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2019 Election; Christian Group Set To Hold 30 Days Fasting To Stop Buhari


A group of Christian Leaders under the auspices of United Christian Leaders Eagle Eyes Forum (UCLEEF), has declared a 30 day prayer and fasting to stop President Muhammadu Buhari from winning the 2019 Presidential election and sending him into what they described as forceful retirement.

The Christian group who presented a copy of the Holy Bible to President Buhari during the count down to the 2015 Presidential election asked Nigerians irrespective of religious, ethnic and political inclinations to “awake and save our dear nation” as it is the citizenry that have the power, right and choice to make the country great again.

Addressing a news conference in Abuja on Thursday, Chairman of the Forum. Pastor Aminchi Habu said there was every indications that if President Buhari is re-elected in 2019, the country will continue to slide backward, asking Nigerians to expect more failures from the president.

According to him, what the country needs to end the high level of social decadence and lack of development in the country was to elect a leader with a vision and the mindset to make the nation great

He said: “The president knows that he has nothing you offer this country. So, he should just maintain his integrity by keeping to his word of doing only one term.

“He failed already and will surely fail again because nothing will change. It will still be the same group of people. Just because engine oil makes a car run smoothly doesn’t mean it can revive an engine that knocks.

“The president is not a leader anymore but has turned to a ruler. A leader put his people first while a ruler only thinks about himself. Right now Mr President is not thinking about the masses but himself only. He just wants to remain in power and not you serve thus country because he cannot.

“We cannot continue like this and that is why we are urging Nigerians to vote massively against him and retire him forcefully. He has nothing to offer again. Mr President is known for blaming others for his failures. He blames the PDP girl the economic problems in the country and now he is blaming late Gaddafi for the insecurity problems in the country,” he quipped.

Pastor Aminchi noted that 30-day prayers and fasting had commenced by both Christian and Muslim faithfuls for a true leader to emerge out of the many aspirants, stressing: “I indulge each and every citizen of this country to awake and save our dear nation. We all have the power, the right and the choice to make the right and wise decision so that Nigeria will be great again.

“What Nigeria needs is a leader with vision and a mindset to make this nation great. Nigeria needs a leader not a ruler. Someone who is bold enough to see failure and turn it to success not someone who will see failure and blame others for it.

“That is why we as a Christian forum with some of our Muslim brothers with like mindset have entered into prayers and fasting that before we reach the middle of the year, that is June, a true leader will emerge out of the many aspirants”.

He said further that “the APC are claiming that PDP failed and is the cause of all the failure in this present government. Well how can the government perform effectively when all those that are suppose to help it work better are among those that make the previous government failed. It’s like buying a new car and instead of using a new engine oil you decided to use the condemned one from your old car, you cannot blame the car if it develop fault.

“And now we hear the president blaming Gaddafi for all the killings happening in the country, well it’s not surprising because the president is known for blaming others for his failure. He blames PDP for the economic problems in the country and now he is blaming Gaddafi a dead man for the insecurity problems.

“Next he will blame car manufacturers for all the accidents happening in our roads due to how bad the roads are, or even blame Text books authors for the failure In our academic system, or blame Kanji dam for the electricity problem.

“Even if those people are from outside the country it is still the fault of the president as the commander in chief of the armed forces of Nigeria. He closed those places that are supposed to be open like the border of Cotonou and live so many loop holes for infiltration. It is just as a man having a house, you didn’t fenced it and decided not to close your doors and windows at night without any security.

“You can’t blame anybody if armed robbers enter and create havoc in your house and of cause no one will pity you cause you brought it upon yourself due to your carelessness and negligence. Since the president don’t know how to protect the country, he should not blame anyone for his inability to keep his children safe as the father of the nation.

Senator Binta Masi Garba: “My Father Burnt My Property For Accepting Jesus”

Senator Binta Masi Garba representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, on Sunday, narrated how all that she had were set ablaze by her biological father after she gave her life to Jesus Christ.

She made the revelation during a thanksgiving service organised to mark her 50th birthday at the Chapel of Praise International Church, Yola.

According to Punchng, Binta, who broke down in tears during the service, said:

“I gave my life to Christ when I was in primary school. My father was infuriated and he burnt everything I had because of my decision to follow Christ.

I suffered so much because of the name of Jesus. I would have been nothing if not for His grace. The rejected child, because of my faith, has become a cornerstone. I give glory to His name.”

