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The 3rd Longest Africa Serving Leader Is Stepping Down After 38 Years



For the first time in 38 years, tomorrow Angolans will have a new president.
Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the country’s long-time leader, announced in December 2016, that he would not seek re-election and, in his place, João Lourenço, Angola’s defense minister, has been chosen by the ruling People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) to seek the presidency. Dos Santos, 74, is said to have health issues. In May, after a prolonged absence, the government confirmed dos Santos was in Spain for one of his “regular health checks” and his daughter later was forced to deny reports of his death.

Given the MLPA’s dominance in Angolan politics—the party has ruled Angola since its independence from Portugal in 1975—Lourenço is expected to win the parliamentary elections.

But for the first time in decades, opposition parties believe they’ve got an outside shot at power. A pollcommissioned by the presidency predicts the ruling party will only secure 38% of the votes while National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), the main opposition party, will receive 32%. CASA-CE, another party, is projected to win 26%. More damning, 91% of the more than 9,000 poll respondents said MPLA’s current leadership does not act in the best interest of Angolans. In 2012, the MPLA received 72% of the vote; in 2008, it received 82% of the the total votes.

Information reaching LOADEDCHUKS from Quartz Africa has it that Whoever wins, dos Santos and his family are is likely to retain significant power.

Last month, the government passed new laws which prevent the next president from firing the military, police, and intelligence chiefs. Dos Santos will continue as leader of the MPLA while his daughter Isabel will stay in charge of Sonangol, the state oil company, after being appointed in June 2016, and Jose Filomeno, dos Santos’ son, will remain in charge of Angola’s $5 billion sovereign wealth fund. In June, Dos Santos was granted a seat on the Council of the Republic, a presidential advisory body whose members enjoy immunity from prosecution.

Lourenço has campaigned on anti-corruption measures in line with his hardline stance. In the late 1980s, as governor of Benguela province, Lourenço jailed some members of his own party for corruption.

The winning party will need to defuse anger at what is perceived to be large-scale corruption among Angola’s elite. Despite its vast oil wealth—Angola is Africa’s second largest oil producer—inequality remains high. Much of Angola’s development is concentrated in Luanda, its capital city, which is so littered with lush hotels and apartments that it is considered to be the most expensive city in the world for exert patriates. Meanwhile, infrastructure in the rest of the country is poor.

The 2016 Africa Prosperity Report by the Legatum Institute found that Angola has been “under-delivering” prosperity to its citizens. That reality has gotten worse over the past two years as oil prices have dipped, slowing the country’s growth. To cope with the fall in revenue, the government cut essential servicesincluding waste collection services. A deadly yellow fever outbreak which killed more than 400 people (pdf) has been cited as a costly fallout of that decision.
Opposition parties are working to boost an unlikely victory. To ensure transparency at the polls, CASA-CE hopes to leverage technology by using a computer program to calculate results based on data from party delegates at polling stations and minimize rigging. But MPLA is not standing by idly either. Citing security concerns, government authorities have banned protests and demonstrations by groups not contesting the elections.

Zimbabwe declares Mugabe’s birthday a national holiday

Zimbabwe has declared President Robert Mugabe’s birthday on February 21 a national holiday, a state daily reported Saturday, honouring the veteran politician in power since 1980 who opponents accuse of brutal repression and devastating the economy.

The declaration of the Robert Mugabe National Youth Day came after lobbying by the ruling ZANU-PF party’s youth league.

“In declaring this day, we would like to highlight to our youths the values and principles so brilliantly displayed by President R.G. Mugabe which have resulted in an exemplary life that our youths can emulate,” state-owned Herald newspaper quoted home affairs minister Ignatius Chombo as saying.

He said the cabinet made the decision after years of lobbying by the ruling party which also said it wants the country’s main airport named after Mugabe.

Last week the cash-strapped government announced plans to build a $1bn Robert Mugabe university, joining several other facilities named after him including the government’s school of intelligence, a main street in the capital Harare and the highway to his rural home.

Mugabe, now 93 years old, first came to power after Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain. He says he plans to contest elections due next year despite his advanced age and concerns over his frail health.

Zimbabwe’s economy has been run down, with output halved since 2000, while many basic services have collapsed and government salaries use up more than 90 percent of all public revenue.

Opposition parties are in talks to try to unite and field one candidate to oppose Mugabe in the next presidential poll.

Past elections, however, have been tainted by violence and intimidation by ZANU-PF operatives.


Breaking!! Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist fired

White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is the latest top official under President Donald Trump to leave his post.

