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Couple Live-stream Themselves Havin $3x In Front Of Their Crying 3-yrs Daughter (WATCH) I8+


Couple Live-stream Themselves Havin $$$ In Front Of Their Crying 3-yrs Daughter (WATCH) I8+

This is unbelievable

Follow the link below see video (Warning: Viewer’s discretion. ADULTS ONLY)

Couple Live-stream Themselves Havin $$$ In Front Of Their Crying 3-yrs Daughter (WATCH) I8+

This is unbelievable

Follow the link below see video (Warning: Viewer’s discretion. ADULTS ONLY)


A couple live-streamed themselves having se-x in front of their crying three-year-old daughter. And the video has angered viewers after it went viral.
Parents Yana Leonova, 23, and Nikolay Kostenevsky, 32, from Yaroslavl in Russia began having s-ex in the kitchen with the door wide open.

And the little girl walked in and watched everything from a few feet away but her parents did not mind.

The video shows the child sobbing, evidently upset by the scene playing out in front of her. The sex act lasted for 9 minutes.
When the couple were through with the se-x act.

Reportedly, The distressed girl said:

“Tomorrow my granny Polina will be here. And I will tell her everything.”
Reports say that her father Nikolay then blurted, “I don’t give a f***” while her mum said, “He’s crazy, but I’m normal. I’m just having a rest.”



Guys Have Been Drooling Over This $3xy Lady’s Mind-blowing Y0ga Pictures

This beautiful lady flaunting her goodies while doing mind-bending y0ga moves has excited men.

Her flexibility and agility is just out of this world.

Y0ga is gaining momentum in urban areas as a form of whole body exercise but some routines are not for the faint hearted.



Tiwa Savage Rocks See-Through Net Gown Thatz Got people Talking (Photos)

Mavin queen and malo crooner showed off a dazzling look as she is donned in black stylish Iro, Buba and a beret .

This is some beautiful style inspiration cos you’ve sure not seen anyone rock Iro and Buba like this or have you? 

BBNaija: Ahneeka C@vght M@stvrbat!ng (See Video) I8+

Big brother Naija 2018 housemate, Ahneeka on Sunday night caused controversy on social media.
This is as a result of a short video where she was allegedly m@stvrbat!ng after light outs.

Shocking!! Couple Found Dead In A Car During $3x After They Turned Engine On To Keep Warm

Lady Gives Her Neighbor’s Son N500 To Buy Her Airtime, See What He Did With It

Lol.. Not everyday we read over-serious news right? A little fun for the day.. Really Funny..

Lol.. Not everyday we read over-serious news right? A little fun for the day.. Really Funny..

Young Couple Under Fire For Posting Their After S@x Photo On Facebook (photos)

This is shameful…A young couple have become infamous after sharing a picture of themselves relaxing after sex. The photo which has incurred the wrath of online users – shows the young man totally naked exposing the size of his manhood along with his partially-naked girlfriend relaxing on the bed after having ” a good time”.

see photos:

The photo was shared online by one of the parties involved as facebook users criticise and lampoon them


“Bl33ping Is My Hobby, I Don’t Fv(k For Money, I Fv(k For D Fun Of It”- Lady Brags (Photos) I8+

Sometimes when I want to relax my nerves I log on to twitter or instagram, and I chill out.. Believe me, the slay queens here don’t disappoint.

The social media today is like a reality TV show, just tune in.
Have you ever thought of someone having a very weird hobby? Look no further, this lady with the twitter handle @slenzzzy posted series of pictures and captioned them:


3 Major Times Aisha Buhari Showed What Kind Of Woman She Really Is (photos)

Many think being a mother is all about caring and nurturing. Well, it is but what kind of woman makes an amazing mother? Right morals and virtue is one thing but we are talking of the outer appearance. Maybe we should just let you know, a real woman is a goddess and those beautiful beings created fashion.

Crazy Things Guys Do To Girls In Clubs & Parties In The Name Of Dance (Videos Included) I8+

Most time when you go to parties or see the kind of practices that takes place in the process of dance moves between guys and ladies.

