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Biafra : We Have Prayed And God Revealed To Us That All Nigerians Are Safe In North – CAN


Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, on Thursday urged Nigerians to remain wherever they reside without fear.

Nigerian Priest Who Resigned From Catholic Church Launches His Own Ministry


The Nigerian priest, who resigned recently from the Catholic Church in Nigeria, has officially launched his own church in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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BREAKING!! Killers Of Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Onunkwo Arrested

Suspected killers of a Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Onunkwo, have been arrested.

Reverend Sister All Smiles As She Visits Village Where Women ‘B@re Bre@st’ in Public (Photos)


Online users have been left bewildered after photos of a remote Nigerian community where women go t0pless and bare their bre@sts publicly (as well as the men also). A Reverend sister who visited the community posed for pictures with one of the topless women.

A lady in the picture can be seen wearing a shirt belonging to the National Association Of Catholic Graduates – NACG in Niger state.


You’re Fake, Nnamdi Kanu is God’s Servant & Superior to You – Catholic Priest Blasts Mbaka

The spiritual director of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke Anambra state, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obinna, has fired back at Mbaka stating that he has always being the problem of Biafra agitators and Igbos in general, speaking on his parish ground on Monday been 4th September 2017, he stated that when Enugu indigenes were being massacred by Hausa Fulani herdsmen, Mbaka mute his mouth, when people were Being killed all over igbo Land, nobody hear a single word from Mbaka, what makes him a Prophet is only Gossiping and down casting the work Of IPOB LEADER NNAMDI KANU who is even fighting to save him from slave.

Recall that The Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka blast the leader of IPOB leader NNAMDI KANU, stating categorically clear that he is just using the mind and brain of igbo youth for his selfish gain. He (Mbaka) also state that all the igbo youth should pardon him and focus on the upbringing of Nigeria, stating more that igbos are more better in one Nigeria than creating Biafra.
Rev Father Obinna last words to Mbaka state, Nnamdi Kanu is more important to igbos and Prophetic than mbaka, at least, he Nnamdi Kanu foresaw what is happening now in Nigeria while Mbaka were Busy then campaigning For APC, now that his party APC have failed, Mbaka have not condemned the same APC party the he campaigned for, let the will of God be done, and let Mbaka go to rest

Biafrexit: There Will be Irredeemable Disaster in Nigeria If… – Yoruba Bishop Warns Buhari

The Bishop of Calabar Dioceses of Anglican Communion, Bishop Tunde Adeleye, has said that Nigeria was heading towards irredeemable disaster if restructuring is denied. gathered that while addressing a press conference in Calabar, the clergy said, “unless there is restructuring, I fear and dare to say that we will crash. I am not prophesying any doom but at the rate we are going, restructuring is the only viable way out.”
He said:“A situation where people are being oppressed; where those who make the money are being suppressed and not allowed to have a say on the money they make; at this rate, when the centre is heavily loaded with money and the states and the local government are crying for funds, going to Abuja with cap in hands begging, those things will crush us unless we restructure.

“I believe in true federalism as a system of government which allows the people at the State and local government levels to take of certain decisions by themselves and for themselves. A situation in which Abuja dictates education, dictates health, dictates the police amongst other things will result in a crash.”

On agitations by IPOB leaders and some Niger Delta youths, the clergy said:“I do not believe in secession. We are better and stronger if we come closely apart. By this, I mean Nigeria should come together, loose in the centre and stronger in states.

“We should be closely apart bearing in mind our cultural differences, religious differences, ethnic differences and other critical and notable differences.”

The minister believed that restructuring could address issues of incessant agitations and stop activities of militants and herdsmen, who, he said, bestride farmers’ farmlands, destroying crops and killing the farmers at any slightest provocation.

He lamented that the older generation of Nigerian leaders have failed the nation, saying, “it is the older generation which have ruined the country; they have destroyed the destiny and future of this country through corruption. The old brigade is not the ones to save this country, it is the youths
“Nigerians youths should forgive the old brigade for being the problem of this nation, but the youths should get themselves prepared and positioned.
“They must make sure they do not learn or copy anything from the old because there is absolutely nothing to learn from them. Youths must avoid the mistakes of yesterday’s men,”he appealed.

