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Man Whose Body Is Covered In Tattoo Removes His Genitals. See Why. Photos

A cancer survivor who tattooed almost 90 per cent of his body has had his genitals removed – because they spoiled the view of his body art. Adam Curlykale, 32, from Kaliningrad in Russia, spent 12 years covering his body, including his eyeballs, with black ink after he was diagnosed with cancer.

But he felt that some parts of his body that weren’t inked spoiled the look of his body art, so he paid to have his penis, testicles and nipples removed.

He had to travel to Jardines Hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico, to have the operation to remove his nipples and private parts, local media reported.

After the operation, he shared pictures of himself in hospital with his social media followers.

He became famous last year after taking part in a television show called ‘Second Face’ in Poland where he revealed he had gotten his tattoos to cover the blemishes that were left behind by the cancer

Mr Curlykale beat the cancer, but was left with a weakened immune system and was depressed because his skin looked sickly and pale.

When doctors diagnosed him with albinism, he had already started on his tattoos.

‘I always knew that I was different from the rest of society,’ he said.

‘My favourite colour, for example, has always been grey, in different tones, and that’s why my current skin colour is graphite.’

He said he is still planning what tattoos to get on the small section of his skin that remains ink-free.

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Choi!!! Women Are Trying New Solo 0rg@sm Trend; But Doctors Warn It’s Dangerous

Choi!!! Women Are Trying New Solo 0rg@sm Trend; But Doctors Warn It’s Dangerous

The trend called “peegasm” involves women experiencing mini orgasms from peeing after holding it in.

But medical professionals have slammed the practice as it could trigger a painful urine infection.

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American Singer Keri Hilson Reveals She Just Ate Eba And Afang Soup For Launch (Photo)

American Singer Keri Hilson Reveals She Just Ate Eba And Afang Soup For Launch (Photo)

Even The Whites Loves our Meal, American Popstar Keri Hilson just revealed what she had for launch, and guess what? Its our Very Own Nigerian Eba and Soup….
See below Plus reactions!

So An Ordinary Hug Can Lead To 0rgasm in Some Women! (Photos Included)

Sufferers of PGAD can feel constantly on the brink of an orgasm. One thing they all share is pain, and distress at the way their condition is covered in the media

27-Year-Old Nigerian Whose Pen!s Has Never Had Erection Before Finally Did This( Photos)

Some days ago, it was reported how a 27-year-old man named Ronald who has never had an erection all his life due to a medical condition after his genital got twisted after circumcision during his childhood.

Bionic Manhood: 44-yr-old Man Born Without J0ystick Set To Have His 1st $3x (Photos)

Andrew Wardle, a 44-year-old man who was born without a joystick and has never had sex is about to have sex for the first time thanks to his new £50,000 bionic manhood. He has long waited for this day. He has suffered a lot because of his lack of a joystick and was once punched in the face by a woman when she learnt he was missing his manhood.

2018 World Cup: Doctor Dies While Watching Nigeria Vs Argentina Match

Baby In Pains As Her Head Continues To Swell Due To Medical Condition. Photos

A Facebook user spotted this little baby suffering from a medical condition known as Hydrocephalus which caused her head to swell abnormally. The baby who has been in pains following the gathering of fluids in the brain – was seen crying as her mother consoled her joyfully while revealing that the baby would have undergone medical treatment if not for financial restraints.

Preparations are now being made to raise funds for the baby.

Hydrocephalus (also called “water on the brain”) can make babies’ and young children’s heads swell to make room for the excess fluid. Older kids, whose skull bones have matured and fused together, have painful headaches from the increased pressure in the head.

CHAI!!! Lekki Doctor Flogs, Orders Nurse To Kneel Down, then THIS Happened

A doctor in the Lekki area of Lagos State, Dr Emmanuel Okolo, has been accused of brutalising a nurse, Dorcas Adeyera.

The incident happened at the Awoyaya Hospital and Maternity Centre, Ibeju Lekki.

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What Will You Do If A Doctor Does This To Your Wife? (Photos)

Doctor mistakenly gives woman contraceptives instead of Vitamins jab

A young couple trying for a baby have been awarded £5,500 compensation after a doctor wrongly injected her with a powerful contraceptive instead of vitamins.

