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See What 2 Nigerian Lesbians did online That’s Causing Commotion on fb (Photos)


Two Nigerian Ladies, possibly “lesbians” are showing off PDA on Facebook, telling the whole world of their new relationship, and how they are both in love.

Young Man Arrested For Keeping Afro Hair In Yobe State. See Photos

Is this the new way forward? This is the question being asked by Nigerian internet users following the recent clampdown by security operatives on some guys in Potiskum, Yobe state. According to trending report, a young man was arrested recently for keeping an Afro hair.

He was arrested and taken into custody by the task force set up for that purpose by the state government.

The arrested men are said to be made to barb the hair and also pay a fine of N600.

“4 Hour Lecture”: Couple Post Video ‘Doing it’ for 4Hours (Viewer’s Discretion) DOWNLOAD


A man (Name withheld) has got himself trending online after posting a controversial picture of himself and his female partner on Facebook. The man decided to post the picture online after ‘enjoying’ himself with his ”bae”.


#FineWomenThatEatAss Trends On Twitter & Photos/Videos Of These Women Eating A$$ [DOWNLOAD]

A very weird hashtag is trending on Twitter and it’s fast gaining traction, with lots of women, and even men, jumping on it.

#FineWomenThatEatAss, as the name implies, is a hashtag that features women who engage in tossing salads during $3xual !nterc0urse. Women, and men, who don’t mind going that far, are coming out boldly on Twitter to claim it with the hashtag #FineWomenThatEatAss and #FineMenThatEatAss.

Lady Breaks Up With Boyfriend Of 3 Yrs After Seeing This On His Phone (VIEWER’S DISCRETION)

A Nigerian woman, Darasimi, has just confirmed she’s ending her 3-year long relationship with her Husband-to-be moments after seeing something on his phone. What did she see? Find out below

Sharing the news on her Twitter handle, The Nigerian Twitter user, @darasimicoal has narrated how she found out her boyfriend whom she has been dating for 3 years told another lady that he is just passing time with her.

Beautiful Curvy Girl Exposes ‘Her Thing’ in Viral Video, See What Twitter Users Did to Her [DOWNLOAD]

Beautiful Curvy Girl Exposes Her Thing in Viral Video, See What Twitter Users Did to Her


This beautiful lady posted a video of her exposing her assets, leaving little to imagination.

but, thanks to a new app, Twitter users have been covering up ladies who expose their bodies…

“Should I Pull That Up?” – 14yr-old Girl Goes ‘Gaga’, Exposes Her Thing for All to See (Photos)

A 14 years old South African girl @smallwaseNUZ has gone ‘gaga’ on social media as she has been uploading newd photos.

She warns intending followers with this line on her Twitter Bio which reads ‘Follow at your own risk’.

Many fans are calling for her account to be closed but she seems unbothered her last post she posted was captioned ”Should I pull that up?” asking her fans whether they wanted her to pull up her skirt.

Is This Linda Ikeji’s Husband To Be? (Photos)

So few days ago, news broke that popular Nigerian blogger and media mogul, Linda Ikeji is engaged. It was even reported that she got engaged to her former boyfriend, Big Sam of BroadwayTV.

IGBERE TV has learnt that, Linda is actually engaged but not to Big Sam, but this handsome man here.

Chai Biafrans Get Money, See As Money Rain At A Child Dedication Party In Owerri, Imo State. Photos

Some Nigerian socialites and businessmen were at it again yesterday, Sunday March 25th, during a child dedication party in Imo state. The colorful ceremony which had Imo big guns in attendance – was to celebrate the child dedication of little Miss Adaeze Madu, daughter of Mr and Mrs Elvis Madu, the CEO of YKom Records.

Guests and friends who attended the party which was held at Cubana Lounge in Owerri, the state capital – sprayed huge cash in the course of the celebration as seen in the pictures.