Again, Father Mbaka on Biafra

Fiery Enugu-based Catholic priest gave his views yesterday on the current agitation for the secession of southeast Nigeria from the rest of the country as the Republic of Biafra.

Addressing a gathering of Igbos in East London, the controversial cleric said that Igbos should be the last people seeking to leave Nigeria. He said: “No Hausa person owns property in Igboland. No Yoruba person owns property in Igboland. But 60% of businesses in northern Nigeria are owned by Igbos. 40% of businesses in western Nigeria are owned by Igbos.”

Mbaka implied that Igbos had the most to lose by the breakup of the country. He claimed to know about how much Igbos owned across Nigeria because he was regularly being invited to to say blessings at the opening of new businesses by Igbos, especially in northern Nigeria. He said: “Go to Sabon Gari in Kano and see what Igbos own there”. He added that Igbos could complain that they were not enough of them in government, but under former president Goodluck Jonathan, an Igbo was finance minister, Central Bank governor, and so on.

He went on to suggest that those Igbos that have been seduced into agitating for Biafra by Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of separatist group Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are “the children of the poor”, who in his view, are not thinking properly about the implications of secession. Mbaka said those people were being deceived by Kanu.

Mbaka then moved on to what could happen in an independent Biafra if it ever came to fruition. He said: “If you think we have trouble in Nigeria now, we will see trouble in Biafra. No Anambra man would let an Enugu man be president, no Imo man would let an Abakaliki man be president”.

He was very convinced that fault lines between different Igbo communities would come to the fore if Biafra ever became reality.

When challenged on talking about politics, Mbaka responded that “politics is part of life” and “I read political science and political philosophy”. He added that decisions made by politics affect everyone.

I will kill anybody who touches my wife – Pastor Adeboye


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has warned that he would kill anyone who touches his wife, Pastor (Mrs) Foluke Adeboye.



BREAKING!! 5 Nigerian Pilgrims Die In Saudi Arabia

Reports reaching Igbere TV news desk this evening reveal that Five Nigerian pilgrims to this year’s hajj in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, have died.

BREAKING!! Jehovah’s Witnesses Attacked With Toxic Gas In Angola

A Jehovah’s Witness convention in Angola was attacked with toxic gas on Friday, causing over 400 people to faint.

Sunday Morning Devotion

Written by Wisdom Nwedene

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu, Uwazuruike Can’t Realise Biafra Republic – Prophet Nwoko Reveals Why

Renowned Prophet and fiery spiritual crusader, Prophet Anthony Nwoko has de­clared that the current agitators for the actu­alisation of

Prophet TB Joshua Transforms A Woman Into A Man In Paraguay (Photos)

Born a man, Antonio Caceres lived his entire adult life as a woman. His clothing was female. His mannerisms were female. His style of speech was female. The only connection to ‘males’ he had were the clients who paid for his nocturnal services as a professional prostitute on the streets of Lambare, Paraguay. Here is the incredible story, told in his own words, of his transformation back to the original position in which God created him:

Antonio was just seven years old when he first realised a growing affection for the males in his classroom. He tried to shelve the nauseating urge by playing sports and engaging in predominantly ‘masculine’ activities. But the young boy soon began stealing his sister’s underwear and wearing it at whim, buoyed by a strange form of guilty pleasure. His first full-blown homosexual encounter came at the tender age of 11. It was downhill from there.

“When I was 18, I went onto the streets,” the Paraguayan explained. It was the beginning of ten years in which Antonio would change his name, identity and – almost – his gender. Dressed in seductively tight female clothing, pumped with feminine hormones to remove body hair and develop breasts, cars with male occupants would stop to pick him up every night. Drug-fuelled, drunken orgies became the norm, to the shady extent that Antonio could not even remember who he had been with the previous night or what he had done.

“Something within me kept telling me I was a lady,” he explained, adding that he went by the female pseudonym ‘Dexis’ when attracting suitors online. And Antonio was not just prostituting in the physical alone. “Different men would call me by my female name in my dream and sleep with me,” he revealed. This was a ‘normal’ life for Antonio, one which he saw nothing wrong with. He was a notorious transvestite and drug addict, known not just in his neighbourhood but throughout the country.

