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Curvy Actress, Wows In Hot Bikini (Photos)


The Ghanaian Model and actress who is fond of flaunting her huge derriere on social media is a wonderful sight to behold.

Aisha Buhari Wears N1.6Million Oscar De La Renta Magnolia Guipure Caftan Dress (Photos)

Wife of the President Aisha Buhari wore this $4490 Oscar De La Renta Magnolia Guipure Caftan dress when she received the First Lady of the Republic of Uganda, Janet Museveni who paid her a courtesy visit at

‘Nigerian Men Are Only Romantic When They Haven’t Tasted Your Honey Pot’ – Beautiful Designer Speaks

Nigerian Fashion Stylist Pearl Chidinma Ogbulu, has in a recent interview given the only reason Nigerian men become romantic..

Wow!! Singer Chidinma Rocks New Hairstyle In This Adorable Selfie

What do you think fans? Beautiful yea? 

Oyibo Man Rocks Igbo Outfits To A Dinner Organised By Kanu Nwankwo In Owerri (Photos)


Oyibo man, Mr Mathew McCollister,is in Nigeria for South East Basketball Ball Clinic 2017 organized by the football legend Ambassador Kanu Nwankwo.

To mark the end of the 10 Day SouthEast Basketball Clinic 2017, a dinner was held in Owerri.

The Oyibo man was pictured rocking Igbos outfit at the event.



Hillary Clinton Attends Wedding Wearing Igbo Attire ‘Akwa Ndi Ichie’ (Photos) Hit or Miss?

2016 presidential candidate last Sunday  August 6th attended the  nuptials of campaign supporter Marc Lasry’s daughter Sophie in Newyork wearing a floor-length Tiffany-blue dress.

The 69-year-old seemed to have borrowed a leave from Igbo attire called ‘Akwa Ndi Ichie’ as she paired her ‘Akwa’  with a pair of silver pointed-toe kitten heels, a silver clutch and a pair of large stud earrings.

She arrived with her husband, Bill, who went for a simple, classic look in a black suit with a black tie.

Did she nail the look


Many Hot Photos Of The South African That Doesn’t Wear P@nties (Download Video)


Zodwa Wabantu is a controversial South African socialite who doesn’t wear pant!es. You read that right, she has never been pictured wearing panties.

See more of her photos and crazy video video:

We can’t upload the video here.

Download to Watch ( viewer’s discretion)


Photos: IPOB Male & Female Members Spotted With Biafra Inspired Hairstyle (Hit or Miss?)


See more below



Wow!! Elderly Couple Whose Engagement Photos Went Viral Are Married! (Photos)

Remember the elderly couple 70-year-old Murphy Wilson and 67-year-old Lucinda Myers whose engagement photos went viral recently proving its never too late to find love?

Check Out Beautiful Zulu Girls Going Wild & Displaying their Assets for All to See [DOWNLOAD VIDEO]

It’s not new anymore that Zulu girls now go nu+de all in the name of culture.

Check out this photos and DOWNLOAD VIDEO Below (V!ewer’s D!scret!on)










Nollywood Actress, Chukwuka Rocks a Biafra Themed Bag & Suit (Hit or Miss?)

Actress Ifeyinwa Chukwuka rocks a Biafra made bag


What’s your take?

Hit or Miss?

Slay Queen Blasted After She Posted THIS on Facebook (Photos)

She posted these photos and wrote:


she is called little dove do, you know why? because she is so loveable only her smiles can calm an ocean

see photos below


more photos

Why I Posted My ₦u*de Photos on Instagram – Popular Nollywood Actress

Actress Christabel Ekeh says displaying nude pictures of herself on social media was a way of introducing to the world the “new” Christabel. (SEE PHOTOS HERE)

The actress a few days ago boldly splashed on her Instagram page nude photos of herself in a yoga sitting position and in an almost backflip position.

These pictures which since its posting have attracted a lot of criticism and talk have been taken off the page by the app as well (Instagram).

In an interview with Joy News’ MzGee, the actress admitted, “I noticed the page was taken down but it’s my way of welcoming everyone to the new Christabel”.
When asked who this ‘new Christabel’ was, the actress who has starred in popular movies like ‘potomanto’, and ‘sweet mistake’ answered, “it is whoever you can imagine.”

“That’s why I’m not wearing anything. So whatever you want to wear on me, that’s your imagination”.
Contrary to speculations that the actresses’ account may have been hacked into and the pictures posted by someone else, the actress took responsibility for the act.
She explained that she also “unfollowed” everyone on her Instagram because she wanted to ‘follow’ God and not people.