Nigeria’s Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, who also spoke at the thanksgiving service, called for prayers for the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Winifred Oyo-Ita and other Christian appointees in the administration of President Muhammed Buhari so they can all make the desired impact in government.

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Nigeria Has Bright Future, It Will Be One Of Great Countries – Pastor Osinbajo

T.B. Joshua “Delivers” 2 Nigerian Lesbian Partners During Church Service. Photos/Video

Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, has released a video showing him perform a “deliverance” on lesbian partners from what he described as satanic “lesbian spirits”. The deliverance happened during a recent church service.


In the video, the prophet is seen performing a “deliverance” on the lesbian partners. One of them can be heard saying she has always been attracted to women but has now been delivered by the anointed hands of the Nigerian prophet.

The pastor after conducting the deliverance – hugged both of them and told them he loves them.

Homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria punishable by death in some sharia-dominated northern states. In other parts, it attracts a maximum of 14 years in prison.



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Church Members Attack Journalists In Court For Covering Their Pastor’s Case. Photos/Video

Magistrate Eke Spiff, Wednesday, caused commotion in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, when she ordered all journalists who came to cover a case of obtaining by tricks against the founder of the God is Able Mega Fire Ministry, Apostle Abiekunogho, out of her court.


Abiekunogho is standing trial for allegedly obtaining a Toyota SUV and 20,000 Naira from a member of his church, Seiyefa Sayou, through a false prophecy.

It was gathered that when the case resumed for hearing, the visibly angry magistrate ordered reporters to leave her court.

She said: “All journalists should leave this court. We don’t do sensational here, the last time you came here this issue was reported in all the media, and this made people to call my phone from all over the country, so much messages in my whatsapp. All the journalists leave my court,”

The order by the magistrate emboldened the church members sympathetic to their pastor to threaten the journalists, who left the courtroom for the premises.

The accused; Apostle AbiekunoghoItwas later learnt that the pastor reportedly asked his members to deal with any journalist who tried to capture him with camera.

Shortly after the court proceeding, it was gathered the pastor was shielded by his members to deter journalists from taking his photograph.

But as he made his way to a waiting vehicle, some journalists were said to have taken some of his pictures.

The development angered the church members, who descended on the journalists and gave them beating of their lives.

It was gathered that the church members threw caution to

he wind as they continued meting out violence on the reporters and creating confusion in the area until policemen intervened to stop them.

The case was adjourned to 24th March, 2018 for further hearing.

Watch video

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CAN president reacts to death of Taraba chapter’s chairman

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Samson Ayokunle, has reacted to the death of Taraba state CAN Chairman, Ben Ubeh, who died in an auto crash along Zing-Yola road.

According to a statement signed by Adebayo Oladeji, his personal Assistant on media and communications on Monday to News Agency of Nigeria, Ayokunle commiserated with the family of the deceased

The CAN president expressed sadness over the sudden event, which occurred on Sunday.

“Our consolation is that the great servant of God was recalled home while on official duty for the Master Jesus Christ.

“Our prayer is that God will comfort and console his family and the leadership of the association in Taraba State,’’ he said.

Until his death, Ubeh was the General Overseer of the Army of God Glorious Ministries in Taraba.

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Anambra community dissolves siblings’ marriage, cleanses land of abomination

The Agba community in Ekwulobia, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State has severed the purported marriage between two siblings in the area, Chiadiakobi Ezeibekwe and 17-year old Chibuzor Ezeibekwe.

The family, led by their father, Mr Lewis Ezeibekwe were on Saturday cleansed spiritually from the act which was deemed abominable by the community

The parish priest of St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekwulobia, Rev Fr. Ignatius Onwuatuegwu of St. Joseph Catholic who officiated the cleansing mass prayed for forgiveness upon the family.

The children, Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe, a 25 years old Maths teacher and her 17 years old sister and student, Chibuzor Ezeibekwe, were cleansed and their marriage dissolved.

In his sermon at the mass which was held in front of Ezeibekwe’s house, Rev Fr. Onwuatuegwu said the gathering was an opportunity to emphasize on the social and spiritual consequence of incest.

He said, “This issue does not concern only the family of Lewis, it concerns the entire Ekwulobia

We are in a world that has disintegrated. This cleansing is important for all us and the entire country.”

Taking his sermon from 1st Peter 24:2 of the bible, the priest called on people to repent, saying that the sin of incest had become a frequent occurrence in many communities.

He said, “We are here to do reparation of the sin that is already rampant in our society. It is also an opportunity for us to do reparation for Ekwulobia.