Thus, when his sister invited him to attend a Christian crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he not only refused but mocked her for even nursing such a notion. “I thought everything about that crusade was fake and false,” he admitted. On Friday 11th August 2017, Antonio lazily switched on the live broadcast of the crusade on YouTube to see the ‘freak-show’ his sister had strangely chosen to attend. Unbeknown to him, she was feverishly clutching a picture of her brother, praying for the Spirit of God to touch him right in their house that night.

“I was watching just to make jest of the whole programme,” Antonio explained. He snidely laughed as people fell at the prayer of the ‘prophet’. What nonsense! But then, something inexplicable began to happen. Something supernatural. Something Antonio never imagined or bargained for. “As Pastor Joshua began to pray, something touched my inner being,” he recounted.

Right in his house, in front of his phone where the live broadcast was transmitting via YouTube’s Emmanuel TV channel, Antonio fell on the ground and began to vomit. Simultaneously, his sister was holding his picture as Prophet T.B. Joshua began ministering Mass Prayer, pleading with God for Divine intervention. Heaven was at work and distance was no barrier! For more than five minutes, the

CAN Reacts To Buhari’s National Broadcast

The Niger State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s nationwide broadcast denouncing inflammatory statements capable of causing chaos in the country.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Minna yesterday, the state CAN Chairman, Mathias Echioda, also commended the president’s resoluteness that the country’s unity was not negotiable.

Buhari, who returned from London last Saturday after a medical trip, said the government would no longer tolerate hate speeches and inflammatory statements.

The Niger State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s nationwide broadcast denouncing inflammatory statements capable of causing chaos in the country.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Minna yesterday, the state CAN Chairman, Mathias Echioda, also commended the president’s resoluteness that the country’s unity was not negotiable.

Buhari, who returned from London last Saturday after a medical trip, said the government would no longer tolerate hate speeches and inflammatory statements.

BREAKING!! Pastor Adeboye Visits Buhari In London & This Happened (Photos)

Today General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor E.A. Adeboye visited President Buhari at the Abuja House in London. See photos below 

‘Bishop’ Tells Anambra Monarchs How to Find those Behind Ozubulu Massacre

The alleged target in the St. Philip’s Catholic Church August 6 shooting at Ozubulu, Anambra State, Aloysius Ikegwuonu, alias Bishop, has asked monarchs in the state to use traditional approach to expose the perpetrators of the heinous act.

He stated this on Wednesday when monarchs in the state paid a condolence visit to the traditional ruler of Ozubulu, Igwe Nnamdi Oruche.

The monarchs were led by the traditional ruler of Iseke, Igwe Emma Nnabuife.

He said, “I implore you my lords to ask the gods of the land to reveal the perpetrators of this dastardly act.”

He said since the traditional rulers were custodians of tradition and spiritual leaders, they should pray to the gods of the land and use seers to find the killers of the worshippers and bring them to justice.

Ikegwuonu said he was surprised that people started making negative comments against him in the media when the incident occurred instead of helping to provide useful information on how to get the killers.

He warned those who were making negative statements against him to desist from such, stressing, “I have not offended anybody.”

Ikegwuonu commended the traditional rulers for their visit and concern as well as the fatherly role they had played since the attack.

Responding, Igwe Oruche, commended his colleagues for their solidarity and concern over what happened in his community.

He said the Ozubulu community would make its own arrangements in a traditional way to getting to the root of the killings.

Just In!! “I Will Heal President Buhari If He Comes To Me” – Satguru Maharaj Ji

​Founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji,says he will heal President Buhari if he comes to him for prayers. The religious leader said this when he spoke to a group of media personalities at the Nigerian Union of Journalist, NUJ, Secretariat in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos state yesterday August 16th.

“I do not believe in sickness. The President of Nigeria is great and he should remain so. And that is why if he comes to me for healing, I will heal him. I have done it for several public officeholders. I remember that I treated Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB, when he was afflicted by an ailment in his leg. I cured him. But he later denied me. That was why the ailment returned” he said

He applauded acting president Yemi Osinbajo for co-ordinating the affairs of the country well despite President Buhari’s absence. Maharaji noted that President Buhari’s return would help douse all the agitations being expressed in various parts of the country.