You may wonder if this people are really celebrating or exploiting their dance partner.

well, all is in the name of grove and celebration.

“Why I Exercise N@kked” – Lady Demonstrates Un(l@d For All To See (Video)

This young lady has taken time to show us HER skillful method to exercise

Amazingly, she does it N@KKED. Yes, you heard me right, N@KKED!.

See her shocking reason


Igbo Slay Queen Can’t Wait To Get Married For This Hilarious Reason (Photos)

Precious Okoro posted:

“I can’t wait to get married so i can steal my husband’s money”

Man Is Searching For Ibadan Lady He Lent N81k To Get A Place (Photos Included)

A Nigerian man, Agbalumo‏ has taken to Twitter to narrates his ordeals with a lady, According to him, he borrowed her N81,000 to get a place in Ibadan, with his iPad and the lady never got the place.

Drama As Husband Catches His Wife & Lover Having Midnight $3x(Photo)

Zuma’s resignation: It’s time to send Buhari to the ‘other room’ – Jonathan’s aide, Omokri

Reno Omokri, former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan has said that President Muhammadu Buhari will be next African leader to be sacked, calling on Nigerians to come out and send President Buhari to the “other room” in Daura

The former Presidential aide said this in reaction to the resignation of South African president, Jacob Zuma and Ethopia’s prime ministers during the week.

In a series of tweets, Reno said Africa is now saying farewell to failed leaders, adding that following the resignation of the prominent leaders , Buhari will be next to be forced out of office.

It were reported earlier in the week of the resignation of South African President, Jacob Zuma after pressure from the ruling party.

Reno said it’s time for African leaders who are so engrossed with power to step down.

He wrote, “First Yammeh, then Mugabe, yesterday Zuma and today Ethiopian PM, Desalegn. Buhari next.

“Africa is saying farewell to failed leaders. We don’t need a 97% versus 5% leader.

“We need a leader that believes in Nigerians 100%. In 2019, let us send Buhari to the “other room” in Daura!”

What becomes of Zuma’s statue – Nigerians ask Gov. Okorocha

Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha, has come under heavy attack following Jacob Zuma’s resignation as President of South Africa.

Zuma’s resignation is exactly four months after he was honoured with a giant statue, and the highest chieftaincy title in Imo. He also had a street named after him by Gov Rochas Okorocha.

Recall that Okorocha despite several criticisms insisted that he owes no one an apology for erecting Zuma’s statue, saying it was erected to encourage business relationship between the state and South Africa.

However, some concerned Nigerians on social media have questioned Okorocha on what will become of Zuma’s statue erected in his state since Zuma has been thrown out of office.

Some have accused Okorocha of being as corrupt as Zuma while others urged him to take down the statue.

Here are some comments:

@idreesyomi “Now that Jacob Zuma has Resigned as the president of South Africa, someone should be please remind governor Rochas Okorocha to take down the president statue. Thank you.

@yemifash ” Now that Jacob Zuma has resigned has the President of South Africa what will happen to his statue in Imo State? Okorocha may be planning to give him an appointment in Imo, abi how you see am?

@jjeffphilips “Governor Rochas Okorocha’s Zuma statue has also decided to resign following Zuma’s resignation in SA

@alouibrahim ” I wonder what Gov Okorocha will do to the statue of Former President Zumba of South Africa. @olisa “Gov Rochas Okorocha should somehow feel ashamed the President of a country he erected a statue for resigned over corruption allegations.

@AnnTommy ” Jacob Zuma of South Africa resign, Rochas Okorocha’s hero, a man the whole world knew as being deeply corrupt. Now his gone will Okorocha pull down the statute and replace with the new president or he’ll just mold the new one beside it. #statutegovernor

@sirdaveson ” Now that Jacob Zuma has resigned as SA President, can Rochas Okorocha of Imo see how stupid he was for that useless statue.