“I am particularly touched by this boy, Chiadi. When I came to Ekwulobia, I met him as a boy yearning for the things of God. He was the leader of the block rosary group but here we are today. When I heard the story, I was taken aback. Only God knows what happened

Before the church service commenced, the eight members of the Ezeibekwe family knelt down before the traditional ruler, traditional prime minister and elders of the community and apologized to the entire Agba Ekwulobia community.

Chiadikaobi said he had accepted his wrong and asked for forgiveness from the community.

He said, “What we did was wrong and an abomination in our community. I feel pained in my heart. I did not do it because I was hungry for a woman or attracted to my sister, far from it.

“I apologize to everyone. I am very sorry for bringing all of you out here under the sun. Please forgive us. We have gone through the process of annulment and the marriage has been annulled.

His sister, Chibuzo said, “I ask for forgiveness.”

After the cleansing rituals, seven girls said to be virgins, adorning white dresses, used seven palm frond branches to sweep the Ezeibekwe compound.

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Anambra incest: 17-year-old girl speaks on marrying brother

The 17-year-old girl who recently wedded her 23-year-old brother in the Ekwulobia area of Aguata in Anambra State, has spoken out.

The girl, a secondary school pupil, and her mother, Mrs. Ezeibekwe, spoke with Channels Television.

Igberetv had earlier reported that the mathematics teacher in a secondary school in Ekwulobia, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe, married and wedded his 17-year-old biological sister in their elder brother’s church.

The brother, Chijioke Ezeibekwe joined the two in marriage in his church, Dwelling Fullness of God Church

Chiadikobi claimed that God told him to do so.

Talking about the stigma that has affected her learning at school and beyond, the 17-year-old girl said, “Because of what people have been saying about us, that’s why I stopped school for now.

“Until will settle down, until everything has calmed down, then if I hear from God that I should continue, I’ll continue.”

Also speaking, the mother of the newly married siblings, said, “Our neighbours don’t interact with us anymore because we are still trashing out the matter with the police.

“They said it’s a taboo and an abomination and until cleansing is carried out then the communion will start again and the community is preparing to carry out the cleansing.

“But no matter the cleansing, it’s only God that can neutralize any abomination, if any.”

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How God compelled me to join my siblings to marry each other – Anambra Pastor

The Pastor who joined his younger siblings in marriage at the Ekwulobia area of Aguata, Anambra state, Chijioke Ezeibekwe, has explained how God revealed to him that they were made to marry each other.


Recall Igberetv reported  that Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe, married his 17-year-old biological sister.

Their wedding took place in Chijioke’s church, who is the priest of Dwelling Fullness of God Church, Agba, Ekwulobia. He also presided over the wedding.

Chiadikobi had also claimed that God told him to marry his biological sister.

Speaking in a video interview with Channels Television, Chijioke insisted that the union was divinely ordained.

According to him, “One day I was alone and suddenly I was ruminated. I was ruminated to tell you how the thing started.

“God took me to about three scripture verses on ‘bone of my bone’ Leah said the same thing when Jacob came to her to marry.

“And the people of Judah told David when he became king that ‘you are bone of our bone.’

“God keeps telling me that the flesh of your flesh and the bone of your bone is your blood. Its your immediate family.

“One day, He brought out the hand of my sister in the spirit world and said that the one He’s talking about is not for me.

“And he showed me my brother; his colour, fingernails and everything and said, ‘look at the one that will marry her,’ She’s made for him.”

JUST IN: 16 killed as Lightning Strikes Seventh-Day Adventist Church

At least 16 people were killed and dozens injured after lightning struck a Seventh-Day Adventist church in Rwanda, a local official said on Sunday.

It was gathered that fourteen victims were killed on the spot as lightning hit the church, Local mayor Habitegeko Francois confirmed.

The incident, which happened in the Nyaruguru district in the Southern Province region near the border with Burundi took place around midday on Saturday while parishioners of the town of Gihemvu were at a church service.

Mayor Habitegeko giving update on casualty rate said “Two others died later from their injuries.

“140 people involved in the incident had been rushed to hospital and district health centres, many had already been discharged.

“Doctors say that only three of them are in critical condition but they are getting better.”

‘Spiritual 419er’: Mbaka Catches His Impostor, Disgraces Him In Church (Video, Photo)

Pastor Impregnates 2 Sisters In Delta After ‘fake Deliverance’

A 41-year-old randy pastor (name withheld) of a new generation church in Ugbolu Community, near Asaba, Delta State, has allegedly put in family way, two sisters after conducting “Fake Deliverance” for them.