Human Parts Uncovered in Another Yoruba Church, Prophet Arrested

Men of Ogun State Police command have arrested a pastor and three other suspects in connection with the discovery suspected human parts buried inside a church in Ota .

The state Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, who paraded the cleric Wednesday in Ota,said the arrested 77-year-old prophet, Samuel Babatunde, is the founder of Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Itedo Isinmi Ayo Parish, Egan Road in Iyana-Iyesi area of Ota.

The Police boss who conducted newsmen round the Church premises said the discovery followed the arrest, on Saturday, of a suspected serial kidnapper, Jeremiah Adeola. According to Iliyasu , Adeola, 32, specialised in kidnapping children and had already confessed that the prophet of the white garment church was the receiver of the abducted children.

The Police Commissioner added that a 43-year-old herbalist, Haruna Afolabi, was among the suspects, who allegedly buried the human parts at the entrance of the church. He said ” operatives attached to the police Area Command in Ota on Sunday received technical intelligence about Adeola and eventually apprehended him. “On the strength of the intelligence, detectives from Ota Area Command were detailed to effect the arrest of the suspect; and at about 10:20am of the date, their efforts paid off when the said Jeremiah Adeola was promptly arrested


Delta Police Arrest Pastor For Defilement Of 2 Underaged Girls Of His Church (Photo)

The Delta State Police Command on Tuesday announced the arrest of a Pastor at Obiaruku for defilement of two teenage

‘Bishop’ Finally Visits Wounded Victims of Ozubulu Massacre & THIS Happened (Photos)

Bishop, the man who government accused of the massacre in Ozubulu, yesterday visited the victims who were wounded by the gunmen


BREAKING!! Ozubulu Youths Protest, Demand To Know Cause Of The Catholic Church Killings (Photos, Download Video)

Earlier today, Ozubulu youths led a peaceful protest to the palace of Igwe F.N Oruche to demand for answers concerning the sacrilegious

Biafrexit: A/Ibom Spiritual Leader Has a Special Message for Osinbajo, IPOB (Download Video)

See the short video below


RCCG: Pastor Adeboye reveals wooden staff he uses for miracles [PHOTO]

​General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG) Enoch Adeboye, has revealed a short wooden staff that was blessed and handed over to him for miracles by founder of the church, the late Rev Joseph Akindayomi.

Adeboye showed the short wooden staff to RCCG congregants during the 65th annual convention of the church at the Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.

He said that God had instructed the late Rev. Akindayomi to make the short wooden staff to be blessed and to be handed over to him (Adeboye) for prayers and miracles.

Adeboye explained that the staff had been given to him years ago but God ordered that it should be used sparingly.

He used it at the Convention for three special prayers, including a prayer for God to make a way where there is no way. The cleric raised it raise up, mentioned a prayer point and the congregation prayed.

The prayers done, he raised it up again to bless handkerchiefs which the congregation waved with shouts of “Halleluyah, halleluyah!”

Speaking on the theme of the convention ‘Halleluyah’, Adeboye said that Nigerians must stop complaining but praise God in the face of daunting life challenges.

Adeboye said as long as Jesus lives, Nigerians should remain confident of a better tomorrow.

He noted that praising God guarantees victory, success, dominion and abundant supply from heaven.

He said: “among every set of people, there are three subsets, comprising those who have lost battles in life, those still engaged in battles, and those who have won battles recently.

“For all three groups, there is need to praise God continuously – the first set for hope and restoration; the second for God to fight their battles; and the third, who should not forget God and go partying because life is full of unending round of battles.”

Also speaking, Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel, stressed the importance of praise.

He listed the power of praise as including the invitation of God’s presence and glory, which provides His favour, healing, access to revelation, breakthrough, and fresh oil.

“Even if you have lost something precious, there is need to praise God because you didn’t lose everything,” he advised.

Ozubulu massacre: Bishop bless, rededicate church to God [PHOTOS]

​Almost a week after the massacre that left at least 13 worshipers dead and scores injured, the church has been blessed and rededicated to God.