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Burkina Faso soldiers to get counter-terrorism training from Germany

Burkina Faso has agreed to a counter-terrorism training offer from Germany after the capital Ouagadougou was attacked late Sunday night resulting in the death of 18 people.

A top German official disclosed the training deal after a meeting with Burkina Faso President Roch Marc Kabore on Wednesday, Bloomberg news reports.

“Germany is engaged in Mali in the training of its forces, and we decided to enlarge it to the Burkinabe and they accepted,” Parliamentary State Secretary in the German Defense Ministry, Ralf Brauksiepe, said.

The recent attack in Burkina Faso is the second in less than two years after the January 2016 attack on the Splendid hotel that left over 30 people dead.

Sunday night’s siege extended to Monday leaving dozens of people injured at a Turkish restaurant where security forces exchanged gunfire with the gunmen who were subdued.

Troops from five Sahel countries are putting together a joint counter-terrorism force in the region to tackle jihadist threats.

The troops from Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger are undergoing training in Mali.

The African Union (AU) has called on the international community to support the G5-Sahel Joint Force to strengthen security cooperation on the regional level.

See How This 22 Year Old OAU Student Created a Million Dollar Empire

At just 22, Christopher ‘King’ Bowofade, finds himself living a life that only few can even dream of. He is the head of Better Days Investments (BTD) who buy and sells futures and options daily on behalf of 7,902 individual investors who get returns anywhere from 10% to 30% monthly.

He has 15 full-time employees and over N600 million under management in just over 2 years which is a remarkable feat by someone so young.

In an interview with Victor Bella, a social media strategist, and Coach, Christopher told his story on how he started out.

The report reads in part;

In late 2012, he was a fresh Diploma graduate, second best in his Conservation Science and Tourism class with a 4.41 GPA, but he was determined to be more than that. During the long break that preceded his direct-entry application to the Department of Economics at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), he stayed back in school to learn about a variety of fields over free school internet. He quickly became adept at graphic design and web development. But what really caught his eye was the financial market: forex, futures, options and binary options. These quickly became an obsession.

He would lose his first investor (his mum)’s $100 in one week, but this didn’t deter him. He found some British fund managers who became his mentors. He learnt to give one of them his money to trade for him. The fund manager returned 50% in a month. He was ecstatic. Once he was able to achieve that kind of return month after month, he felt ready to raise more money.

One of his earliest investors and evangelists was Johnson Alabi, the third best student in the Conservation Science and Tourism Diploma class. Johnson was one of those who urged him to start a company. Christopher used his PHP and CSS skills to build the company website, and they were ready for business. Their first investors would mainly be students looking to earn extra money; their first part-time staff, too.

In November 2015, BTD registered as simply a Commission Agency with CAC (neither SEC or CBN regulates speculative funds in foreign markets) and started out with N1 million from 20 investors. As returns came, word of mouth spread. Christopher and Johnson created a structure where investors signed up to be agents and earned commissions to manage other investors they brought in. At some point, they were doubling investors and asset under management every month.

They were working so hard, they forgot to go to class. This was the first year as 200 level undergraduates at the Geography department at OAU. At the end of first semester, Johnson had a GPA of 2.6, Christopher had a 1.9.

Things were going well on a business angle if not an academic one but it got worse when the MMM program went under which also affected Christopher’s business severely.

In December 2016, when majority of his investors who had thought BTD was some kind of multi-level marketing scheme started to request to withdraw all of their funds following rumours that Nigeria’s largest multi-level marketing scheme, MMM, had crashed.

“This was depleting our capital so much that it challenged the company’s sustainability.” That was Christopher putting it mildly. This was an existential crises that could have wiped out over 80% of his fund, as well as BTD itself, in under a month. He took firm action and froze the fund. He also revealed himself to many of his Lagos-based investors for the first time (some who had exposure of up to N30 million), and organised an Investor Conference in February of this year to allay their fears.

The road to startup success is dotted with what sometimes are the truest tests of skill and character. Bowofade, as he is sometimes called by friends, has had to quickly learn programming and trading in the financial markets while proving that he can make tough decisions as a leader. “Not many people can trade binary options,”He quipped at some point in our chat, “It requires that you make really important decisions in a split second.” He has been an ardent student of Trading Psychology, a term popular among traders that describes the emotional and mental make-up needed to succeed as a trader, built on the three cornerstones: stamina, patience and discipline. In addition, he has to embrace fear and take risk without flinching.

