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Prophet Akinbodunse’s 2018 prophecy on Jacob Zuma comes to pass


One of the 2018 prophecies of the General Overseer of Freedom For all Nations Outreach (FANO) Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse‎ for 2018 has been actualised.

The cleric, who accurately predicted Mugabe’s fall in November, 2017, also predicted in his 2018 prophecies that there would be a shift in South Africa’s presidency.

The prophet was quoted saying “First Quarter of 2018 in South African Politics. There will be a shaking. Some people will be removed for God to carry out his agenda.

“There will be a shift in the presidency. A well known will fall in order to make way for someone else to take over.

“In South Africa–The ANC should make an uncompromising decisions in order to save the integrity of the party. They stand to lose major metros. ”

Jacob Zuma on Wednesday night resigned with immediate effect from office after increasing pressure from the ruling party, All National Congress.

Recall that Prophet Akinbodunse sometime in January claimed that President Buhari would die if he campaigned in 2019.

Dangote Converts British Woman To Islam, Shares Photo Of Them Together.

A man identified as Dangote Sultan Adamawa, is feeling satisfied and coll with himself after converting a soul to Islam. According to the young man who claims to be an operator at Dangote Group, he convinced the British lady simply known as Delgado. He share a picture of two of them together on Facebook.


Ash Wednesday ; All You Need To Know

Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting, is the first day of Lent in Western Christianity. It occurs 46 days (40 fasting days, if the six Sundays, which are not days of fast, are excluded) before Easter and can fall as early as February 4 or as late as March 10. Ash Wednesday is observed by many Western Christians

Why do we put ash on our for head?

Ash Wednesday derives its name from the practice of blessing ashes made from palm branches blessed on the previous year’s Palm Sunday, and placing them on the heads of participants to the accompaniment of the words “Repent, and believe in the Gospel”

What is the significance of the ashes on the forehead on Ash Wednesday?

A: Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the day many Christians mark as the first day of Lent, the time of reflection and penitence leading up to Easter Sunday. … As they “impose” or “dispense” the ashes, the pastor or priest reminds each Christian of Genesis 3:19: “For dust you are and to dust you shall return.”

First, you can not eat meat on Ash Wednesday,

Why do crosses get drawn on peoples’ foreheads on Ash Wednesday?

Traditionally, ash is used to represent grief, so devout Christians will wear the cross on their head for the entire day to show their sorrow for Jesus’ crucifixion.

They also represent repentance and show that people have repented of their sins so that they can be prepared for a ‘Holy death’, like Jesus.

As priests draw the crosses on to people’s foreheads, they say: “Repent, and believe in the Gospel”.

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Church Set To Hold Service To Teach Couples How To Achieve Sexual Orgasm. (Photo)

This poster of a church in Enugu is trending online and the reason is very obvious. The church is set to hold a special Valentine service on Sunday, February 18th in Enugu in order to teach the members (married couple and those above 25 years of age) how to achieve sexual orgasm in a christian marriage.

Some internet users have reacted to this as some think that this is a deviation from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. What do you think?

CLASH OF THE GODS: Pandemonium As Masquerades And Lord’s Chosen Mopols Encounter In Public (VIDEO FOOTAGE)

A huge drama ensued after a group of traditional masquerades met with Lord’s Chosen members who were on publicity(evangelism) yesterday n(Saturday) in the eastern part of the country.

In the video footage which is trending online, the masquerades and the Lord’s Chosen Mopols crossed path on the narrow road – as one of the masquerades started displaying vigorously right there for church members to make way for his group.

Some of the Chosen members who tried to avoid the raging masquerade – were filmed falling on the ground as they took their heels.

Online users have reacted to this shocking incident,see video

see reactions:

$3x Scandal: Kayamo Withdraws From Case As Otobo Disowns Statement, Documents

Your Goodwill Is Fast Depleted, Catholic Bishops Tell Buhari

“I Was Working For The Devil For The Past 25 Years” – Lady Shares Conversion Photos

A Nigerian lady identified as Sylvia Eguonor has taken to her social media page to share her testimony after revealing that she has converted from her bad ways after working for the devil for the past 25 years. According to the young lady, she was like Jezebel in the past until Jesus saved her as she said she’s not ashamed to testify of her past…

Read her story below;

I am not ashamed to testify about my past. When I was in the world I never knew what I was doing is a sin. I was calling God a liar and doing to my self what will please my flesh, i was working for the devil for the past 25years before now. I use to do all manner of evil.
I committed sexual immorality
I steal and tell lies
I fought a lot
I put on tight, leggings and trousers
I wear makeup and I fix eyelash
I was fixing nails and painting them
I fix weavon and attachment
I put on close that exposes my body
I even smoke cigarettes
I peers 4 holes in my ears and I will put hearings in all the holes
I was bleaching my skin

was like Jezebel until Jesus saved me,
I don’t know that Jesus loves me so much. He saved me and now I am saved. Grace found me and I got saved.

