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Biafra: Amnesty International speak on IPOB, declares group the most peaceful freedom fighters worldwide


The indigenous people of Biafra have just recorded a major boost, as their cries for world attention has been heard, with Amnesty international just responding to the killings in the south-east.

Amnesty International (AI) made it known to the public that it is investigating the clash between the Nigerian Army and the members of the Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in Umuahia, Abia state.

This was made known in a statement on Friday by its Director in Nigeria, Osai Ojigho, said it was deeply concerned with the reports of cases of violence and illegal loss of lives following the clashes, cautioning the Nigerian army on the use of force on what it called armless civilians.

Osai Ojigho said:
“We are deeply concerned about reports of violence and alleged loss of lives across Nigeria following clashes between the Nigerian military and supporters of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Umuahia, Abia state.

Amnesty International (AI) has said that it is investigating the clash between the Nigerian Army and the members of the Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in Umuahia, Abia state.
“We are calling on the authorities to ensure the security forces prioritize the protection of people and avoid excessive force.

“We are investigating all allegations of human rights violations and urge the authorities to investigate and quickly bring those suspected of unlawful killings and other serious violations to justice,” Ojigho said.

Amnesty International recalled that in November 2016, it “published details of an investigation discovering mass extrajudicial executions and other serious violations by the Nigerian security forces during peaceful demonstrations by Biafran activists and other gatherings.

BREAKING!!! IPOB: Buhari Declared ‘Terrorist President’

The embattled pro-Biafra group Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB),Thursday declared the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari a terrorist government.


In a statement by the group’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, described the Nigerian legal system, especially as configured by Buhari and his cacophony of family cabinet as a jungle.

Biafra : IPOB Member Arrested In U.K(Watch Video)

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Ex-minister Pens Touching Words To Nnamdi Kanu, Says He Misses Him(Photo)

Free All Biafran Members In Nigerian Prisons Now-IPOB Task Buhari

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has appealed to the federal government to release without further delay all its members detained in various prisons in Nigeria, as well as those standing trial in courts as a result of their agitation for the creation of the state of  Biafra from Nigeria.

In a  statement obtain by IgbereTv Editor Mr. Chukwu Solomon which were  signed by IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, alleged that  the federal government was not serious about prosecuting their case but preferred adjournments and deferment of cases, government had better allow them to regain their freedom he said.


Citing the many applications by the prosecution, the statement pointed that it seemed the government was trying to frustrate the adjudication of the cases, hence the appeal to release all detained as a result of the agitation.

“Owing to moves by Nigerian government to frustrate, through frivolous applications and adjournments, all pending cases involving IPOB in various courts within and outside Nigeria, we the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, think that the time has come for this Buhari regime to release all those held illegally in detention centres and prisons across the country.

“It is unheard of in the history of the world that a government is seen to be running from their own courts and afraid of legal processes they themselves instituted against a group they labelled a terrorist organisation.

“Normally, a terrorist group or unlawful society would not want to undergo public legal scrutiny but in the case of IPOB, we have offered and have taken this Buhari regime to court to prove that we are a peaceful organisation pursuing our inalienable right to self-determination.

“This Buhari administration is yet to convince the world in an open court of law which part of IPOB right to self determination as presently exercised, is in breach of any known law of the land. It is the Buhari regime that is behaving like terrorists by failing to appear and doing everything they can to frustrate and delay ongoing cases so they won’t be cross examined under oath in an open court.

“Till date the Nigerian government have consistently failed to produce a single witness to testify on their behalf or corroborate their wild accusations against IPOB. In over two years of bringing charges and amended charges against IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu alongside three others (Benjamin Madubugwu, David Nwawuisi and Chidiebere Onwudiwe) and numerous other Biafrans detained across Nigeria on treasonable felony and conspiracy to commit treasonable felony, the Attorney General of the Federation and DSS have not produced a single evidence or material witness to substantiate their allegations that IPOB activities is in any way illegal.

“Instead each court appearance has been turned into a drama session by the prosecution who will either pressure Justice Binta Nyako to adjourn on a flimsy excuse or they simply amend the charge so the case with start afresh. Perversely this abuse of court process has been sanctioned by the Nigerian Judicial Council, NJC, because of their failure to provide adequate protection for their judges handling IPOB cases, from the intimidation of DSS and other government agencies,” the statement posited.

JUST IN!!! Sad News… IPOB Mourns


Emeka Gift Posted:

“Very sad story to IPOB worldwide, we just lost a dedicated sister, a hardcore Biafran, Chimaobi Okafor known as WAKA WAKA BIAFRA.


Those of us who listens to Radio Biafra will know her better. She died after a brief illness. Her death is a very painful one to IPOB worldwide. Goodnight our lovely sister, till we meet to depart no more. Rest in Peace .”