BREAKING!!! Barcelona Truck Attack Kills 12, Injures 80

A popular promenade in Barcelona, Spain, became a scene of panic and devastation on Thursday after a van rammed pedestrians, leaving a dozen people dead and dozens more injured.

The incident took place on Las Ramblas, a long, tree-lined street that is typically packed with tourists and locals, around 5 p.m. local time (11 a.m. Eastern time).

Local media were at one point reporting that hostages were being held at a bar near the scene of the attack by other assailants, but later reports cast doubt on the matter. The Associated Press cited the regional president in reporting that two suspects had been arrested.

The Wall Street Journal, citing the jidahist-activity-monitoring organization SITE Intelligence Group, reported that Islamic State had claimed responsibility for the attack. Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, tweeted that terrorists would never defeat a united people who love freedom.

The seaside city was on lockdown in the immediate wake of the attack, with residents told to not leave their homes and many reported to be sheltering inside stores and restaurants and bars that closed the moment news of the attack reached them.

Media reports in Spain and the U.S. indicated the police were treating the incident as a terrorist attack. The police presence on streets in the Spanish capital Madrid, some 600 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, was sharply escalated in the wake of the Barcelona attack.

Nathalie Lezcano Sticchi, a 28-year-old resident of Barcelona who lives near the area, told MarketWatch she had passed the scene of the attack just five minutes before, stepping off the Ramblas to go into a Zara clothing store on a side street.

“When I was on the first floor, one of the guys who was working [at Zara] said, ‘You have to go outside, we are going to close because something is happening at the Ramblas,’ ” Sticchi said in a telephone interview. She said a friend had forwarded her a message from his mother, who had been at Las Ramblas and seen a truck crashing into people.

Sticchi ran to her house, as stores drew their shutters all around her. “People were running everywhere, and no one understood what was going on,” she said, “and I started hearing ambulances.”

Several metro lines were closed in Barcelona, and the

US Lawmaker threatens to introduce impeachment articles against Trump

U.S. Congressman, Steve Cohen, said on Thursday that he planned to introduce articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump because of the comments he made about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

According to a statement, Cohen, a ranking member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, said he would be introducing articles of impeachment against Trump.

Cohen is quoted in the statement as saying he thinks Trump should be removed from office because of his failure to unequivocally condemn “hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy.”

Trump failed the test of moral leadership required of a U.S. president by shying away from condemning hate, intolerance and bigotry, Cohen added.

On Saturday, white nationalists held a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest authorities’ plans to remove a monument of Confederate Gen. Robert Lee from a city park.

The rally subsequently led to clashes with left wing counter-protestors and culminated in a car-ramming attack that killed one person and injured 19 others.

Trump hesitated to condemn the white supremacists in a statement on Saturday, and instead spoke about racism and bigotry on “many sides.”

On Monday, Trump clarified his statement, expressing clear condemnation of white supremacists and other hate groups.

Trump’s remarks on Tuesday appeared to backtrack from his previous position of violence on “both sides” and that many of the “Unite the Right” group who were protesting were “not neo-Nazis” and “fine people.”

UN chief urges Trump, Kim to embrace diplomacy, not rhetoric

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called on the U.S. and North Korea “to dial down rhetoric and dial up diplomacy” in addressing the growing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Guterres, while speaking with the UN Correspondents in New York, stressed that the solution to the crisis must be political.

The UN chief reiterated that his good offices – the prestige and weight that his title and the UN represented to the world community – were always available.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reviews the plan for landing missiles near the U.S. territory of Guam

“I will remain in close contact with all concerned parties and stand ready to assist in any way,” Guterres said.

He noted Tuesday’s meeting of the representatives of the Six-Party Talks, which include China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, and the United States.

Guterres also noted the UN Security Council strengthened sanctions against DPRK’s exports, which unanimously adopted resolution 2371 (2017) and imposed a full ban on the export of coal, iron and iron ore from the north-east Asian country.

He said that with that resolution, the international community must send a clear, coherent message to the leadership of the DPRK to “fully comply with international obligations, work towards reopening communication channels and support efforts to deescalate the situation.”

He noted that the resolution sent “an unambiguous message regarding the peace and security obligations” of DPRK.

It also represented “an opportunity to solve this crisis through diplomatic engagement and renewed dialogue”.

Guterres welcomed the “continued critical engagement” by Member States and supported “the call of the Republic of Korea to the DPRK to engage in credible and meaningful dialogue”.

These include steps as confidence-building measures to defuse tension and efforts to de-nuclearise the Peninsula, he said.