The Catholic Bishop of Nnewi diocese, His lordship, Most Rev. Hillary Odili Okeke, yesterday led other worshippers to rededicate the St. Philip’s Catholic Church, Amakwa, Ozubulu to God.

Recall that at least one gunman stormed the church during early morning mass last Sunday in an attack that left many worshippers dead.

Some of the suspects of the attack, according to the state police command, have been arrested while measures are being drafted to get hold of the masterminds.

The church is expected to hold its first mass since the attack in the church premises today, August 13.

I Would Like To Be The First To Enter Heaven Because Jesus Is Coming, End Of The World Near – Obasanjo Vows To Remain Holy

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Saturday at Apostolic Faith Church said that Christians should be prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as the end of the world is near.

Igbo-Jew: See What ‘Times of Israel’ Published Over DNA Test


When I read in some online newsletters some months ago that some “Jewish scientists” arrived Nigeria, to test the DNA of the Igbo people for “Jewishness”, I was not amused, because I know that there is no DNA test for “Jewishness.” Little probing revealed that whom one of the newsletters, the ‘Authority’ called Jewish scientists were members of the American messianic group called Jewish Voice International. These coupled with the fact that no important and duly registered newspaper carried the news stirred my interest. I decided to follow the exercise and know how it would end. I gathered that the religious body Jewish Voice collaborated with a Nigerian religious group called, Redeemed Israel Community of Naza­renes Association (RI­CON) on this exercise.

They got saliva samples from both states that Igbos are native to, and states that Igbos are not native to for the tests. According to Isaac Ojo, writing for the Authority newsletter of 27th February 2017, and quoting the RICON DNA Committee Secretary Win Gozie Aguh, “………. specimens of males were randomly selected from nine South East and South South states where the Igbos are found.” The states are, according to Ojo, citing RICON, “ Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Delta, Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Rivers States.” It is important to note the following: Igbos are not native to 2 of the states; are not majorities in two others, and in the five which they are the solid majority and are native to, non Igbos also reside.


These set off alarms. Has DNA tests which determine Jewishness been developed? Are members of Jewish Voice “Jewish scientists” or “Israeli scientists” as they are also addressed by the newsletters that carry their activities in Nigeria? Why did RICON get samples from non Igbo areas and claim that it got Igbo samples? I decided to await the outcome of the testing.

DNA screening is not new to the Igbo. I have had my DNA analyzed, because I wanted to know if my genes would show connections to the Middle East, where I believe that the Hebrew religion and culture which closely resemble my Igbo culture and religion originated. My result which I shall attach to the bottom of this article shows a Middle Eastern connection. Deeper study of the data reveals that my genes, you might say ancestors, were at the Red Sea. Some other Igbos have had theirs analyzed, and the results are similar to mine.

After five months, the “Jewish scientists”, using the words of the Authority newsletter of August 7, 2017, arrived in Nigeria and announced their findings. According to the Authority, “The International President of Jewish Voice Ministries, Rab­bi Jonathan Bernis, announced that the result of saliva samples taken in
Nnewi had shown that the Igbo were not Jews…….The Israeli in company of three of his compatriots said that none of the 124 specimen taken from Nigeria matched the samples in the Houston labora­tory which has 17 years’ experience in DNA business.”

Continuing, the Authority reported that Bernis noted, “however ….. that the result does not rule out the claim of Igbo to Israeli descent as more research would still be made to authenticate the claims.”

Relying on what the newsletter cites Bernis as having said, his findings raises only questions and produced no answers. How did Jewish Voice’ partners determine who was Igbo when they selected their subjects as they got specimen from people who are native to clearly non Igbo territory, from their own admission? Did Jewish Voice verify that the specimens in the laboratory that tested its ‘Igbo’ samples belonged to people who did not convert to Judaism? A convert to Judaism is as Jewish as someone who has been Jewish for 1000 years, but the person who converted may not have genetic connections to the Middle East as I have, if the person’s gene pool has no Middle Eastern connections.

It would be interesting to see the responses of Jewish Voice and RICON to these questions.