These recent behaviours of the bubbly actress, coupled with her claim a few weeks ago to have fallen head over heels in love with a man who kidnapped her some months ago have caused the showbiz fraternity to question the actresses’ psychological state.

In answer to these speculations, Miss Ekeh said, “ people are saying this, people are saying that; everybody has their opinion, their own imagination, but I’m fine and I give God all the glory”.

Nig-Ghanaian Actress Breaks The Internet, Goes Completely ₦u*de On Instagram (Photos)

A post made on actress Christabel Ekeh’s instagram account showing her uncl@d buttt with an inscription on it “F*ck U” has been revealed it is truly the young Ghanaian actress.

This has led many of her followers disappointed.
With a few suggesting her account has been hacked, others believe she posted it herself.
This is not the first time Christabel Ekeh has posted such a provocative image via her Instagram account.

However, hours after she made the post which landed in a social media bashing, the actress deactivated her Instagram account .

Check out the photos below

Christabel Ekeh is an actress and a model who was born to a Ghanaian mother and a Nigerian Father, the first of three children.





Tboss Steps Out In A See-Through Outfit That Reveals Her T****S (Photos)

Tboss Steps Out In A See-Through Outfit That Reveals Her Tattoos 


Never knew she’s got a tattoos. And the gal is not wearing panties, but c’mon who cares right? This lady is wild, Wetin conzan me?

See more photos below



Wow!! Tboss Looks Hot In Lingerie, Says “God Was Just Showing Off When He Created Me”

Big Brother Naija Contestant, Tokunbo Idowu aka Tboss rocks a black Lingerie in new photos as she shows off her sexy body.

Hot!! Former Miss World, Agbani Darego, Stuns In Bikini By A Pool Side (Photo)

Former MBGN and the first black person to win the miss world pageant, Agbani Darego was seen bikini clad looking stunning as ever.

How ex Face-of-Igbere Queen, Nelly Mbonu Shut Down Abuja Club on Birthday (Photos)

Queen Nelly Mbonu is a former beauty Queen.

She won the prestigious Face of Igbere crown in 2013.

She celebrated her birthday recently in one of the popular night clubs in Abuja




See photos below

See B00bs! When would Ladies Get Sense, See what This one is Wearing (Fashion madness) PHOTOS

Singer from ghana Sista Afia, was among the host of celebrities that attended WatsUp TV Celebrity Car Race over the weekend in Ghana and was spotted braless in this outfit. Her black waist trainer can be seen under her top though.
Another photo after the cut.


Meet The Nollywood Actress That Has The Longest, Sexiest Tips Ever Seen (Photos)

Up and coming Nollywood actress, Silverline Nancy Onuoha a.k.a Nancy Dive is ready to take the industry by storm with her talent and sexuality.

In an interview with The Vanguard, the Enugu born actress said she has the longest, most tantalising and sexiest Tips ever seen!

“Nollywood is soon going to feel my full glow. AllI have been doing are bits parts, but they should watch out for the real Nancy Dive, that’s my stage name, because I am ready to consume all that comes my way with my talent and sexuality”

The slim, almost flat-chested actress said one of her selling points are her boobs.

“Yes, I have small boobs but my Tips are bombshell. You don’t have to own monstrous boobs to feel you have great boobs. In fact the main treat of a boob is the Tip and I have the longest, most tantalising and sexiest Tips you have ever seen,”

she declared.

What do you think guys??


See Hot Photos Of Pretty Ebony Model That Broke The Internet With Her ‘Juicy Assets’

There is this very fine ebony goddess that has been trending for days now on social media, her body is fire!!!

The question that people have been asking the ladies is can you risk leaving your boyfriend/husband with this girl in a room and trust him not to fall?

Tag guys/men that will fall for this babe without wasting time..

see more photos of this model below

“You’re A Gift To Mankind”: Nig Lady With Huge Backside Causes Commotion Online (Photos)

This endowed Nigerian lady with full identity undisclosed has got the social media buzzing with these appealing photos of her gigantic backside that have left her male followers drooling and swooning.

The Delta based lady calls herself Phat Chyna and as we can see from all her sultry photos… she’s truly Phat!!!

See more of her headache-inducing photos below:

No Pant! No Bra!: See What This Lady Wore Out To Party (Unbelievable) PHOTOS

Her life… Her Rules but common sense ain’t so common after all!
She’s beautiful no doubt but this dressing is certainly ratchet!