Biafra: ECOWAS Court: A Replica Of Nigeria Appeal Court Of Criminal Conspiracy

Whenever black Africa doubling into thing that ought to be just the reverse always becomes the case. They always try to emulate Western culture but no avail due to inherit wickedness in their blood cell. No West Africa country can be proud of doing well in a global competitive socio-political economy; the sub region is bewildering from chronic corruption spearheaded by political juntas.
Sub regional court (ECOWAS COURT) established to protect common man against violation of human Rights in his host country has turn to be the best option for corrupt totalitarian regime, instead of uphold her integrity within its jurisdiction disgracefully aiding desirable criminal government to perpetuate human rights violation with impunity. Currently the region is comprised of political instability her disdain underdeveloped economic system is unsolved while independent judiciary is only on written document whereas, practically dependable offspring to executive adjudge.
Nigeria as a giant of fraud form a strong alliance in West Africa region to truncate ECOWAS Court of Justice, her corrupt interference in the preceding changes the quick game of justice, continue adjournment of court case before them violate human rights of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra by Buhari’s led regime, their judicial rascality showed they are in unison to conspire against Kanu in particular and Biafra in general.

Human rights case that ought to be giving quick attention to avoid untimely lost of life is playing at the gallery by ECOWAS Court, the unreasonable overdue adjournment has drawn world attention to watch how backward West Africa judges with myopic corrupt instinct in this contemporary world will get away from this high profile case. In actual sense, judges are well respected; their integrity remains a priority to them unlike Africa where bunch of bunko called judges are subject to presidency. Without shred of doubt, Appeal Court and ECOWAS Court of Injustice had consensus to frustrate the judgment with flimsy excuses, buying time for Nigeria government for not having substantial reasoning to further the lost case.
Besides, Archaic analogue judicial system in that contraption called Nigeria exposes their delay tactics, weakness to be just in reversing John Tsoho’s bias ruling to mask witness that was quashed in a first place. Mysterious sudden disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu’s case file was well orchestrated deal to abstain from the case after exceeding statutory stipulated 90 days assigned Appeal Court. Appellate Court that should be a fair play ground indulged in violation of constitution they claimed to be protected, this unacceptable shenanigan cannot be condole by responsible African ECOWAS Court on the other hand, is making it worst only interested in money exchange hand encouraging Executive of government mess the constitution up.

Donald Trump of US President described Africa as a shit hole was as a result of severe maladministration in the continent, West Africa under Buhari’s era turns the sub-region a jungle, his partner Paul Biya, Cameroonian President is taking his footsteps engaging in cannibalism, annihilation and human rights violation of Ambazonians in Southern Cameroon, till date ECOWAS Court in Cameroon has not utter a word to justify their stand and curtail excessive use of political power in the region.

With this method Africa cannot excel in her foreign policy other continent will keep seeing her as a joke, underdevelopment shall forever remains at her corridor until, human rights is respected every human is born to be free Africa judiciary is in a rightful position to maintain serene environment than aiding political upheaval in the system.

By Kelechi Okorie
Writes For TBP
February 15,2018

Published/Edited by Anyi Kings
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Biafra : IPOB Members Protest, Release Doves (Photos)

BREAKING!!! BBC News Igbo Officially Launched in London (Pics)

The BBC news Igbo is now officially here.
It’s so exciting and refreshing to see.
Igbo kwenu.
Kwezuonu o.



My Message To Igbos Over The New Language Law In Lagos (MUST READ)

By: Godwin Uche

The social media is bubbling over a new law passed by the Lagos State house of assembly that made it compulsory for anyone seeking admission into Lagos State University to have a credit or pass in Yoruba language and also for the teaching of Yoruba language in all primary and secondary schools.
Ndi Igbo ibem, what is wrong with the law?
Why the noise?

Mixed Reactions Trails As Biafran Man Burns Bible, Says Is For Good

Only a fool will say in his heart that their is no God. Yet some “confused traditionalist and dibia anya nzu groups hiding under Biafra agitation to create awareness  and probably to radicalize and balkanize  Ndigbo into traditional forms of religion   has taken  it as a burden to criticize Christianity and other religion even to an extend of burning the holy bible in public places.

No wonder  Muslims takes the issues of blasphemy serious. If it were in the Northern parts, those who burn the holy Koran always receives a death sentences.But in Christian religion  reverse is the case simply because christian believes the ideology that vengeance belongs to God and sees shading of blood as a sacrilegious act. But currently, it seems some Biafrans are now abusing such right and privileged.

Is this the teaching of Nnamdi Kanu?

Many people who are not following the trends of activities of IPOB may jump into a conclusion that Nnamdi Kanu is a Jewish radical. Though Nnamdi Kanu practices Jewish religion, yet their had never been a day he insults, castigate, criticize or lure his numerous fans into doing so. In one of Nnamdi Kanu’s presentation on Radio Biafra London before his ordeal, he said and i quote” when Biafra comes, it must accommodate all religion”



After series of investigations and research, i discovers that those who are claiming Traditionalist are mere opportunist, using Biafra and IPOB to create awareness and popularity.

What Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB Must Do

It is time IPOB issues a public ban on all these sadist that derives joy in burning the holy bible. Doing so will strongly affiirms the disassociation of IPOB from the miscreants trying to damage the legacies of   IPOB.

  • Chukwu Solomon, Writes From Ebonyi State





Biafra: IPOB insists court must deliver its judgment despite Kanu’s missing file

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, yesterday asked the Court of Appeal to deliver judgment on its embattled leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, whether his case file was missing or not.

IPOB had raised the alarm over the purported disappearance of the case file of its leader, Mr Nnamdi Kanu at the Appeal Court.

The group said the announcement of the disappearance of the file was a huge joke that further portrayed the rot in the Nigerian Justice sector, while calling on the chief Judge of the federation to step in and salvage what was left of its integrity.