The tensions related to the crisis in the region “are at levels not seen in decades,” Guterres said, noting that more than three million people died in the Korean War, which ravaged the Peninsula from 1950 to 1953.

“We need to heed the lessons of history – not to repeat the mistakes,” he said, while noting also that the potential consequences of military action “are too horrific to even contemplate”.



Not Again!!! Tears As Sierra Leone Holds Mass Burial As Country Braces For New Mudslide(Photos)

Over 300 victims of a mudslide that devastated a town on the outskirts of Freetown, Sierra Leone were buried on Thursday.

Just In!! Another Biafran Shot Dead

The Nigerian Union in South Africa on Thursday said that another Nigerian, Mr Uchenna Eloh, has been killed in the Western Cape

Why Trump Rushed To Sack Nigerian Adviser From His Team

Nigerian born international CEO, Adebayo Ogunlesi has now ceased to be an adviser to embattled US President Donald Trump. Trump has just sacked him along with other distinguished CEOs counselling him via two councils on how to “Make America Great Again”.

Trump sacked Ogunlesi on Twitter, when he announced the dissolution of two business advisory councils, in one fell swoop, according to a News Agency of Nigeria report.

Ogunlesi was a member of the Strategic and Policy Forum, one of the two disbanded by the unpredictable president. The other group was the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative Council.

Ogunlesi, heads Global Infrastructure Partners, a private equity firm and one of Fortune 500 companies. He was the only African on the panel.

The New York Times reported before Trump’s tweeted dissolution, that members of Ogunlesi’s panel were debating dissolving the body entirely as Trump wallowed deeper into bigotry quagmire. But Trump preempted their move.

“Corporate leaders had hoped that President Trump would help businesses by slashing taxes and gutting regulations. It is not clear how much he will deliver on that score. On top of that, he is putting many chief executives in the position of answering for a president with an unparalleled track record of outraging people, most recently at a contentious press conference on Tuesday when he drew a false equivalence between the white supremacists who protested in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend and counter-protesters.”, NYT reported.

Trump had earned rebuke and isolation from business leaders for supporting racial bigotry, White Supremacists and the KKK, following his remarks that failed to blame the tragic violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on the groups. Instead, he blamed all the sides and the group that challenged the racists.

The leaders of three companies — Kenneth Frazier of Merck, Kevin Plank of Under Armour and Brian Krzanich of Intel — were the first to resign from the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative Council.

They resigned on Monday because Mr. Trump was slow to condemn the white supremacists during the weekend and blamed “many sides” for the violence.

When Trump moderated his tone on Monday by saying “racism is evil” and also condemned neo-Nazis, he did not assuage some of the CEOs working with him.

Scott Paul, the president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, an organization backed by the steel industry and the United Steelworkers resigned. He was followed on Tuesday by Richard Trumka and Thea Lee, the president and deputy chief of staff for the

BREAKING!! Trump Sacks Yoruba Man, Ogunlesi As Adviser

Nigerian born international CEO, Adebayo Ogunlesi has now ceased to be an adviser to embattled US President Donald Trump. Trump sacked

Just In!! President Mugabe’s Wife Surrenders To Police After Assaulting A Model

Following Sunday’s assault incident which was made public yesterday, Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe, has reportedly

Kim Jong Un threaten to fire missiles into waters near US military bases

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reviews the plan for landing missiles near the U.S. territory of Guam


State media released photos of their leader looking at maps alongside military chiefs during an inspection of North Korea’s Strategic Forces, which handles the country’s missile programme, on Monday.

One large map appeared to show a straight line between northeastern North Korea and Guam, a US territory in the western Pacific that is home to American military bases.

The line passed through Japan and apparently showed the flight route of four ballistic missiles Pyongyang has threatened to fire at Guam, which is 3,200 km (2,000 miles) from North Korea’s capital.

Mr Kim was reported to have ordered his military to be prepared to launch missiles towards Guam at any time.

He claimed it will be “the most delightful historic moment” when the weapons “wring the windpipes of the Yankees and point daggers at their necks”, according to state media.


Kim Jong Un

But the communist leader was said to have delayed a decision on striking Guam as he continues to observe US behaviour, opening up the possibility of a diplomatic solution to the escalating crisis.

Mr Kim insisted North Korea would carry out missile launches if the “Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions on the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity” and urged the US to “think reasonably and judge properly”, the report added.

US President Donald Trump has declared his military “locked and loaded” and ready to unleash “fire and fury” if Pyongyang continues to threaten America or its allies, with the US ready to take out any missile heading towards Guam.