It was gathered that in 1998, the said pastor had, in Enugu State, allegedly committed same act when he was said to have slept with a mother and daughter during an all-night service, and was subsequently banished from the town after he was subjected to severe beating by angry church youths. Sources said the two sisters, undergraduates of the National Open University, Asaba study centre (names withheld) had been regular visitors to the pastor’s church in the Community, and most times, attended his deliverance service before the bubble burst.

According to our informed sources, trouble started in December 2017 when the two sisters sought the pastor’s spiritual help for an undisclosed spiritual attack, a situation he allegedly respond to and hoodwinked them into doing deliverance during night fall, an offer the unsuspecting sisters willingly accepted without hesitation.

It was further gathered that the pastor allegedly “arranged” a room within the church premises where the two sisters, native of Asaba were ordered Unclad, and in the process, were offered water in a big bucket to bath with.

While the purported deliverance process lasted, the pastor, an insider said, suddenly went into uncontrollable act, leaving his manhood blown out of his white garment dress, and in a twinkle of an eye allegedly buried it into one of the victims vagina. A member of the church Celestine Okoh, told our reporter that the lid of the pastor’s illicit and purported deliverance act was blown open last Sunday, during church service when the two sisters, in what appeared to be mild drama, stormed the church with some hired thugs and in a fit of fury, allegedly dragged the pastor out before they started beating and stoning him in the process.

In the melee, his church was set ablaze by the angry youths who also ensured that those who supported him were disgraced and beaten to stupor.

Kasuwar Magani, Kaduna Where It Is Forbidden To ‘Love

From Kasuwar Magani, a town in the southern part of Kaduna State, MUHAMMAD SABIU reports that falling in love has become a dangerous venture among youths in the community as a crisis broke out early last week Monday as a result of religious differences.

KASUWAR Magani, a town in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State has always been a controversial town. Populated by a local people called Adara on one hand and Hausas, Kajuru is still today a town hotly contested for by the two major groups.

A resident of the town who gave his name as Mallam Abdullahi believes the Hausa own the town. He told the Sunday Tribune that over 100 years ago the first person to settle in the town was a Hausa man. According to him, ‘the Adara people who claim ownership of the town were idol worshippers living in the surrounding thick forests.

“They were living in those hills behind the town. It was later when they saw us here in Kasuwar Magani they began to come out from the mountains and settled with us. That’s the reason you see that the population of the Hausa community is appreciable,” he said.

Thus, 40 years ago, the town came to the front burner of national discourse when violence erupted leading to loss of lives and destruction of property. Then governor of the state, Alhaji Balarabe Musa quickly intervened by introducing a curfew.

Mallam Yusuf Auta who witnessed the mayhem recalled that, “one morning, the Adara community felt they were gradually being marginalised by the Hausa community. They said the claim by the Hausa that they own the town was untrue and false,“ he said, adding that the Adara began to spread the sentiments among their people and until a crisis erupted.

It was gathered that the Kasuwar Magani crisis of 1980 was regarded as the first crisis that broke out in Southern Kaduna. A community leader in the area, who pleaded for anonymity, said the two communities had since then been living in peace with each other.

“There is no recorded case of any misunderstanding that I didn’t know. I can also recall the leaders then not only agreed to sheath their swords but also signed what could be regarded as a peace deal,” he narrated.
Findings gathered that over the years, Kasuwar Magani became economically buoyant. The Hausa residents erected shops and became owners of some business enterprises. Other tribes too like the Igbo and the Yoruba came to settle in the area.
staff member of the Kaduna Refinery and Petro-Chemical Company, Mr Bulus Gabriel, told Sunday Tribune that “some of the NNPC staff built their houses in Kasuwar Magani because of its proximity to the refinery.”

Gabriel also recalled that the Southern Kaduna crisis in the state has also compelled people to choose where to stay in order to have rest of mind and Kasuwar Magani location is a factor.

“People now stay where their safety is guaranteed. So, many of the Christian members of staff in the refinery from the Southern part of the state had chosen to settle in Kasuwar Magani. The town has grown to become one of the bubbly towns in Southern Kaduna and even in the whole state.

“Every Saturday, the influx of people into the town is awesome. People from far and near come to make purchases. We have a big market. Some come here to unwind with their spouses and even drink to stupor,” he stated, noting that the town has enjoyed relative peace as everyone saw one another as brothers.