IPOB head of Directorate of Service, Mazi Chika Edoziem, in a statement recalled that the Court of Appeal panel heard Kanu’s matter in March 2017, insisting that any attempt to delay the judgment on the ground of a missing file amounted to perversion of justice and criminal conspiracy.

According to IPOB, never in the history of Nigeria had it been reported that a case file of such magnitude went missing on the day judgment was meant to be delivered.

The statement read: “This very matter, Appeal Case No CA/A/78A/C/2018, which is a legal action against the decision of Justice John Tsoho to reverse himself on an earlier ruling he made rejecting masked witnesses when he was the presiding judge before the matter was transferred to Justice Binta Nyako, is over a year old contrary to the law.

“February 13, 2018 was the day Appeal Court of Nigeria agreed, after much protestation from IPOB lawyers and in direct contravention of a key constitutional provision, to deliver its long overdue judgment in the matter of Nnamdi Kanu vs Justice John Tsoho.

“On getting to court, instead of the usual adjournment that characterizes IPOB cases in Nigeria and ECOWAS courts, the panel of judges announced, to the dismay of the court and others assembled, that the file was not before them.

“Not minding that this was a high profile matter already outside the constitutionally guaranteed three months maximum for delivery of judgment, the lead judge announced that the matter could not proceed, without the case file.

“The questions we are asking are; what happened to the decision of the initial panel that heard the case on the 8th March 2017 considering that Appeal Court of Nigeria is a supposedly competent court of records? Where is the copy of their judgment, because judges must have a copy of their judgment in their own personal files?

“Assuming and for the purposes of benefit of doubt that Kanu’s file is missing, how about the judgment written by the panel of judges that heard the matter on the 8th of March 2017, which they were meant to deliver on the 8th of June 2017 at the very latest as guaranteed by law?

“Does it mean Nigerian courts do not keep records of their judgments or are we to assume that Appeal Court judges are ignorant of the Nigerian Constitution to the extent that they are unaware that the statutory limit on delivery of all Appeal Court judgments is 90 days?

“Why wasn’t judgment in this matter delivered within the constitutionally guaranteed 90 days, which is 8 June 2017? What this case is telling the world is that Nigerian Appeal Court judges do not obey the constitution of Nigeri they are supposed to interpret and uphold.

“We view this ugly development as a desperate conspiratorial move to deny long overdue justice for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB by Nigerian judicial officers on the orders of the Nigerian presidency.

“Our humble request to the President of the Nigerian Judicial Council, NJC, President of the Appeal Court of Nigeria and Attorney General of the Federation, AGF is to recall the original panel of judges that heard the matter on the 8th of March 2017 to deliver their judgment as required by the Nigerian Constitution.”

Far Away in the Sky: A Memoir of the Biafran Airlift

Far Away in the Sky: A Memoir of the Biafran Airlift
By David L. Koren

Capt Augie Martin, I didn’t know him personally. He had flown a Biafran Super Constellation, a Lockheed L-1049G, a Grey Gost, registered by Hank Wharton as 5T-TAG. He crashed on landing at Uli on July 1, 1968.
Manuel Reis, A Portuguese Captain also flying Super Constellation, the Angel of Peace, told me his story. Augie Martin was a 51-year-old African American veteran of World War II. He had been a Tuskeegee Airman with the elite first black squadron of the United States Army Air Corps. He is in this picture with the Tuskeegee Airman. As a child actor, he played the character Buckwheat in the Little Rascals series of films. I remember seeing some of those films when I was a boy.
Martin was flying his Connie out of Lisbon with a cargo and arms for Biafra. Newly married, he had his wife with him. He arrived over Uli in bad weather. Making his aproach, he had to go around. As he was pulling up to go around, he gunned the throttles, and lost two engines. He kept going around on two engines. On his next aproach, he crashed one mile south of the airstrip. The accident investigation found two fuel selector switches in the wrong position. These swiches were a safety measure to prevent running out of fuel on or landing. With the switches in the wrong position, the Connie’s two engines died of fuel starvation.The flight engineer was responsible for those switches.
Martin, his wife and crew were buried in Biafra in a churchyard at Ihala on the aproach to Uli.

Some of the Nigerian’s progrom victims narrates their Own story



The full story of the organised and brutal massacre – Pogrom – of Eastern Nigerians in Northern Nigeria and elsewhere will never be told in our life time. It is an impossible task to recapture in print or even in pictures the cruel fate and agencies of more than 7,000 ordinary men, women and children of Eastern Nigeria origin who were murdered in cold blood by Northern hordes in army uniform.

These gruesome murders and other acts of barbarism – the wanton destruction of lives and property – read like a story from the Dark Ages. But they have happened in this our twentieth century.

This booklet is merely designed to provide general information on the Pogrom. We are not asking for pity or sympathy. Indeed, we are braced to face and conquer the challenge of the future. We believe that the tomorrow we face or the battle for survival will not be won by bullets or by savagery but by brain power, modern skills and the determination to live and succeed. We also believe that out of the carnage and wrecks of the past will emerge a new breed of men and women; resolute, powerful and prosperous.

Lt. Col. C. Odumegwu Ojukwu
Military Governor of Eastern Nigeria


The following are reports by a few of the victims of the September/October 1966 pogroms perpetrated by Northern Nigerians against Easterners. 30,000 people were killed during these pogroms, thousand badly mutilated, and 2 million fled back to the Eastern Region of Nigeria.