Defence secretary James Mattis said the US military would know the trajectory of a missile fired from North Korea within moments and would “take it out” if it looked like it was going to hit the small Pacific island.

He also warned that any such attack targeting American soil could quickly escalate into war.

But amid the threats made by the two provocative leaders, South Korea President Moon Jae-in expressed his hope for a peaceful resolution to the growing tensions, which centre on fears North Korea is close to its aim of being able to send a nuclear missile to the US mainland following recent tests.

In a speech on Tuesday to mark the anniversary of the end of the Second World War, he said: “Our government will put everything on the line to prevent another war on the Korean Peninsula.

“Regardless of whatever twist and turns we could experience, the North Korean nuclear programme should absolutely be solved peacefully.”

He added South Korea would “block war by all means”.

Kim Jong Un

Meanwhile, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe used a telephone call on Tuesday to praise Mr Trump’s commitment to protect US allies in the region and halt missile launches from Pyongyang.

After speaking with the US President, Mr Abe said: “Through a firm partnership between Japan and the US and cooperating with China, Russia and the international community we agreed that our priority was to work to ensure that North Korea doesn’t launch more missiles.”

Japanese shares rebounded on Tuesday morning, as fears of military conflict between the US and North Korea appeared to recede.


We chose US for our conference to avoid clampdown – NADECO

The National Democratic Coalition and the Institute for Strategic Development Studies have said they decided to hold a conference on the state of the Nigerian nation in Washington DC and not in Nigeria to avoid intimidation.

The two groups, which recalled that NADECO began its pro-democracy struggle against the military from outside Nigeria, added that the aim of the conference in the United States was to ensure good governance in Nigeria.

Representative of NADECO, Mr. Uyi Meshack, and representative of ISDS, Dr. M. Miller, recalled that some members of the coalition in Nigeria were locked up.

The two groups said in their joint address, “We are going to hold the historic conference in Washington because we have talked about security and nobody will be intimidated.

“If you recall, during the Abacha era, there would have been intimidation if NADECO began the struggle for democracy in Nigeria here. Of course, you know that when the crusade finally got to Nigeria, some members were locked up.”

They maintained that Nigerians should be allowed to express their minds in a democracy, adding that it was wrong for those who aired their views on certain national issues to be locked up in prison.

NADECO and ISDC pointed out that the conference would address issues concerning restructuring, good governance and the economic development of the nation.

Explaining that the coalition was no longer talking about pro-democracy but good governance, the groups specifically stated that Nigeria needed a review that would take place outside the country.

They added, “A consensus seems to have emerged among political titans that Nigeria urgently needs a wholesale review to prevent any political faction from oppression or persecution.

“The review must take place outside Nigeria’s governing institutions, which have vested interest in maintaining the corrupt and dictatorial status quo.

“In the light of the ongoing convulsions of strife in Nigeria, we, the people of Nigeria, have agreed that the Nigerian conference to be held in Washington DC would be necessary to ensure the necessary candour and safety among the participants.”

Trump Launches Review of China’s Intellectual Property Policies

President Donald Trump on Monday authorized members of his administration to determine whether to investigate if China has been stealing American intellectual property.

“As president, it’s my duty and responsibility to protect the American workers’ technology and industry from unfair and abusive actions,” Trump said while signing the executive action at the White House. “We will stand up to any country that unlawfully forces America companies to transfer their valuable technology as a condition of market access.”

U.S. Relations With China Grow Tepid Amid North Korea Crisis

Throughout his campaign, Trump talked critically about the U.S. trading partnership with China. But the relationship between the two countries is particularly delicate right now as Washington continues to call on China to do more to thwart the nuclear threat from North Korea.

Senior administration officials denied that the move had anything to do with U.S. attempts to persuade China to do more about North Korea.

“They are unrelated. Trade is trade. National security is national security,” a White House official told reporters on Saturday.

The order directs U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to consider whether an investigation into China’s intellectual property policies is warranted. A recently updated report from the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property found China to be world’s worst intellectual property infringer.

The White House said the process could take up to a year and would not say speculate about whether the U.S. would take a retaliatory action.

Some of Trump’s opponents on Capitol Hill called the announcement a good first step. But others, like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, said announcing a possible investigation is simply stalling the process.

“President Trump’s pattern continues: Tough talk on China, but weaker action than anyone could ever imagine,” he said in a statement.