Ilona is a lawyer and author of a forthcoming book on ethno-history of African Americans

Anambra Massacre: The Day Integrity Finally Left Nigeria

By: Osayimwen Osahon

There is no gainsaying the fact that the 72% poverty level in Nigeria according to an August 2016 report by Fitch Ratings Incorporated has eaten into the psyche of Nigerians thereby adversely affecting our quality of thoughts and rationality.

People nowadays astonishingly suppress their conscience for short term benefits. Integrity appears to have been banished from this country with a threat that it will be lynched on a return at a future date. A typical Nigerian man will not mind housing the dreaded Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau if he can offer him a rent running into millions. This also accounts for why the electorates openly sell their votes to egocentric politicians in broad daylight only to regret it when the treasury is ‘ kidnapped and raped’.

The Anambra massacre which took place on Sunday, the 6th of August, 2017 at St. Philip’s Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, claiming at least 12 lives with injured 40 people according to recent reports reeks of the level of societal decadence in Nigeria. It exposes an anomalous situation where people are ready to collaborate either directly or indirectly with individuals of questionable characters for crumbs. To them, crime is legal as far as they are not the direct victims of the act.

A confirmation statement by the governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano that the bloody attack wasn’t orchestrated by members of the Boko Haram sect or the separatist group – Independent People of Biafra, IPOB but the sons of the Ozubulu community who were at war over a presumed illicit business deal is a Unclad walk in the market place. I guess the audacious bloodbath and sacrilege needed no much investigation following the speedy tracing of the source of the fracas by the people. It means it was an open secret which toddlers are even privy to unconsciously. For those who believe the narrative of a drug feud is fallacious, I want to remind them that valid intelligence begins like mere rumours till they are followed up by security operatives and proved to be veracious.

Even the world-record move of Brazilian forward, Neymar Jr from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a fee of £200m and fairy tale annual salary of £40.7m before tax started as a laughable gist on blogs till reality stunned all football fans.

According to reliable media reports, the attacker(s) stormed the Church premises during a worship session to hurt the family members and loved ones of the founder of a certain Ebubechukwu Uzo Foundation, Chief Aloy Nnamdi Ikegwuonu, Akuchinyere Nwata 1, Bishop 1 of Ozubulu popularly regarded as Bishop after a possible failed attempt to nail him on his visit to Nigeria.

Rumours have it that Bishop had been locked in a fierce feud with one other Ozubulu man named Obrocho who is based in South Africa peddling hard substances. The bad blood according to preliminary reports had already claimed 15 lives in both Nigeria and South Africa as at 2015. Additionally, Bishop who is alleged to have a drug cartel of about 500 men working under him became a trouble magnet after his former hatchet man from Mbaise Local Government Area, Imo State was killed for defecting to the opposite side. One drug pusher, Nonso from Nnobi (next to Idemili South in Anambra State) who was reportedly betrayed by the Ozubulu brothers and thrown into jail for the purpose of hijacking his territory in Johannesburg also aggravated the tension among the drug syndicates.

The 36-year old Bishop who claims to be an estate developer as well as an international business man has endured a negative reputation of unfounded wealth and drug-pushing but the people accommodated and showered him with support as long Greek Gifts were in wide circulation.
He is said to have tarred some roads in his community – Amakwa Ozubulu in Ekwusigo local government area and had also contributed to the building of St. Aloysius Church of Divine Mercy, still in Ozubulu. Impressively, Bishop had instituted a salary scheme for the people of Ozubulu, including the aged.

In fact, on May 1, 2017, the governor of Anambra, Mr. Obiano was billed to inaugurate some of the roads Bishop tarred in his community. This assuaged the uneasiness of residents including clergymen who never thought it wise to exercise due diligence in the face of free food. This is the same way our society celebrates morally bankrupt leaders and internet fraudsters addressed as ‘Yahoo Bois’ as long as they are generous with their loot. In fact, musicians praise them in hit songs to the envy of the good and law-abiding citizens.

Bishop with his enigmatic wealth was also conferred with the Ozo chieftaincy title which is one of the most revered positions in Igbo land. This was done by high ranking traditional ruler – Igwe of Umuje (a.k.a Igwe Talu Nchara), in 2014.
The most mind-boggling part of the story is that the bloody feud was reportedly known to prominent people in Ozubulu who are expected to be puritans and fundamentalists redirecting the paths of the youth when they go astray.