MR. J. P. ONANI, a native of Obubra, who had worked in Kano as a clerk for three and half years, says:

“On the 1st of October, at about 6.30 p.m., I was in my house, I heard shooting and so many people shouting in some parts of the streets. As I came out I learnt from a friend that the Nigerian Army and Police were shooting to frighten the Northern civilians but soon after the shooting spread all over the town. I took my family and we ran from our house into a gutter. As we were in the gutter they broke into the house and looted all my belongings. We managed to escape again from the gutter into the bush where we slept for three days because they now entered the gutter and started killing those who escaped from their houses. We saw so many dead bodies lying in the streets as we were running. At the Railway station over 200 people who ran from the town to hide and wait for the Eastern train were killed including Railway workers of Eastern origin.

“After three days when shooting was stopped I took my family along and begged the Manager of the Bank who employed me to allow me to stay with him for one day. He allowed me into his boys’ quarters. I then had information about the Red Cross Society and rushed to their office. We were conveyed in a Police van to the airport where we were flown from Kano to Ikeja in Lagos on Friday 7th October, and two days later we were flown to Enugu.”

MRS. CHARITY NWOSU, of Ibeku, Bende Division, wife of a trader at Jos, narrates:

“About 1 a.m. on Wednesday, 28th September, 1966, I was awakened by a violent stampede and shrill cries that rent the night. On an impulse I opened a window that over-looks my husband’s store. Just across the street I saw a lorry and a crowd of people in front of the store. I knew that all was not well and my mind went immediately to my husband who was sleeping in the store as usual for security reasons. Within seconds the store was forced open and looted and Victor (her husband) was hacked to death. What immediately followed I cannot tell because my mind went blank. That the gang did not descend on me and my children immediately was perhaps an act of God’s grace but I do remember when I regained my senses that I and my children were hiding under a bed in the room of one of the inmates of the house who was a native of the town. In the morning the rioters came back in search of us and when they did not find us in our room they looted our household property, destroying everything. We remained hidden under the bed for two days. On Friday, 30th September, our host lodged a report with the Nigerian Police who later came and conveyed us to the Jos Police Station.”

Tension in Aba: Army Shot Traders After A Soldier was Beaten by Aba Boy (Photos)

Nigerian army allegedly shot two people today in Aba along Uratta junction.According to a report shared by an online user,trouble started when a soldier was seen maltreating a lady hawking local herbs for no just cause.

Biafra: IPOB Reacts to Nnamdi Kanu’s Missing Case File

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Monday raised concerns over the alleged disappearance of the case file of its leader Nnamdi Kanu at Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja.

BREAKING: Nnamdi Kanu’s Court Files Reportedly Missing, Judgment Stalled.

There was  pandemonium yesterday at the Appeal Court sitting in Abuja as Nnamdi Kanu’s case file was reportedly missing.

A source who was present at the court yesterday alleged that the Nigerian DSS are the most likely suspects that may tamper with the file.

she wrote:

*judges can’t explain what happened to the file
*no judge at Appeal Court wants to hear the case,
those that hears the matter before are afraid to
deliver their judgement
*DSS the most likely suspect as they would do
anything to protect their judge John Tsoho. When we thought the judiciary and legal
establishment could not sink any lower in Nigeria, the
impossible has happened. Court of Appeal judges
today sitting in ABUJA today has declared the file of
the leader of IPOB missing/misplaced. It is unheard of
in the history of Nigerian judiciary that a matter coming up for final judgement almost a year after the
appellate court jury adjourned the matter having
heard all the arguments. Not only is the delay by the
Appeal Court illegal and unconstitutional, the conduct
of those that heard and handled this very case is
troubling. We no longer know what to make of the Nigerian Judicial system. This is beyond a joke. The
only thing missing from today’s court hearing is the
proverbial snake because it wasn’t confirmed if the
case file had been swallowed by yet another snake at
the Appeal Court. We are drawing the attention of the civilised world to
the mess the Nigerian judiciary, terrorised by a brutal
dictatorial regime has turned into. Instead of
delivering judgement for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the
judiciary would rather break every constitutional
provision guiding the time line in cases at the Appeal Court. Nnamdi Kanu is in court to challenge the ruling
of Justice John Tsoho when he reversed a ruling he
gave on masking of witnesses in the treasonable
felony trial of the IPOB leader and 3 others. This
matter is one year overdue because the Nigerian
constitution, which judges are meant to interprete and uphold, clearly stipulates that all Appeal Court
judgements MUST be delivered within three months. It
is up to a year without any judgement on this matter
contrary to constitution.

see photos:

“IPOB Boys Were More Dangerous Than The Fulani Herdsmen” – Kemi Olunloyo

Biafra group warns South-East governors against cattle colony

The Biafra Independent Movement, BIM, has warned South East Governors against providing any land for the proposed Cattle Colony in any state of the South-East.

The group said providing land for colony puts Igbos under the Fulani herdsmen’s siege.


This was stated by its Anambra North Coordinator, Chief Vincent Iloh.

BIM noted that the provision of land will be another license to kill more Igbo people, adding that Igbos had businesses and were not funded by the government.