You that is reading this message if u know u are still battling with ur sin repent now and accept Jesus into ur life and have salvation. Salvation is free. Repent and put away the attires of Jezebel. Jezebel is the first woman in the Bible that wear makeups and dress worldly , so whosoever that put on the attires of Jezebel is the daughter of Jezebel..

“Why I Refused To Speak Out On Killings In Nigeria” — Pastor Adeboye

Did You Notice Some Guys Who Play Instruments In Church Don’t Give Offering?

Investigations reveals that guys who play instruments in the church do not pay offerings or give tithe.

According to the information gathered so far, most of the instrumentalist are being paid by the church and it become cumbersome for them to remit their wages to the same church who pays them.  The instrumentalist in the  churches today sees the church as a business venture, a place where the wise ones and business acumens  get paid for the services which they rendered  at the detriment of those who are in dire need of salvation, wealth, or spiritual deliverances.


The most annoying part of this investigation and analysis gathered by Igberetv is the fact   the so called instrumentalist seems to be soaked in sin.
h instrumentalist in Nigeria do have a date with their female church members who are been carried away probably by the beauty of the art craft. (skills).

In this investigation , we gathered a verified report of an Instrumentalist named Chibuike (not real name) who plays in one of the popular church in Nigeria, with her branch situated at Ebonyi state, who got the choir mistress pregnant, upon receiving the news of the pregnancy, chibuike disappeared into tin air.

Seriously, it is alarming at the rate in which pastors adore this instrumentalist, some church pastors even to some extend do hold a special prayer to the instrumentalist, and at the end of the church service, the instrumentalist ends up not paying their offering and tithes. Are this instrumentalist not part of the members of the congregation? Or are they above other members?

Apostle Suleman Storms Church Event With Tight Security & This Happened (Photos)

2019: CAN chickens-out, denies instigating Christians against voting Muslims

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has denied instigating Christians to vote for only Christians in the 2019 general elections.

Speaking in a telephone interview with journalist on Wednesday, CAN’s national secretary, Musa Asake, said the association could not have asked Christians to vote only Christians because “it was not the right way to go”.

“Where did they get that one? I don’t know which CAN they are referring to; but for us at the national body we have not said anything like that because it is not the right way to go,” Mr. Asake said.

A group, the Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC had in a statement on Tuesday accused CAN of instigating Christians against voting Muslim politicians especially the President Muhammadu Buhari.

MURIC said in its statement signed the group’s director, Ishaq Akintola, that Nigeria had done enough harm to itself by failing to uphold the country above religion and ethnic sentiments and called on Christians as well as Muslims to vote according to their consciences.

“Nigeria should be the issue, not primordial sentiments like religion and ethnicity. It is to the glory of our gymnastic religiousity that we are clever devils today. In spite of the proliferation of churches and mosques on our streets, our paradoxical criminality has no equal under the sun,” the group said.

MURIC however did not specify which CAN official made the alleged statement or where it was made.

Igbo Convert to Islam in Owerri After THIS Happened (Photos Included)

Two Igbos named Chijoke Obi and Chiamaka Obi – have converted to Islam in Imo state. The duo are said to be the siblings of Aishat Obi, the woman who became an online sensation after converting from Christianity to Islam last year. The siblings after their conversion – have had their names changed to Rahman Obi and Rashidat Obi.