“My Breast$ Are So Beautiful, I Am Tempted To Post My N*des” – Young Lady(Photo)

Between This Lady And A Suspected Rapist Who Was Arrested By Police. Photo

A suspected rapist was arrested by security operatives on Friday, March 9th, while trying to rape a schoolgirl. The suspect was immediately descended upon as he was mobbed and beaten mercilessly by the people around before the police intervened.

The incident happened in Lundi, Masvingo area of Zimbabwe.

One of the passersby who was present during the arrest – was spotted enjoying the ‘view’ of the suspect’s joystick before he was taken away by the police.

How I Used My Lover’s $perm To Cure My Pimples

“He Stopped Picking My Calls After I Refused Him $3x” – Bride-To-Be Cries Out

OMG!! Woman Gives Birth To ‘Strange’ Baby In Aba, Abia State (Graphic Photos)

“Babcock Boys Don Chop Chioma Raw” – Ex Babcock Student Exposes Davido’s Girlfriend

“Real Men Propose With Pregnancy Not Ring” – Nigerian Man

OMG!!! Lady Serves Boyfriend With Jollof Mixed With Her Poo & THIS Happened (Pics)

A woman has made shocking revelation of the worst thing she has done to a man. She confessed of making her former lover eat her ‘toilet’ by mixing it with minced meat stew in a Jollof rice.

She disclosed to David Papa Bondze-Mbir of doing this as a payback to her ex-boyfriend that left her to marry another lady. She confessed together with other women in the private inbox of David Papa Bondze-Mbi on Facebook.

Father Joins Son To R@pe His Young Daughter In C’River, Video Le@ks (WATCH) I8+

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, comes this shocker. A man has been apprehended for allegedly joining his son to r@pe his little daughter at their home in Eshiagurube Boki local government area of Cross River state.

According to Facebook user who shared the pictures and narrated what happened, the shameless pair committed in abominable act in the absence of the girl’s mother (the man’s wife).

“My Father Was A Ritualist, Adeboye & Oyedepo Were Drug Dealers” – Kemi Olunloyo

Finally Gallant Nigerian Soldiers Hunt And Captures The Snake That Swallows 36Milion In JAMB Office. (photos)

A group of Nigerian soldiers were so excited after catching and killing a huge python which reportedly entered their territory. The gallant men killed the big reptile and posed with it as they took series of pictures in an elated mood. One of the soldiers who posted the picture online said ‘he and his men have finally found the snake that swallowed the N36 million Jamb money’..

“I Won’t Marry A Man I Don’t Have $3x With” – Nigerian Lady Reveals Why (Photo)

Is This The Weirdest $3x Party In 2018? See Girls Fl!rt Big B00bs & Nu **des (Download Video) I8+

This new year has already kicked-off with some very awkward moments, and surely this weird $3x party would rank in the Top3 of the n@ughtiest all-nu**de gig’s for 2018 so far! 

South Korea Has Now Created A Pen1s Themed Park For L0vers (SEE Photos) I8+

Winter Olympics tourists visiting South Korea for the games. Have been visiting a rather more bizarre attraction – the country’s notorious pen1s-themed park.

Legend has it that the Haes!ndeng Park – known better as the ‘Pen1s Park’. Started out after a v!rgin died in a storm. While her boyfriend collected seaweed from a rock in a nearby cove.


Meet The P0rn St@r Who Claimed To Have Slept With 36 police Officers (Pics + Video) I8+

A woman who claims to have bedded 36 Irish police officers has posted a video on a p0rn site of herself apparently having $3x at the side of the road.Filmed with a man in Garda uniform, the woman – dubbed “Carla 4 Garda” – says she took part in the $3x act by an Irish motorway.

A woman who claims to have bedded 36 Irish police officers has posted a video on a p0rn site of herself apparently having $3x at the side of the road.Filmed with a man in Garda uniform, the woman – dubbed “Carla 4 Garda” – says she took part in the $3x act by an Irish motorway.

The amateur p0rn star has claimed online that she has a fetish for officers and only has $3x with members of the force.

