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Businesses to consider at the proposed Lekki International airport, Ibeji-Lekki

One of the key things people majorly look out for before investing big in any business is the location. Although, not everyone gets this right. Many have suffered a huge loss because they had a business in a place where their kind of business was not in demand. The location could either make your business boom or fold up, IgbereTV reports

How do you know that a location will be favorable for you?

1. It is an industrial area, that is, a place where major economic activities happen.

2. A resort center is close by.

3. The location has many 5-star hotels around.

4. You can find one or more higher institutions around.

5. An airport is close by.


If you have been to the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, you would have discovered how crowded and bustling the place is with various business activities. And so it is with other airports in Nigeria.

Another airport is emerging in Nigeria, Lagos, to be precise. This International airport to be located at Ibeju-Lekki is a place to take your business.

Right from time, Ibeju-Lekki has been a place in Lagos that has succeeded in showing greater prospects over the years.

And now, the coming of an international airport has sealed the deal to everyone’s advantage.


1. Internet booth and printing services

These services are great. You can’t be in the airport without having some people who need to print a ticket or itinerary at the last minute. They are useful and can be good investments for you.

2. Luggage delivery services

If you have a car, you can consider luggage delivery services where you can deliver from the airline to the hotel or vice versa. This is not limited to only the airport; you can offer to be the visitors’ chauffeur for the time they intend to spend in the country.

3. Restaurant and bar

This is a fantastic business for people who know what they are doing. People who are traveling in or out want to eat and also have a good time. If you can organize and offer quality services, this business will make you.

4. Welcoming service

In Hawaii, you are welcomed and greeted by wayfarers with music and a ring of flowers around your neck.

Imagine having such here, it’s a sigh of relief and a smile on the faces of the guests who have been traveling for hours.

A welcoming service will create a memorable experience for travelers visiting and the need to visit more. This doesn’t cost so much to operate as you can set up a welcoming band to play local music. Also, you could partner with a friend to rotate availability hours.

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