Lady Uses Her Husband’s Car To Sow Seed In Church,Then, This Happened (Photos)

$3x Scandal: Stephanie Otobo’s Lawyer Speaks On Her Confession Video

“Tell Us The Politicians That Sponsored You” – Daddy Freeze Tells Stephanie Otobo

“Politicians Paid Me!”: Stephanie Otobo Makes Shocking Confessions, Apologizes To Apostle Suleman!!!(Watch Video)

See Nigerian Prophet Alleged To Be HIV Positive Arrested In Zambia For Drug Trafficking (Photo)

Apostle Suleman: Stephanie Otobo Appears In Court As S3x Scandal Case Continues & This Happened (Photos)

I’ll Will Vote Buhari, Over And Over Again’ – Nigerian Pastor

Twitter user Williams Oluwatoyin says

I am a Yoruba, a RCCG pastor and an unrepentant 100% Buharist with no apologies to anyone. I will vote him, over and over again because among every other options @MBuhari is in a class of his own, far as the North is to the South Pole, that’s the differentials

Just In!! Pastor David Ibiyeomie Withdraws His Case Against Kemi Olunloyo As She Finally Becomes Born Again(Photos)

CAN President Tells Buhari What To Do To Nnamdi Kanu

The President of Christian Association of Nigeria Rev. Samson Ayokunle, has advised the Federal Government to invite the agitators for talks with a view to finding a lasting solution to the crisis.

BREAKING!! Release Imo State From Bondage Before Preaching To Us, Worshipers Disgrace Okorocha’s Wife In Church Today


Today at the Holy Ghost Catholic Church Ihitenansa Orsu LGA. The wife of Imo Governor Nneoma Okorocha was booed as she tried to address the congregation.

Exposed!! Man Accuses Rev. Father Edeh Of Locking Him Up After Asking For His Wages (Photos)

A young man identified as Sensor Chiemerie has cried bitterly against Reverend Father Emmanuel Edeh whom he accused of ordering his

BREAKING!!! Again, Gunmen Attack St. Thomas Catholic Church, Priest Shot (Pics)

Gunmen on Friday morning opened fire on parish priest of St Thomas Catholic Church, Daniel Nwankwo, at Onireke, Lagos.

According to TheCable, a parishoner, who simply identified himself as Valentine, said the assailant struck around 9am.

He explained that the victim had just finished attending to a church member.

“They were three in number. The men came into the church as if they were parishioners,” Valentine told IGBERE TV.

“When they arrived here, father was taking confession. As he was walking away, they approached him and told him they wanted N5,000 to pay the hospital bill of someone.

“Before you knew what was happening, they had shot him on the stomach.”



“How We Killed Imo Catholic Priest” – Suspect Confesses (Photos)

We Killed Cyriacus Onunkwo, Imo Catholic Priest By Mistake – Suspect

The Imo state police command yesterday paraded five suspected abductors and killers of a priest, Cyriacus Onunkwo, in the state.

One of the suspects was however identified as police officer.

Recall, the clergyman was abducted on Friday, September 1st in Orlu and his body was later discovered along the road in Omuma on Saturday, September 2nd.

Now, one of the suspects that was paraded has confessed to killing the priest but said the clergyman was killed in error.

The 28-year-old man, identified as Mr. Izuchukwu Okafor, popularly known as small, from Ukwukwa village in Azia of Anambra state, Thursday, said that him and other of his gang members did not plan to murder Reverend. Father Cyriacus Onunkwo.

Okafor claimed that he was second in command and that a policeman, Ex Corporal, Jude Madu, organized the operation.

Speaking to Vanguard, he said;

“I don’t know he will die. We covered the nose of the catholic priest that was why died. We saw him on the road and we did not know he was a Reverend Father and we kidnapped him.

I was not the owner of the vehicle used in kidnapping the Catholic priest.

“I was not the person who led the gang, it was a policeman. When we got to the junction, he asked us to stop in the front of the Catholic priest Toyota Corrola, and he asked the priest to come down and that he was under arrest.

“I want to tell you that it was Jude Madu that requested that I should get a car and that we were going to somewhere. He did not tell me where we were going.”

Biafra : We Have Prayed And God Revealed To Us That All Nigerians Are Safe In North – CAN

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, on Thursday urged Nigerians to remain wherever they reside without fear.

Nigerian Priest Who Resigned From Catholic Church Launches His Own Ministry


The Nigerian priest, who resigned recently from the Catholic Church in Nigeria, has officially launched his own church in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

BREAKING!! Killers Of Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Onunkwo Arrested

Suspected killers of a Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Onunkwo, have been arrested.

Reverend Sister All Smiles As She Visits Village Where Women ‘B@re Bre@st’ in Public (Photos)


Online users have been left bewildered after photos of a remote Nigerian community where women go t0pless and bare their bre@sts publicly (as well as the men also). A Reverend sister who visited the community posed for pictures with one of the topless women.

A lady in the picture can be seen wearing a shirt belonging to the National Association Of Catholic Graduates – NACG in Niger state.