easy for them to Excort Me & d C@rpse to a Police Morgue since I don’t know her Family Bayii..

Uptil now I can’t find her on Facebook & I haven’t heard from her Boyfriend or her Family members Bayii..

Please ñdi Akwa ibom should help me out BikoLandlord seeks help in locating family members of his female tenant who died in his apartmentto Locate her family, as I’ve done over 300k Expenses in d Past 4days Bayii..

I can’t Post her C@rpse Photos here, bcos its Worrisome Bayii..


I know it’s didn’t Concern some of u…

But it’s Pains me Pass u…So have Pity on me Bayii..


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