The statement read, “Biafra Independent Movement says no to Cattle Colony in South East and any Biafra land.providing land for the Nigerian Federal Government proposed ‘Cattle Colony’ will be tantamount to putting Biafrans under Fulanil herdsmen siege and perpetual enslavement of Biafra people of Igbo land.

“The Fulani herdsmen have been terrorizing the people of South East and other states of Nigeria, when they have no place called their own in such states; one will then imagine what they will do when lands are provided for them for establishing Cattle Colony, only God will save the people of the state where they will be occupying.

Shocking picture! nursing, pregnant wives of detained IPOB members



Tweet, WhatsApp the Amazing group picture of wives of some detained Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB members, posed while in weekly visit to prisons where their husbands are held.
The picture was released by Gift Amarachi, member of IPOB media team.
It is so unfortunate that Nigerian government is turning some homes in South East as mourning zone where husbands are separated from their nursing wives.
In the picture are nursing mothers with their babies, one pregnant mother. Photo credit: Ibeh Gift Amarachi

IPOB: We are all Biafrans – Ebonyi state declares full support for Nnamdi Kanu



After I listened to the vague argument of Barr. Kenneth Okonkwo and Barr. Felix in AIT on the program the summit with Shola Ajay, that there is nothing like Biafra in Igbo language again that Biafra died with Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, I took some moment to find out if what they argued on is a fact that holds water or not, I was astonished with what I discovered from my fact finding tour. Indeed, I came to discover that we are all Biafrans.

In other to clear my little doubt, I took some time to visit the newspaper stand where third class citizens who are the real Biafrans can be located; what I discovered was one of the kind that some people may find difficult to believe as the main fact. I discovered that all the persons who were in those places are all Biafrans despite their arguments and different ways of understandings. I was encouraged to be told that those who oppose Biafra restoration struggle are not truly of Biafrans, they maybe those after their stomach or perhaps looking for little political appointment.

From my fact finding mission, I came to understand that there are many people who want Biafra to be restored as soon as possible than the hard-core identified members of IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, these set of people are very good in information gathering and dissemination, both from Radio Biafra, Biafra Television and other foreign and local media such as NTA, AIT, VOA, they are good friends of the social media as well and they specialize in breaking the current news and information about Biafra and Nigeria across Africa and the world entirely.

What caught my imagination was the fact that these people did not identify with any unity or zone of IPOB family in the struggle for Biafra restoration as to channel their contribution in a rightful manner not to talk of being hard-core members of but they control a lot of audience and listeners in the newspaper stand and vendor’s shops.

From this tour I equally gathered we are all IPOB, but some choose not to formally identity with the group under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to some intangible reasons best known to them while many have already identified formally to make their meaningful contributions to restore Biafra the kingdom of God on earth, we all need Biafra because the predicament of Biafrans in the hands of Nigeria has gone beyond control.

Some people belong to groups that do not have in mind to restore Biafra rather to restore their pocket and bank accounts with the resources from the people men like Uwazurike, Kenneth Okonkwo, and Barr. Felix who will oppose the restoration of Biafra due little non lasting favour from the evil Nigeria government and her politicians.

There is a big need for all and sundry, men and women of goodwill to come together and identify with the real group that wants to get Biafra restored, it is high time we put our eggs in one basket and guard it properly to avoid falling, so that we can easily achieve our goal of Biafra restoration; division cannot give us Biafra but together we will do exploit and there is no better time to do this than now, identify with the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) the right group and channel your contribution to the appropriate direction where it will make more meaningful and impartation to enhance the struggle for Biafra restoration even as we are looking forward for a referendum conduction.

We must embark on serious evangelism and soul winning campaign among us especially in rural areas and cities around Biafra land and beyond more than ever before because we must carry everybody along; no one will be left behind.

Written By:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

IPOB Brother from Japan, donates Food Items to the Family of a detained Biafran activist

An IPOB Brother from Japan, donates Food Items to the Family of a detained Biafran activist, in PortHarcourt Maximum Prisons.

Mrs Enam David the Wife to an Akwa-Ibom IPOB detained victim, was overwhelmed with joy, over the abutment granted to her, by The Indigenous People Of Biafra under the Leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and promised to always be of monumental support to the vision of not just her husband, but the entirety of Biafrans towards Biafra restoration.


Ibeh Gift Amarachi reporting For Family Writers




This man always has his people in mind, do you know where this picture was taken, I presume some of you don’t know but I will tell you, this photo was taken in one of the Asian country he visited when he was In abroad and he sat down and was looking how the place he was organized and how prosperous and safe their country were, how human being are been valued and how rule of law is been respected, how the citizens of that nation is nurtured, but he kept thinking what does this people have that we don’t have in Biafra land where I came from,???

The more he is soliloquizing on this questions he asked himself, he became angry immediately just take a look at the picture very well you understand what I am saying. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu loves Biafrans more than the parents that gave birth to him, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu love Biafrans more than his Wife, Children, and family members.

To hit the nail directly, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu I know and whom I have burned my data on YouTube listening to his past broadcast, stayed with him in his Parlour in his father’s compound and sees the way he welcomes Biafrans as if there are his children is ready to sacrifice all his family members including his life for Biafrans provided Biafra is restored.