@Yima ” I wonder how your MCM (Rochas Okorocha) feels now that his exemplary friend, Jacob Zuma has resigned as President on corruption charges, after building a huge stature and naming a street by his name in his state.

Married Woman Gets Stucked While Having $3x With L0ver This Morning (See Video) I8+

According to online report, this happened somewhere in kenya this morning

The video is going viral right now.

Unknowingly to the cheating wife, her husband, who has been suspecting her of infidelity, placed a hidden C(TV Camera in the house which captured the entire act.

He uploaded the video.

‘I Don’t Wear BR@S Bcoz They Are Expensive’– Lady Says & Flaunts Huge N!pples (Photos)

This Kenyan lady claims she doesn’t wear br@s because they are expensive.

And if you feel offended, you can buy her one.

See what she posted below and flaunted her big “milk factory”.

Ebony Was Truly A les*b!an, New Video Sees Her Deep K!ss!ng Frank Kuri (V!ewer’s D!screti0n)

Recently, reported that they highly suspected that the lady with whom Ebony died is her les*b!an partner.It appears the girl is the man in this relationship.

After death of Ebony together with her best friend, Francisca Yaa Nkansah popularly known as Frank Kuri, a lot of stories have circulated in the media about Ebony Reigns but the most damning of all the rumors was started by Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

“Is $3x Crime? I Enjoy Having $3x”: Slay Queen’s $3x Video Le@kked By Boyfriend (WATCH) I8+


Instagram slay queen, Olamiadara Adedayo whose $3xtape was uploaded to the popular p0rn site, has come out to tell people sending her different messages not to judge her.

She wrote this on her instagram page: ( IG: olamiadara_adedayo )

We had $3x, then he le@ked the video..
.Now people don’t want me to rest, WHO IS A V!RGIN ? WHO DOES NOT LIKE $3X ? Why are you guys sending me different messages as if $3x is a crime.
I enjoy having $3x just like everyone of you and I won’t let this discourage me.

WATCH AND DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE (Warning: Viewer’s Discretion)

Why Do Girls Have These Holes At Their Back? (Photos)

why do girls have these holes in their back?

VIDEO: Woman Undresses Her Friend, Pulls Down Borrowed Underwear She Wore In Public (WATCH)

This is unbelievable… Woman Undresses Her Friend, Pulls Down Borrowed Underwear She Wore In Public.

This video has gone viral on social media



We have laughed much and made the compulsory number of memes, widely broadcast on Whatsapp. There is now a Twitter handle, @NigeriaSnake cashing in on the subject. The topic has really amplified the definition of Nigeria as an animal kingdom of sorts.
But the main issue should not be lost in the alarm, outrage or campaign for influence; this is another case of corruption and Nigerians must know the culprits involved, by name.
It is pretty absurd for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) staff in question to have even thought of a snake ruse as the plausible explanation for the disappearance of N36 million. That could have been the explanation suggested by church members, to whom she probably confessed her dilemma. Given the gullibility to superstition in our society, someone would have advanced the excuse as sufficient. This kind of thing can happen; it happens in Nollywood.
Thankfully, JAMB has rubbished such snake nonsense, calling it a case of pure criminality and fraud by one of its staff. Now they must go ahead and tell Nigerians when this inexcusable criminality was perpetrated and by whom.
Did it occur under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, as some have observed on social media, or is it another instalment in the bottomless catalogue of calamities that have become quintessential of the Buhari administration? These facts need to be known and placed on record. Not just for the political implications it will have but to provide an objective guide into the depth of corruption in Nigeria’s institutions, particularly in the education sector usually esteemed as one of the key sectors that must stand firm for national development to take place.
Education in Nigeria has suffered from a terrible neglect and lack of prioritisation over the years and to realise that internal thievery has played a part in the rot should not entirely be surprising. The money in question accrued from the sales of scratch cards by JAMB and probably should have been used to purchase more examination materials to make the Computer Based Tests (CBT) more available and optimally functional. Thousands of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) candidates who have had the misfortune of malfunctioning computers during their tests, subsequently frustrating their efforts of enrolling into tertiary institutions have a good reason to exercise the greatest outrage from this snake affair. Parents and guardians who had to grind through rocks to afford the cost of scratch cards for their wards need a comprehensive explanation by the authorities.
Their true satisfaction will come only when this ceases to be a subject of fun, and the real criminals named and shamed. This is a shame, less like the Aso Rock rats invasion and more like the diversion of IDP funds by former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal. Besides the odd invitation, Mr Lawal remains free and uncharged by any of the anti-graft bodies, a fact that may not inspire confidence in the demand for justice on the missing JAMB millions. However, it is possible that the person of interest may not be as high ranking as the former SGF, hence, may be more easily paraded as a sign that the government is serious about anti-corruption.
Should it turn out to be a Jonathan administration crime, we can expect it to be minted for political gain by the administration. In the event that it is not, it will count for a determination to sanitise the system. Either way, the Nigerian people will win.

