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Twitter Boss, Jack Dorsey Visits Nigeria, Nigerians React

IgbereTV has captured the reactions of Nigerians on Twitter on the arrival of Twitter Boss, Jack Dorsey, to Nigeria.

Jack had announced plans to visit four African nations in November. The countries are: Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

He announced his arrival to Nigeria through a tweet on Thursday night.

He wrote:

“So grateful to be finally in Nigeria.”

Many Nigerians on Twitter have reacted to his arrival. See below.

@Belshagy who is the president, National Youth Council of Nigeria tweeted:

Welcome To Nigeria @jack! Your impact to Nigeria’s recent social, economic and political development cannot be overemphasized. You’ve given many of us a voice and an avenue to showcase ourselves and realize our potentials. Thank you!

Make sure you chop Naija jellof rice! 

@SirSmithM tweeted:

Welcome to Nigeria The only country wen you go see Mad Man dey control traffic & people wey get sense dey Obey.

@evalyours tweeted:

Welcome to Nigeria where bad roads and traffic makes Lagosians think they hustle more than Nigerians in other cities…

@Miss_BooBooBear tweeted:

Welcome To Nigeria Where iPhone Users Think Android Phone Users Are Broke…

@great190 tweeted:

#Welcome to Nigeria, where you have highest number of churches/mosques yet the most corrupt country.

@Miss_BooBooBear tweeted:

Welcome to Nigeria where yahoo boys have better life than graduates

@iamhassan91 tweeted:

A country where a lady with big Ass and boobs thinks she has a better future than a degree holder.

Welcome to Nigeria.

KikelomoSowore tweeted:

Welcome to Nigeria, where Court orders are being disobeyed.

Once they have abducted Sowore, twice they have disobeyed court orders to release.
The power no longer belong to the people!


Click on the link to see more reactions

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