So Soj aka Soldiers of justice leave this young, vibrant man alone and get us Biafra on your roadmap we will all celebrate with you because we are all Biafrans despite our differences, But as for now we are under oath and by virtue of that oath we are instructed by Chukwu okike abiama always to take command from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Omenka afuru na anya one of Biafra Land. Note that word “Always” And some of you ranting he ran away, I laugh at you people because all of you are just jealous of his progress so far without a single gunshot.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was in the in the Zoo federal high Court and said Buhari is a mad man that he can’t jail him and didn’t happen, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that went to Ebony state on his way he was blocked severely by the Zoo security agencies but when he step out from his vehicle and marched like the izuogu masquerade to where those fools used their Hilus to Block his entrance to Ebony state why did they removed it and get their useless self out of the way for the mighty iroko of our time to pass. and he was without guns and bullets when all this happened let alone when we have those things at hand.

Mazi Nnamdi has the life of all Biafrans bestowed in him anything that happens to him happens directly to you, if you like bean IPOB member or not, when the time comes you will understand that he is also with your life wherever he might be, so keep on ranting he ran away, your own life is in danger. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the great I am loyal to your royalty, please anything for your boy All hail Biafra.

By Nnamdi Obi

Mr. Nnamdi Obi writes for BiafraPost
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IPOB Germany family Member stormed Biafra land to visit Biafra detainees and injured victims in Biafra land


The Hardcore Biafran by name, Mazi Emeka Biafra visited and accorded the Sum Total of #55,000 to IPOB detained victims in Aba Prisons and also their Pregnant and Nursing Wives.
The benevolence was also extended to Three Operation Python Dance Victims residing in Rivers State, as #30,000 was given to them.
The victims wholeheartedly appreciated the benignity showered on them, by the Biafran activist and
vowed never to capitulate, but shall remain resolute until Biafra is restored.
Ibeh Gift Amarachi reporting For Family Writers

Herdsmen Killings, Strong Warning To Ohanaeze, South East Governors – IPOB

Benue massacre: Buhari sending Fulani soldiers to protect herdsmen, kill state people – IPOB Blast Presidency

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has alleged that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government deployed Fulani soldiers to Benue State to protect herdsmen and not people of the state.

IPOB said the deployment of Fulani soldiers was to “hoodwink the masses” into thinking that the current government is serious about fighting the crisis the govetnment created.

In a statement by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, the pro-Biafra group maintained that the the deployment of troops to Benue State was “not real.”

The statement reads, “The deployment of troops to beleaguered Benue communities is a fraud designed to hoodwink the masses into thinking that this Buhari administration is serious about fighting the menace of Fulani herdsmen which they created through their policy of acquiescence and appeasement. An Australian Islamic cleric a few days ago summarized governance in Nigeria by tagging this Buhari regime a terrorist administration.

“This is from the mouth of an Islamic cleric not IPOB. These so called troops allegedly deployed to Benue are all staffed by Fulani officers who as usual will provide protection and cover for the tribesmen who are doing the killing. The world witnessed the same scenario in Southern Kaduna in 2016\17 or we have, suddenly forgotten. Did Nigerian Army not supply murderous Fulani herdsmen with arms with which they massacred and sacked non Muslim villages in Southern Kaduna?

“This government is currently in the midst of deceit but unfortunately some people are being taken in by their lies. It took pressure from all over the world to get this administration to agree to this paper deployment because we know it’s not real. A non violent organisation like IPOB had Operation Python Dance unleashed on the entire South East and South South with active connivance of Igbo politicians and Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership.

“Have you heard a single word of condemnation from any Hausa Fulani governor or Arewa Consultative Forum against these killer herdsmen? The answer is a capital NO. Maybe there is a lesson here to be learned by Igbo politicians and Ohaneze Ndigbo.

“The best remedy for the murderous mayhem of Fulani terrorists is to divide Nigeria. Anybody still habouring the hope of one united prosperous Nigeria is living in a fools paradise. Unfortunately this belatedly announced Operation Cat paws or whatever they named it, to deal with a band of hardened state sponsored terrorists is totally meaningless. People will continue to die needlessly until Nigeria is divided.”



Now before you (the Igbo/African Christian) begin to tear yourself apart on this, I would want us all to pay attention and take these lessons of our history. If you must understand why the Igbo practice Christianity as opposed to Odinani, you must do your best to trace back to when it all started and how it all started. This is not an attack on Christianity as presently practiced by the Igbo – No. This is me educating you on why a good number of Ndi Igbo refused to become Christians and have remained with the ways of their ancestors (Odinani).
The Igbo people met the Europeans face to face in the nineteenth century and that collision was to change the Igbo history (both culturally and religiously).


Although European slave traders had exported a great number of Igbo people from the Bight of Biafra to Europe, up until 1830, no European had penetrated the Igbo hinterlands. And so after the abolishment of slavery, Europe and America realized they needed other sources of economic interests in Africa; this drove them to venture into the Igbo interior. Between 1832 and 1854, expeditions up the Niger River risked devastation tropical disease, but they continued despite these risks.
The forceful introduction of Christianity to the Igbo cannot be separated from the quest of the British to annex the Igbo land; first as a business colony and then a political one. The traders made up their minds to control the trade along the Niger, which certain Igbo towns sat along. The British traders signed a merger in 1879 which resulted in the formation of the Royal Niger Company – a company whose forces and influence was vital in the suppression of the Igbo. To defend their position against the French traders and other British newcomers who had taken positions on the Niger, the company decided to seek a Royal Charter. They also started to conclude treaties with the Igbo and other African people living on the different parts of the river. According to these treaties/agreements, the Igbo communities accepted the sovereignty of the company, although it was clear that the Igbo signatories were not aware of the full implications of what they signed. Some of the treaties which gave the British trading companies control over the Igbo were also deliberately forged. But knowing full well that these papers which gave away certain rights of the Igbo were forged, the British consul went ahead and signed them. Oh what treachery!!!