The Snake That Swallowed N36M Finally Caught? Policeman Poses with Python (Photo)

An estate surveyor who lives in Abuja posed with a huge snake along with a policeman after capturing the reptile. The man joined other Nigerians to make a joke about the bizarre report trending of a snake swallowing N36 million from the vault of one of its state branches.

Youths Catch Man Having $3x With Married Woman In The Bush In Owerri

A man simply identified as Dona has been caught in the bush having $3x with a married woman, called Julie .

Julie was said to be a mother of two and a housewife .

It was gathered that the youths were secretly given gratification to monitor the duo’ s movement within the vicinity .

Julie was however alleged to be having extra – marital relationship with Dona .

$3x Scandal: Kayamo Withdraws From Case As Otobo Disowns Statement, Documents

Shocking:”Lagos Police Slapped An Old Woman, Beat Up Driver With Gun, Collected 7k”

A Nigerian lady who says some policemen in Mowe Ibafo, Lagos state slapped an old Woman and a man and also used a gun to beat up the driver and they also collected 7000 Naira from him. she shared the story of the incident on Twitter.

According to Anuoluwapo Oluwaseyi‏, the incident happened on 7th February 2018 on her way home in Lagos state. She wrote:

“On my way home yesterday, something terrible happened by our so-called PoliceNG they slapped an Old Woman and a Man and also Used Their Gun to Beat The Driver and also collected 7000 Naira!!!!!! So i stay in Mowe Ibafo, and on my way home, the bus i entered stopped to drop a passenger in Wawa,So he was about to move when a Car stopped in front of us and the driver mistakenly hit the car and started begging,
Well little did we know they are police officers @PoliceNG, they all came down and started beating the driver they even knack the drivers head with their Guns

So a man was trying to beg them…. They came and slapped him.. ImmediatelyAlso an old woman got down to beg them maybe they’ll consider her to stop beating the driver…. They slapped the woman and pushed her she almost fell on the floor!!!!!

When i wanted to record a Man said” if dem born you well make you record anything i go shoot you”So they told us all to get down that they want to drive the car to their Station, we all didn’t get down…. And the man said he’ll Shoot us all and nothing will happen…. He slapped the conductor too Until the man gave him 7,000 What is the country becoming?

We are not safe again!!!!

This is not good at all!!!?!

I know where they came from!!!!”



Condoms Are For Weak Men” – Pretty Igbo Lady Says On Twitter

A young lady simply identified as Onyekachi has got herself trending on twitter following her controversial post earlier today. According to the pretty lady, condoms are for weak men. She took to her twitter account to write; Condoms are for weak ass men, Real men f*ck quickly and pull out before HIV notices….

Twitter users who thought she was joking by the post trolled her online as she trolled them back – telling them she meant what she posted. See different reactions below;

Wow!! Biafran Man Set To Wed Two Beautiful Ladies Same Day In Abia (Photo)

”90% Of Southern Nigerian Women Are Pro$titutes, Runs Girls” – Fulani Man(Photos)