Guys Would You Allow Your Girlfriend Or Wife To Wear This Outside? (Photos)


check out what this girl wore to a party  and the girl is really happy about it .
well would you let your girlfriend/wife wear this?



“I Only Rom@nced & You Ate Indomie & Egg”: Man Refuses To Pay Lady Money (Video, Photo)

VIDEO:Drama As Man Refuses To Pay Lady Her Money, Says I Only Romance

This Devilish Trend Will Soon Get To Naija as Tboss Shows Off Her Pierced Tongue. Fashion Or Madness?? (Pics)

BBNaija Ex-housemate, Tokunbo Idowu aka Tboss took to her Instagram to share stunning photos of her new look, as well as to reveal preparation for an upcoming unnamed project.
In the picture she shared, she rocked a white ribbed top and a blue denim trousers and she looks delectably beautiful!
She wrote:

‘Photo shoot for Xxxxxx coming up soon…It was indeed a fantastic day. Glam Squad responsible for all this awesomeness @gabby2856: Hair @jideofstola:FaceBeat @georgeokoro: Photos. They straight up transformed this Queen into a Goddess. You guys are The #AstonishingBossLady#PresidentOfTheBossNation#TheQueenofThePepperThemGang#SittingPretty#BeautyAintJustAboutAPrettyFace#Spread




Why Do Ladies Upload Photos Like This In The Name Of Modeling? (Disturbing Photos)

Misskira is a frontally endowed curvy lady from the United States of America who has been caught

doing the unthinkable to lighten up her Instagram page.

Despite having a baby boy, she has refused to ‘repent’ as she continues to break the

internet with her eye popping photos.

In a recent show, she wore a see-through cloth where she posed without her underwear in a scantily-

clad manner. Her massive pumpkins appear to be her selling point and she has mercilessly paraded them

on her social media page amid mixed reactions from her 30,000 fans and critics.

Click Continue below to see more more eye-popping photos 

You Have Been Doing Press Ups Wrongly The Whole Time (Photos)



Hello my name is Paul Samuel – FitnesDoctor your favorite health blogger..

I came upon a thread which was asking nairalanders to state how many press ups (push ups) they could do before resting. many stated 50, 40 and 30 while others say they wouldn’t go beyond 20 the rest claim laziness grin grin..

Now, I want to share my experience, but first I want to educate you guys about push ups..

Push ups are anaerobic exercises (that is they are not cardio) that work your upper body, mostly the shoulders, chest and arms… Push ups work your upper body, but most people don’t allow it to do its work by the way they go through the push ups..

I remember claiming that I could do 50 push ups and showed up with it, especially when the ladies were around.. Unfortunately my goal to achieve rock hard abs was futile no matter how many push ups, crunches and sit ups I did.. I was just doing the right thing the wrong way.. (you know that push ups make your abs look great).

I started doing push ups the right way and I noticed I wouldn’t even do up to 10 at the first try. My body weakened quickly.. But I noticed my chest pushed up and posture was better when I tried doing it the right way (posture is great for building abs, check the way men with pot belly stand and you will understand why)… It was a lot different…

Up till now, your favorite health blogger – FitnesDoctor cannot do push ups till 30 while doing it the right way…

In my experience, it is not all about moving very fast.. up and down, up and down so fast (it is not an aerobic exercise)… There are hand placements, body alignments, breathing tips, body movements required to get the best out of the exercise….

If you do push ups the right way, you wouldn’t need to go over 40 reps to look good.. Remember push ups are not aerobic exercises so you don’t need to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping before you know that you are doing the exercise real good..


Never, do an exercise because you heard that so many people are dying and exercise can save you.. Do exercises because you want to look good and you will do them the right way and get the best out of them.. This is the reason why some people no matter how they exercise and eat healthy, they don’t live very long or come down with diseases very early… If you are doing it wrong it is the same as someone not doing it at all or worse..

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise



Hot!! Dija Steps Out In Unique Outfit (Photos)

Check Out The Unique Outfit Singer “Dija” Stepped Out In (Photos)

Beautiful Lagos Girl With Big B00bs Opens It For All To See (See Photos)


Beautiful Lagos Girl With Big B00bs Opens It For All on Instagram (Photos)

Aside being the financial hub of Nigeria, Lagos boasts of some of the most beautiful ladies in Nigeria with the kind of swagger that could blow minds. This Instagram goddess has been mesmerizing guys on the popular social media platform with her big bosoms which seem to be her selling point.
She gathers a lots of comments on her page anytime she updates her profile. And we are very certain her DMs will be filled with so much erotic requests from the hungry Lagos Boys.