“While today’s announcement could eventually lead to aggressive action against China, I am concerned it will lead to only another investigation and report,” Rep. Bill Pascrell, a New Jersey Democrat and ranking member on the House subcommittee on trade, said in a statement.


Just In!! President’s Wife Beats 20-Year-Old Model She Found In Hotel With Her 2 Sons (Photos)

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe’s wife, Grace Mugabe, has been accused of assaulting a 20-year-old South African model, Gabriella Engels, she

Ukraine denies selling missile technology to North Korea

Ukraine denied on Monday that it had ever supplied defence technology to North Korea, responding to an article in the New York Times that said North Korea may have purchased rocket engines from Ukrainian factory Yuzhmash.

Concern that North Korea is close to achieving its goal of putting the mainland U.S. within range of a nuclear weapon has raised global tensions in recent weeks.

The U.S. is a key backer of Ukraine.

The secretary of the Ukrainian Security and Defence Council, Oleksandr Turchynov, said Ukraine “has never supplied rocket engines or any kind of missile technology to North Korea.’’

State-owned Yuzhmash said it had not produced military-grade ballistic missiles since independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

“In the years of independence, Yuzhmash has not produced, and is not producing, missiles and military missile systems,” it said in a statement published on their company’s website.

President Donald Trump warned at the weekend that the U.S. military was “locked and loaded’’ if North Korea acted unwisely after threatening on Aug. 9 to land missiles near the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam.

North Korean officials in turn have accused the U.S. leader of driving the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war.

On Sunday, the head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency said he would not be surprised if North Korea tested another missile, after it conducted two tests in July.

Donald Trump condemns white supremacists, says… “Racism is evil”

US President Donald Trump has condemned the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists, calling them, “criminals and thugs.”

The attack was on Charlottesville protesters where one person has been reported dead, leaving nineteen others injured.



UN sanctions: China bans imports from North Korea

The Commerce Ministry of China on Monday issued an order banning imports of coal, iron-ore, lead-concentrates and ore, lead and sea-food from North Korea, effective from Tuesday.

This is as Beijing moves to implement United Nations sanctions announced earlier this month.

The UN sanctions must be implemented 30 days after the resolution was approved in a vote on Aug. 6.

Chinese government however warned the administration of Donald Trump not to split the international coalition over North Korea by provoking a trade war between China and the United States.

This is even as Trump is expected to sign an executive memorandum Monday afternoon instructing his top trade negotiator to launch an investigation into Chinese intellectual property violations, a move that could eventually result in severe trade penalties.

The move by the U.S. is seen by the Chinese as an attempt to put pressure on Beijing to act more strongly against North Korea and an attempt to blame China for not interfering in the Nuclear programme of North Korea.

“It is obviously improper to use one thing as a tool to imposing pressure on another thing,”

“There will be no winner from a trade war, it will be lose-lose,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a news conference on Monday.

In an editorial, the state-owned China Daily newspaper said Trump was asking too much of China over North Korea.

Trump’s “transactional approach to foreign affairs” was unhelpful, it said, while “politicizing trade will only exacerbate the country’s economic woes, and poison the relationship between the two countries.

That won’t bring results when it comes to North Korea either, it argued.

Tanzania to get over $300m from Bill Gates for health, poverty reduction

Bill Gates has told Reuters his foundation plans to spend more than $300 million in Tanzania this year on public health and poverty reduction programmes.

In an interview, the billionaire said aid was now being spent “in a smarter way” in some parts of the world.

“Some countries have made good progress in the reduction of childhood deaths and reduction in poverty, with Tanzania being a good example,” said Gates, during a visit to the east African country.

“I see a chance for the eradication of malaria and HIV/AIDS, but that’s gonna take a lot of science and a lot of investment.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent billions of dollars on aid projects worldwide in recent years, much of it in Africa.

Gates said he was hopeful that the U.S. Congress would continue to resist President Donald Trump’s plans to make deep cuts to development aid.

A Republican-led Senate panel last month rejected proposed reductions.

“Trump did propose a big aid cut, but Congress … pushed back on those proposals. It’s clear they may not cut that much aid,” he said.

The U.S. government pledged in May to give Tanzania a $526m aid package this year through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief programme.

Africa: A Wake Up Call for African Leaders (MUST READ)

At a rally in Chinhoyi, his home province, President Robert Mugabe told thousands of jubilant supporters that he won’t be stepping down and no other Zimbabwean had the political stature to take over from him. The 93 year old ‘sit tight’ president had just returned from his third medical trip to Singapore this year alone. Perhaps, president Mugabe might need to revisit his independence speech delivered in 1980 when he declared that “the wrongs of the past must stand forgiven and forgotten.