She uploaded the footage to an amateur p0rn site which has since gone viral


The video appears to show a woman having $3x in a vehicle while pulled over in a ‘Garda only’ space on the side of the motorway, the Irish Mirror reported.

Earlier this month, Carla claimed police officers have been sending her r@cy photos and last year a Garda was suspended after a video emerged of him having $3x with her beside his vehicle.



Fest!val in Spain Where Ladies’ B0*0bs ‘re $queezed By Men, SEE Naija Version (Ph0t0s + Video) I8+

Fest!val In Spain Where Ladies’ B0*0bs ‘re $queezed By Men, SEE Naija Version (Ph0t0s + Video) I8+

This photo shows a festival in spain where ladies B0*0bs are opened up for all to squeeze. However, Naija have started theirs with style (Checkout the video)

Due to the graphic content, we cant post the video here

Follow the link to see video



BBNaija: Nina Feared Pregnant After Several Rounds of $3x With Housemate (Video) I8+

This morning, Big Brother Naija contestant, Nina complained to her fellow housemates that she’s seriously not feeling strong, and suspect it could be Malaria.

But Nigerians on Twitter, including Don Jazzy, are already speculating that she’s three days pregnant following Saturday’s night $3x with fellow housemate, Miracle. Becuase of the content, we cant upload video here. If you want to see it, follow the link below


Lady’s Attempt To Trap Top Politician With Pregnancy Fails, As Baby Looks Lebanese

A single lady simply known as Ayo, attempted to trap a top politician in Ogun State with pregnancy in order to rope him in as husband but her plans failed in Lagos.

The lady in question resided at Silver Estate in Ejigbo area of Lagos but she met the politician in Ogun State, they became lovers and developed their relationship for some years without his wife’s knowledge.

N10k Blue Black $3x: L0vers Expose Themselves After $3x Payment Disagreement; Upload Video [DOWNLOAD]

The argument has gone viral and has already earned much attention on facebook the lady named “olori toyiba olowe” made her first post lamenting the guy “its deewill” didn’t pay her off after the $3x stuff that occurred between them, he apparently paid 1k instead of 10k, promising to forward the balance into her account, the lady couldn’t hold the disappointment and pains, hence expressing her feelings on social media.

Couple Live-stream Themselves Havin $3x In Front Of Their Crying 3-yrs Daughter (WATCH) I8+

Couple Live-stream Themselves Havin $$$ In Front Of Their Crying 3-yrs Daughter (WATCH) I8+

This is unbelievable

Follow the link below see video (Warning: Viewer’s discretion. ADULTS ONLY)

Couple Live-stream Themselves Havin $$$ In Front Of Their Crying 3-yrs Daughter (WATCH) I8+

This is unbelievable

Follow the link below see video (Warning: Viewer’s discretion. ADULTS ONLY)


A couple live-streamed themselves having se-x in front of their crying three-year-old daughter. And the video has angered viewers after it went viral.
Parents Yana Leonova, 23, and Nikolay Kostenevsky, 32, from Yaroslavl in Russia began having s-ex in the kitchen with the door wide open.

And the little girl walked in and watched everything from a few feet away but her parents did not mind.

The video shows the child sobbing, evidently upset by the scene playing out in front of her. The sex act lasted for 9 minutes.
When the couple were through with the se-x act.

Reportedly, The distressed girl said:

“Tomorrow my granny Polina will be here. And I will tell her everything.”
Reports say that her father Nikolay then blurted, “I don’t give a f***” while her mum said, “He’s crazy, but I’m normal. I’m just having a rest.”



Guys Have Been Drooling Over This $3xy Lady’s Mind-blowing Y0ga Pictures

This beautiful lady flaunting her goodies while doing mind-bending y0ga moves has excited men.

Her flexibility and agility is just out of this world.

Y0ga is gaining momentum in urban areas as a form of whole body exercise but some routines are not for the faint hearted.