However, events of the last two weeks had changed everything. Sunday Tribune investigations revealed that the genesis of the current crisis started when leaders in Adara community, who are mostly Christians, allegedly told their girls to stop falling in love with Hausa boys.

Elaborating further, a resident in the area, who did not want to be identified, remarked that “our girls are fond of falling in love with the Muslim boys in the community. We want them to stop that,” he explained.

Another resident gave further reason why some elders frowned on their girls having relationships with their Muslim neighbours: “most often, they (the girls) will leave their houses to go and stay with the Muslim boys. We have many cases like that.”

Speaking in the same vein, a Christian youth in the area who gave his name as Amos Ishaya said the complaint was about the attitude of their girls. “Our girls go after the Muslim boys because of the money. They give them money and buy clothes for them.”

However, the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when the news emerged that a Christian girl converted to Islam. The family of the girl, it was learnt, didn’t find the issue a joke. They subsequently reported the case to the concerned authorities.

Just as the matter was being looked into, another girl reportedly converted to Islam. Investigations gathered that the Adara youths held a meeting, to not only denounce the conversion of the girls, but were also said to have vowed to ensure that they maintain their faith without hesitation.

“We found the news of their conversion unacceptable, because our investigation revealed that they were forcefully compelled to accept Islam,” a source said.

This claim was, however, dispelled by a resident of the town, Mallam Inuwa Musa, who contended that the girls were never forced against their will to convert. He told Sunday Tribune that the two girls, including those before them, on their own volition chose to accept Islam.

“We have many cases of inter-marriages in this community. Why must it be now? Why are they kicking against it? I think there is more to it than meets the eye,” he stressed.

As tension mounted over a possible breakdown of law and order in the community, a meeting was immediately summoned by the elders of the community. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed, among others, that the leaders of both groups should talk to their youths to sheath their swords and maintain the well-known peaceful coexistence in the community.

It was also agreed that the elders should talk to their wards not to fall in love with any person who does not have the same faith with them. The girls in question were also asked to return to their houses since it was learnt that they both left their homes.

Sunday Tribune learnt that on Monday, last week, Adara youths allegedly mobilised to attack the houses they felt were holding the girls when discovered that the girls had not returned to their houses. Indeed, the violence which lasted for the two hours led to the destruction of several houses, while over 1,000 shops were set ablaze. The state police commissioner, Mr Austin Iwar, confirmed that 12 people were killed in the mayhem.

In an effort to stem the crisis from spreading to other parts of the state, the state government quickly directed security agencies to send their personnel to the area to restore order. In a statement issued by the governor’s media aide, Samuel Aruwan, the state government condemned the mayhem. He said government will prosecute those behind the arson and directed security agents to arrest them as soon as possible.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Sanction Woman For Wearing Trousers To Meeting

An Igbo woman, Mrs. Esther Nweke who went to Ohanaeze Ndigbo Social Cultural meeting wearing a trouser, got what she did not bargain after she was nominated to say prayer at the meeting in Lagos.

The traditional rulers, chiefs and other leaders present at the meeting sighted her with her trouser and immediately ordered her to stop the prayer and pronounced that she had committed an abomination.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that her offence was she came to the meeting on trousers and was said to have been erroneously nominated for the prayer.

However, Mrs. Nweke insisted that since she had been nominated to say the closing prayer she would go on. The leaders walked out of the venue of the meeting insisting that they will not partake in such prayer which will attract curses on them.

This caused serious amusement and embarrassment to other women who were present at the meeting.
Even the host, the traditional ruler of Ndigbo in Alimosho LGA, Eze Lawrence Eze did not participate in the prayer and had to turn his back on Mrs. Nweke in order not to be part of the prayer.

P.M.EXPRESS asked why the woman was treated in such a manner. Some of the leaders insisted that Mrs. Nweke had committed an abomination by wearing trousers to the Ohanaeze meeting, talk less of praying in the meeting which they claimed was against the culture and tradition in Igbo land.

It was gathered that her appearance may attract further sanctions to serve as deterrent to other women who might try such in the further.

Eze Lawrence Eze summoned the meeting of the Igbo leaders to proffer solutions to the lingering crises in Alimosho LGA CDAs over the years.
It was gathered that the Igbo people in the LG were divided as such every unit had to form their owner Ohanaeze group; to the extent that the monarch found it difficult knowing who to deal with among the factions.

At the meeting the leaders agreed to unite, pursue a common goal and resolved to set up a committee to look into the crises and resolve them finally.
It was at the meeting that Mrs. Nweke was nominated to say the closing prayer that another problem came up and the women at the meeting were not happy over the ugly incident.