It could never be a correct justification that because the whites oppressed us when they had power, the blacks must oppress today because we have power”. Unfortunately, like many other African leaders before and after Mugabe, he has become to his people the very demon they sought to cast. Yes, they struggled for the independence of their people, however, a false entitlement has over fed their egos to the point where state power has become a weapon for oppression rather than a tool for liberation and development.Even Kwame Nkrumah, foremost Pan Africanist, and first elected president of Ghana, turned his country to a one party state in 1964 barely four years after the country had become a republic.

He was ousted in 1966 by a coup that was widely celebrated largely because the man who was supposed to blow the dust off their eyes had pepper in his mouth. It is safe to say that many Africans confuse activism with governance and the consequence is a continent struggling to raise her head above water.Ask why these leaders hardly surrender power via an open and transparent democratic process, their response more often is that they need to stabilise the country.

The evidence however proves otherwise. The stifling of the political climate and a total disdain for political opposition has continued to instigate violence and blood letting across several countries within the continent.In April, main opposition leader in Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema, was arrested and charged with treason for refusing to give way to President Edgar Lungu’s convoy. Barely a few weeks later, Savior Chishimbe was arrested on live television for defaming the president. Not to mention Nigeria where a small group of harmless protesters were tear gassed and roughened just for demanding that their president who has been out of the country on a medical trip for over three months without a word to those who elected him, should resume office or resign.

As I write this piece, violence has broken out in Kenya because Raila Odinga has rejected the results of a fiercely contested election that saw Uhuru Kenyatta win another term in office. Africa has become so volatile that it takes only an election to burn a country to the ground and reverse the tiny progress already made. Quite frankly African Leaders must get serious. We can no longer continue to have a Continent of strong men who preside over poverty and chaos. A continent where the GDP of 53 countries put together is smaller than the GDP of a single European country like France can no longer be acceptable.

According to an analysis by Tony Blair Institute For Global Change, over 50 million educated Africans of working age will be unemployed by 2040. This massive unemployment crises will have catastrophic consequences not just for Africa but the global economy. Hence, African leaders must wake up and smell the coffee. They must reposition a continent dependent on commodity exports and foreign aid to an industrial giant where we can close the widening gaps in our trade deficits. A situation where a country like Nigeria rakes in more dollars from repatriation than they do from trading a major commodity like cocoa is no longer acceptable. We deserve visionary leaders divorced from parochial sentiments and cronyism, leaders who would put the welfare and security of their people first. We can no longer be the lap dog of the global economy.


Shocking!! Drought hits Ethiopia, Kills 2m animals

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has said that two million animals have been lost to a “devastating” drought in Ethiopia.

World War III: 3.5m volunteers join N/Korea’s Army to fight U.S.

North Korea said on Saturday that nearly 3.5 million workers, party members and soldiers volunteered to join or rejoin its army to fight

China sets world record in unbreakable code from satellite


hina has sent an “unbreakable” code from a satellite to the Earth, marking the first time space-to-ground quantum key distribution technology has been realized, state media has reported.

China launched the world’s first quantum satellite last August, to help establish “hack proof” communications, a development the Pentagon has called a “notable advance”.


The official Xinhua news agency said the latest experiment was published in the journal Nature on Thursday, where reviewers called it a “milestone”.


The satellite sent quantum keys to ground stations in China between 645 km (400 miles) and 1,200 km (745 miles) away at a transmission rate up to 20 orders of magnitude more efficient than an optical fiber, Xinhua cited Pan Jianwei, lead scientist on the experiment from the state-run Chinese Academy of Sciences, as saying.


“That, for instance, can meet the demand of making an absolute safe phone call or transmitting a large amount of bank data,” Pan said.


Any attempt to eavesdrop on the quantum channel would introduce detectable disturbances to the system, Pan said.


“Once intercepted or measured, the quantum state of the key will change, and the information being intercepted will self-destruct,” Xinhua said.


The news agency said there were “enormous prospects” for applying this new generation of communications in defense and finance.


China still lags behind the United States and Russia in space technology, although President Xi Jinping has prioritized advancing its space program, citing national security and defense.


China insists its space program is for peaceful purposes, but the U.S. Defense Department has highlighted its increasing space capabilities, saying it was pursuing activities aimed at preventing adversaries from using space-based assets in a crisis.