Increasing European demand for palm oil and an expanding African demand for imported European goods encouraged the British to establish trading posts in Agbor/Aboh (in present day Delta state), Onicha (Onitsha), and Lokoja in 1857. Satisfied with the booming trade, a couple of Igbo communities welcomed European traders and missionaries to come and live among them (that was the Igbo mistake). But these friendly relations began to crumble during the depression of the palm oil business that followed in 1875. The drop in palm oil price and rise in the price of European manufactured goods led to trade disputes between the Europeans and the Igbo. Igbo chiefs collected tolls, duties or tributes to maintain the peace along the Niger River and the surrounding mainland. European traders paid these tolls initially, but when British gunboats began to patrol the river in the 1880’s, the Europeans arrogantly refused to pay their tolls. They made excuses about the chiefs not been able to provide enough security; so that led to the chiefs relaxing security. There was then an increase of robbery cases on European trading posts and vessels.
The British first act of terrorism was registered on the October of 1879. Following a report of mistreatment of British citizens, as a result of trade disputes, the British war office authorized Captain Burr to bombard Onicha (Onitsha). Mind you, Onicha was a town of armless civilians. But because the British people saw themselves as Gods, they went ahead to lay siege to a town of innocent Igbo people, just because a few British men were attacked in a quarrel (not killed). After bombarding Onicha for two days (in a manner akin to the Islamic State Militants of Today), Captain Burr led his men into the town and destroyed every object they could find. What other words could be used to describe this act if not terrorism. The warriors of Onicha fought back but were no match for the better-armed British, who were out to kill and dominate. And in 1883, three British warships shelled Agbo (Aboh) and killed its citizens, on the grounds that some Agbo citizens had attacked a British citizen. Of course, who would be silent in the face of bullying, which was the attitude of the British traders/citizens in Igbo land? They saw themselves as lords over the Igbo (Africans).
Now because the British army had succeeded in scaring the trading towns into partial submission by brute force, the missionaries in turn demanded for military security. Protecting the missionaries was more tactical than the traders. The Christian missionaries carried their propaganda into the heartlands and hinterlands of Igbo land, provoking indignation among the inhabitants. These missionaries were the first to venture deep into the Igbo villages; and their ignorant and biased opinions of the Igbo ways of worship were what set the tone for the British ambition to rule and to decimate Igbo religion. In light of the foregoing, Chinua Achebe said: “… The Igbo had adopted a conciliatory stance in their early dealings with the missionaries, because the Igbo religion was pacific and the Igbo themselves respected the religious views of other people. The Igbo usually listened patiently to the Christians and then expected the missionaries to pay equal attention to their own viewpoints. Some Igbo saw the missionaries as essentially harmless, and shrugged at the uncomprehending priests who fraternized with outcasts and gainlessly occupied themselves with preaching.” It is recorded that most missionaries painted ghastly pictures of Igbo society, which they sent back to Europe and incited European governments and traders against the Igbo.
The British colonial agents raided more villages in the guise of protecting the missionaries. They did these without recourse to how the proud Igbo natives would feel. They treated the Igbo man like a spineless sheep. But they never for once thought that the Igbo man would defend himself and his religion. The missionaries were emboldened by fierce British military presence, and so they intensified their assault and attack on Igbo customs. They saw their brutality as just; they referred to their campaign as a fight against darkness. Their misunderstanding of Igbo tradition was enough conviction for them to lay siege on a tradition which was over 5,000 years old – a tradition which had sustained the Igbo people. It took the Igbo a long while to realize that the missionaries were more dangerous than they appeared. In Obosi, the chiefs accosted Bishop Crowther and protested the pulling down of their objects of worship and shrines by the Christians. The Christian converts were demanded to confess the wrongs done to the Igbo Gods, pay for the damage, and promise not to repeat those wrongs again. In Illah and other villages to the South, the Igbo in defense of their religion, tradition and lives, burnt down churches and drove the Christians away. At that juncture, the Igbo felt betrayed and started to fight back. They had to repel the terrorists at their gates.
The Igbo decision to defend their age long religion and tradition from the abusive Christian missionaries led to more violence and attacks from the British army. The British army, under the Royal Niger Company, attacked various Igbo communities in guise of protecting the missionaries. Incited by missionary complaints that the people of Asaba still practiced human sacrifice, the company forces raided Asaba in 1888 and destroyed half of it. This type of careless attacks and oppression was to be recorded in various communities in Igbo land. The British, who nursed dreams of annexing Igbo land (politically), used the missionaries to infiltrate the Igbo. They used the Christian missionaries to decimate and terrorize the resilient Igbo into being Christians. If the missionaries had gone about their teachings and allowed a majority of the Igbo to accept Christianity on their own terms, then maybe we could attribute the Igbo conversion to the Biblical Holy spirit. But in this case it was not – the Igbo were shelled, bombarded, killed and terrorized by the missionaries and British soldiers.
In conclusion, it is my opinion, and born of actual facts that Christianity was forced on the Igbo. No wonder there are still pockets of resistance to the European fangled version of Christianity that was brought to Igbo land.