Further reports have it that before this Sunday attack at the Catholic Church that the Igwe (His Royal Highness, Igwe Fidelis Nnamdi Oruche, Eze Ugodinaobi, Okeife II, The Obi of Ozubulu) had tried to settle the matter about eight months ago without success according to an investigation carried out by online news portal, PM Express.

Even the involvement of clergymen had not help resolve the animosity. And so this attack confirmed that the matter wasn’t resolved amicably. It this is true, then the last iota of integrity and morality in Nigerians has been lynched by an angry mob for no just cause. People no longer patronize the devil on a subterranean note but they also romance him in broad daylight and damn the public.
This might not come as a rude shock considering the fact that a former governor of Delta State, Chief James Onanefe Ibori was celebrated by state governors, businessmen, lawmakers, traditional rulers and other eminent people on his exit from a United Kingdom prison in December, 2016. This was a man that ostensibly pleaded guilty at the Southwark Crown Court in London in 2012 to the theft of $250 million from the state’s commonwealth and other 9 corruption charges.

In Nigeria today, the Church has been enmeshed in dirty politics as religious gatherings have become campaign grounds. Politicians in turn share their loot with their so called spiritual leaders who are impatient about reaping the rewards of their labour in heaven as postulated in holy books. Every politician today is attached to one religious group or the other to launder their stinking images. The peak of it was when the then ruling party – People’s Democratic Party was accused of sharing N7 billion among influential clerics during the 2015 presidential election to bribe them into securing their political support and that of their members for former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Nowadays, nobody cares about the source of money anymore. Everybody just wants to partake of the spending party without any due consideration of the untold implications. This has encouraged and energized criminals in our societies which is boldly detrimental and condemnable.

A few months ago, some unscrupulous Nigerians mustered courage to push for the freedom of a self-confessed billionaire kidnap kingpin – Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans who ran a criminal empire across geopolitical zones in Nigeria elusively for years.
As a subtle way of abusing the sensibilities of Nigerians, an aide of Bishop named Mr. Jovita Offomata has adopted a damage control measure. He refuted the claims of the governor and the media that his principal’s hands are not clean as well as his involvement in the Black Sunday incident.

In his words;

“He (Bishop) has built three churches in the community and through the foundation has assisted so many people; including scholarships to indigent students and empowered others in Ozubulu and beyond”

Of course, nobody is expecting Bishop to admit culpability in the gory incident. Drug lords are good at cleaning their money by creating decoy business enterprises to beat the law when prosecuted. The Churches built with blood money are nothing but mere buildings without the presence of God. Christians should be reminded of how God rejected the sacrifice of Cain who later killed his brother Abel and hid his body. The books of Jude 11 and 1st John 3 verse 12 in the Holy Bible painted Cain as an evil doer laying emphasis on God’s disdain for unclean things.
Hard drugs symbolize destruction and disaster; its proceeds are evil. The traffickers should never be tolerated but shamed and ostracized for the purpose of sanity in any environment that means well for its people.

Since the Anambra massacre has been described as a fight of rich brothers, one doubts if their wealth will not be extended to the police officers to influence their investigations. Already, the arrest of the 3 suspects of the attack is shrouded in suspicious secrecy. Community leaders who have also benefited from the sweet drug money will also use their positions to deter the police from searching in the right directions.
In a few days, the media will shift attention away from the matter and the case is discreetly buried. The perpetrators will go scot free. The dead passed away for nothing and the crime could repeat itself again. This is how it works in Nigeria when big people are involved. I am sure it was on this premise that President Muhammadu Buhari admitted humbly on international soil that his people are corrupt and the same hypocrites who abhor the truth stirred up a massive outrage against him in the media.

How do we expect our society to advance when we continue to injure ourselves with greed and adopt corruption as part of our culture and tradition?

Integrity has indeed been sacrificed on the altar of selfish interests. It has finally severed ties with Nigeria in consideration of recent developments.

Osayimwen Osahon George is a journalist and political scientist. He writes from Lagos State.

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