Mother-of-one Megan Palmer, 27, of Ashingdon, Essex, visited her GP for a jab which was supposed to help improve her fertility so she could have a second baby.

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Too Much Ma$turbat!on Ain’t Good, See Side Effects Discovered About Ma$turbat!on

Before Reading through. Put in mind that this post do not intent to lure or make believe around the anti-m@sturbat!on behavior. However, this is not done for religious reasons.

Abraham Iseh Free Medical Outreach kicks-off in Itumbauzo, Bende LGA, Abia State(Photos)

See Health Benefits Of Watermelon Seeds

Health: Abia Receives Medical Equipment And Supplies From USA

Home Ingredients You Can Use As Remedies

With the heralding of the rainy season, numerous insects would be actively looking for where to feast and breed. Don’t allow your home be their place of infestation.

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“Bayelsa To Pay Pregnant Women Monthly Stipends” – First Lady

We Will Not Take Our Medical Problems To Saraki – Vice President Osinbajo

Nigeria’s Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has taking a jocular dig at the Senate President, Bukola Saraki. Speaking at 58th NMA Conference held yesterday, he made the following comments : “I welcome the Senate’s endorsement & support disclosed today by the Senate President, of FG’s earlier determined policy to spend 1% of our budget on healthcare in line with the National Health Act. The policy reflects the Buhari administration’s resolve to improve healthcare.

5 Foods To Eat Before $3x (MUST READ!)

1. Avocados
As if we didn’t obsess over avocados enough, here’s one more reason to praise this heavenly fruit of green goodness. According to The Global Healing Center, because they’re so high in folic acid, they can quickly break down protein and give you that immediate, long-lasting, and healthy energy boost you need for sexual stamina.

Two Sisters With Facial Deformities Share Their Stories To Inspire Others. Photos

Two US sisters with facial deformities share their stories on social media to inspire others Asia Williams and India Walls, two sisters from Marion, Ohio, in the United States, who were born with Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS), a genetic facial disorder, prove that beauty is more than skin deep.

After years of bullying, the two sisters decided to share their stories on social media to encourage more people suffering from TCS to accept themselves regardless of how they look.

Despite their mother trying to install confidence in the girls, years of cruel bullying left them questioning if they even wanted to live.

Now comfortable with their appearances, the girls, who have tens of thousands of Instagram followers, post pictures on social media to encourage others to embrace their uniqueness.

Ms Williams told Barcroft TV: ‘The advice that I would give to other people is never compare yourself because comparing yourself is what’s going to destroy you.’

Ms Walls added: ‘Just love yourself!’

Woman Celebrates After Welcoming A Baby After Many Years Of Bareness. Photos

A Nigerian lady, Tondo Hembadoon Winifred is in a celebratory mood after welcoming a bouncing baby after many years of childlessness. The happy woman who is in good health with her baby – took to social media to share pictures of her bundle of joy as she wrote;

Please Join me in celebration for this wonderful gift after some many years of childlessness… And I pray God almighty to bless your wombs today and visit in all areas you need Him as well. Amen

Congratulations to her.

World Malaria Day 2018 : Queen Progress Wenendah & Mascot Uzor Kalu Invite You In The Fight Against Malaria(Photo)

“This Is Why My Wife Will Never Go For Yoga Classes” (See Shocking Photo)

Yoga includes physical exercise, but it’s also about life balance. Training your mind, body, and breath — as well as connecting with your spirituality — are the main goals of the yoga lifestyle.

Abraham Iseh Signs Affordable Health Care Deal For 50,000 Indigenes Of Bende LGA, Abia State

Woman Who Underwent Surgery To Remove Huge Tumour, Shows Off Her Arm. Photos

Here’s a new picture of the woman who was overwhelmed with joy after undergoing a successful surgery to remove a big tumor on her arm. According to reports, the woman who had 10lb Lipoma tumor – spent almost 10 years hiding the huge tumor under her clothes.

The woman underwent a three-hour surgery which saw the abnormal growth removed.

The woman whose ‘burden’ has been removed – was all smiles as he showed off her freedom!⠀