Breaking News: Court Strikes Out All Charges Against Cross- Rivers IPOB State Coordinator




The Cross Rivers State Magistrate Court, has struck out all Charges against Frank Ezenta the IPOB Coordinator, Cross Rivers State Chapter, who was released on Bail on the 12th day Of December 2017.

The Two Ungrounded charges include;
(I) That you Frank Chukwuka ‘m’ assumed the position of Leader/Coordinator of Cross River State Chapter of Indigenous People Of Biafra proscribed by the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

(II) That you Frank Chukwuka ‘m’ in the Calabar Magisterial District, did showcase yourself as a member of Indigenous People Of Biafra otherwise known as Biafra Independent Movement proscribed by the President of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

IPOB Legal Counsels have been on ardent defence of the accused Frank Ezenta, as he appears in Court to face the baseless charges tagged on him, by the Nigeria Government.
The Charges were struck out, when the prosecuting counsel repeatedly failed to provide an evidential fact backing the charges against the accused, as demanded by the Court and Defending Counsel.

IPOB Legal Team will sheathe or retract over the release of every illicit detained Biafran activist, whose only crime is exercising their right to Self Determination, in accordance with the United Nations Charter and even Natural Law, until they all regains freedom.

Ibeh Gift Amarachi reporting For Family Writers

Biafra Case in America: US Rejects Nigeria’s Defence of Immunity

The counter Motion was necessitated by a motion filed by defence lawyers to dismiss the suit based on grounds that included the act of state doctrine, lack of jurisdiction and sovereign immunity.

IPOB drags General Buratai, Governor Ikpeazu, 14 others to US court, reason will shock you

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has dragged 16 Nigerian officials to a United States District Court for the District of Columbia for their alleged direct or indirect complicity in the alleged extrajudicial killings of its members/Biafrans who had launched peaceful protests in the wake of arrest and detention of its leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
The officials are: Tukur Yusuf Buratai; Lawal Musa Daura; Ibrahim Attahiru; M.I. Ibrahim; Kasim Umar Sidi; Issah Maigari Abdullahi; Solomon Arase; Ibrahim Kpotun Idris; Okezie Ikpeazu; Willie Obiano; Habila Hosea; Peter Nwagbara; James Oshim Nwafor; Hosea Karma; Bassey Abang; and Johnson Babatunde Kokomo.
The suit is grounded on two muscular United States’ statutes; the Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA or ATS – the Alien Tort Statute); and the Torture Victims Protection Act (TVPA).
Both laws have extra-territorial reach, meaning that they allow US federal courts to assert long-arm jurisdiction that extends beyond the borders of United States.
Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) provides that ‘the district courts shall have original jurisdiction on any civil action by an alien (foreigner) for a civil wrong committed in violation of the law of nations or a treaty of the United States’. Since 1980, courts have interpreted this statute to allow foreign citizens to seek remedies in US courts for human rights violations for conduct committed outside the United States.
Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991 is a statute that permits civil suits in the United States against foreign individuals who – acting in an official capacity for any foreign nation – committed torture and/or extrajudicial killings.
According to IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, in the suit, IPOB lawyers argued that ‘The factual case against the Defendants is convincing. The world already knows of the widespread beatings and slaughter of protesting IPOB family members by elements of Nigerian security forces at various locations after the arrest of our leader. Amnesty International and other credible foreign sources have confirmed these killings and torture’. Those reports were filed in Court”.
“Beyond the latest processes, and at the ensuing trial, Buratai, Ikpeazu, Obiano and others will be required to personally appear before the US court to testify under oath and probing cross-examination that will dwell on the details of the IPOB killings and the complicity of other unnamed Nigerian officials”.
“In a counter Motion filed on February 6, 2018, the US-based lawyers for the Biafran plaintiffs (IPOB) who brought suit against some Nigerian officials have strongly urged a United States federal court to proceed to trial on the merits, stressing the damning fact the the US State Department has rejected a request from the Buhari-led Nigerian government for the State Department to intervene and stop the suit based on the sovereign immunity defense”.
“At Page 4 of the 35-page Motion obtained by IPOB, our lawyers stated that “Despite an overture by the Government of Nigeria, the United States Department of State has refrained from suggesting any Defendant is immune from Plaintiffs’ TVPA claims under federal common law or otherwise. Neither has the State Department suggested that any Defendant is a head of state in Nigeria”.
“The counter Motion was necessitated by a motion filed by defence lawyers to dismiss the suit based on grounds that included the act of state doctrine, lack of jurisdiction and sovereign immunity. Dr Bruce Fein and associates, lawyers to IPOB argued in-opposite that such defenses are not allowed under the Statutes upon which the suit was brought”.

“IPOB’s counsel also argued that defence Motions are questionable because the defense lawyers are, before the court, fighting amongst themselves as to who should be recognized to represent the defendants. Abia state governor Okezie Ikpeazu and Willie Obiano of Anambra State hired two law firms each and both sets of lawyers were fighting as to who will represent them in court”
“We are not relenting in our pursuit of those responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent Biafrans,” Powerful stated.