Japan mulls deploying Patriot missile defense as N. Korea threatens airstrike near Guam – officials

Tokyo is considering deploying four PAC-3 missile interceptors to shoot down any North Korean missiles that stray into Japanese territory while flying over the country on their way to the US Territory of Guam, according to government sources.

Japanese Defense Ministry officials told Kyodo news that the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) system would likely be deployed at Ground Self-Defense Force bases in the western prefectures of Shimane, Hiroshima and Kochi, areas which North Korea said its missiles could fly over.


The decision of whether or not to deploy the interceptors will be made within a few days, the sources told Kyodo, adding that Tokyo wants to be prepared in case North Korea’s missiles fail as they cross over the country.

Japan’s missile defense program includes the Maritime Self-Defense Force’s (SDF) Aegis destroyers, aimed at shooting down airborne missiles, and the Air Self-Defense Force’s PAC-3 system, which is aimed at countering missiles that evade Aegis interceptors.

The SDF has already sent an Aegis destroyer installed with the SM-3 interceptor to the Sea of Japan, to be on alert for North Korean missiles.

North Korean state media has reported that details of the country’s Guam strike plan are expected to be ready by mid-August.

The report comes after North Korea said it is “seriously examining” a plan to fire four intermediate-range ballistic missiles over western Japan at a spot some 30 to 40 km off the coast of the island of Guam.

In response, US President Donald Trump tweeted that Washington has its military plan “locked and loaded” should Pyongyang “act unwisely.”

He added that he hopes North Korean leader will “find another path.”

The tweet came after Trump told reporters that Pyongyang should be “very, very nervous” if it does anything to the US, adding that his previous “fire and fury” warning may not have been tough enough.

North Korea threats: Demands for bunkers rises in US, Japan

More Americans and Japanese are paying for underground bunkers and bomb shelters amid the growing tensions between USA and North Korea, US media have reported.

According to TMZ, The South California-based Atlas Survival Shelters said it had sold more than 30 units in the last few days – as many as the company sold in 1 year, 6 years ago.

The price for products range between $10,000 and $165,000. Orders have been coming not only from the United States but also from Japan, TMZ said.

The Texas-based Rising S Company, offering underground shelters at a price between $45,000 and $8.35 million, reported a 90% surge in its sales in the past two weeks, Fox News said citing company owner Gary Lynch.

Other players on the US bomb shelter market are Vivos and Safecastle. The first company offers to dig 30 feet underground at a starting price of $35,000. However, its bunkers can be customised at extra cost to include a full size kitchen, spa and pool tables. The Safecastle manufacturer offers bunkers at the starting price of $19,000.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula has remained extremely tense amid Pyongyang’s vigorous efforts to develop its missile program. In July, North Korea tested ballistic missiles twice, which sparked criticism from the US, Japan and South Korea. Washington has repeatedly stated that it does not rule out any options to solve the North Korean problem, including the military one.

On Tuesday, Trump told reporters that North Korea should not make any more threats to the US. He vowed that Pyongyang’s threats “will be met with fire and the fury like the world has never seen.”

The Korean Central News Agency later reported that the Korean People’s Army is drafting a plan for a preemptive missile strike against US military facilities in Guam, including the Andersen Air Force Base where B-52 strategic bombers are deployed.

Meanwhile the sabre rattling has also made Japan order a review of its missile defence system.

TASS news agency quoting Yomiuri newspaper reported that the Japanese government is considering the possibility of deploying Patriot PAC-3 air defence systems in three of its prefectures and sending ships with the Aegis Combat System to the Pacific Ocean following North Korea’s warnings of a possible missile launch toward the US island territory of Guam.

Japan relies on a two-layered system in its missile defenses. Four Congo-class and two Atago-class destroyers are equipped with Aegis SM-3 missiles, designed to engage missile in the mid-course phase. If this system fails, three battalions of land-based Patriot missiles will intercept missiles during the terminal phase.

Following Pyongyang’s claims of planning to launch four Hwasong-12 missiles that would fly in the Japanese airspace and splash down some 30-40 km from Guam, the Japanese government may send the Aegis-equipped destroyers to the Pacific Ocean, while land-based Patriot PAC-3 systems will remain on alert along the projected path of the missiles if the North Korean launch fails, Yomiuri reported.

Just In!! Trump issues new threat to N/Korea

President Donald Trump on Friday issued a new threat to North Korea, saying the U.S. military was “locked

North Korea Threat: Tension As U.S., Japanese troops prepare for war

The United States and Japan have commenced a joint military training with more than 3,500 troops following unending war