However, it was gathered that in any Igbo social gathering that married women were not supposed to wear trousers to attend such meetings. The women were expected to tie their wrappers signifying that they were married and responsible, but it turned

Church Ordered To Evacuate Over Impending Danger In Akwa Ibom State. Photos

Read the press statement below;


The attention of the Ministry of Works, Akwa Ibom State has again been drawn to the threat of a widening gully Erosion along Oron Road by Azikiwe Junction in Oron Local Government Area, which poses an imminent danger to property and lives in the area.

We however note with regret that, earlier appeals to The Mount Zion Light House, Full Gospel Church, located by the gully, to relocate and vacate the area, to enable the State Government undertake remedial measures to arrest the encroaching gully, which is a disaster waiting to happen have not been heeded by the said Church.

To avert a looming tragedy and avoidable loss of lives of innocent congregants in the said Church, which may collapse into the gully any moment from now, notice is hereby served to the Presbytery and members of the Mount Zion Light House, Full Gospel Church, Oron Road, that, the structure will be demolished in overriding public interest, to make way for urgent intervention in the area to arrest the Erosion menace.

Accordingly, the Church leadership are forthwith, advised to evacuate the premises without further delay as the State Government cannot afford to fold her arms and watch another tragedy befall the people. This Press Release serves as the final notification to all concerned.

Signed :

Mr Ephraim Inyangeyen

Honourable Commissioner

Ministry of Works

ex Gov’s Daughter Exposes Adeboye & Oyedepo’s Drug Dealings on Live TV (WATCH)

In a recent interview, Nigerian controversial blogger and journalist “Kemi olunloyo” reveal that pastor “Adeboye” and “Oyedepe” are drug dealers before they invested in church business. 

When the interviewer ask kemi Olunloyo if her father (Omololu Olunloyo) is a ritualist like she claimed. 

What Maybe The Difference Between Catholic Attire And Muslim Hijab?

Some has opined that we all serve the same God but in different ways.But this controversial photos of a catholic woman and muslim woman have sparked off difference opinion.


For instance, catholic women wears cloths that covers all their skeletal curves the same with muslim women (Hijab).


The controversial question remains “What Is The Difference Between Catholic Attire And Muslim Hijab?

Apostle Suleman Gifts Wife Shopping Mall, Petrol Station, Transport Company (Photos)

CCTV Captures Dead Pastor Come Back To Life At Mortuary in Umuahia – Facebook Users [WATCH] Viral

A Nigerian Pastor, Anderson Chinenye‬ has been reported to have come back to life at the mortuary after his supposed death in Abia state. According to online reports, the pastor underwent an operation at the Federal Medical Center (FMC) in Umuahia, Abia state capital following heart issues and was said to have given up the ghost.

Billy Graham Dies At 99

T.B Joshua Visits Zimbabwe After “False” Prophecies Against Robert Mugabe. Photo

Nigerian Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua the leader and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) on Friday arrived in the Zimbabwean capital Harare for a day’s visit on what has been described as a ‘private visit’.

Joshua who until now was banned from the country after what were seen as “false” prophecies against former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

He paid a courtesy call on Vice-President Kembo Mohadi and Minister of Scholarships Dr Christopher Mushohwe.

Acting Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Simon Khaya Moyo told The Sunday Mail that President Mnangagwa could not meet the prophet as he had other commitments.

“We understand some people are spreading false information that we snubbed TB Joshua. I want to make it clear that the President did not snub TB Joshua, he is not a snubber.”

On his itinerary were also meetings with ‘spiritual sons’ including Zimbabwean prophet Walter Magaya among others.

After landing at Robert Mugabe International Airport aboard a private jet, TB Joshua went to a local hotel, where a number of people were lined up for private discussions with the televangelist.

His visit is believed to have been organised by Brandme International executive director Mrs Josey Mahachi-Agbeniyi, who told The Sunday Mail that Prophet TB Joshua will hold a crusade in Zimbabwe soon.

Mrs Mahachi-Agbeniyi confirmed this, “He just wanted to see Zimbabwe. For someone at his level, he would not do so without paying a courtesy call on Government officials. Unfortunately, when he was available, the President had other engagements. He (the prophet) had to rush for an urgent event in Lagos, so he left late Friday night.

He is seen here with Zimbabwean second Vice-president Kembo Dugish Campbell Mohadi [L] and Minister of Scholarships Dr Christopher Mushohwe [R] .