Leaders of Bende Anglican Communion Visit Ben Kalu, Hail Partnership with the Church(Photos)

The Leaders of Bende Anglican Communion have paid a courtesy visit to Chief Benjamin Kalu, the APC candidate for the House of Representatives, Bende Federal Constituency yesterday at his country home in Bende, Abia State.

Igbere TV reports that Kalu was elated by the visit, stating that as a God fearing man, the church is his first constituency.

Anglican leaders praying for Benjamin Kalu

He went on to lament that going around Bende, the same problems which existed 16 years ago still exist today. He stressed that beyond law making, the most important demand placed on the Office of the Representative is the representative function. Further stating that following the example of Dr. Sam Mbakwe, the weeping Governor, who achieved a lot for his people, he would be known as the weeping representative if elected into the House of Representatives. Chief Kalu, emphasized his willingness to leverage all the powers and accesses of the office of the representative to knock on all doors and to lobby for the development of Bende.

On the question of his plans for the church as an important sector of the communities in Bende, he informed the venerables of his vow with God to hold a yearly interdenominational crusade in Bende once elected in to office because he that wins souls is wise and he that turns many into righteousness shall be like the stars forever.

Citing the scriptural authority that when the righteous is in power, the people rejoice, Chief Kalu implored the church to come out to fully endorse a candidate because participating in the democratic process is the only way the church can present the righteous to be elected so that the people can rejoice.


He promised that from his constituency allowance there would be an allocation for the church.

Stressing that you can’t talk about the development of a community without the church.

The spiritual leaders commended BenKalu for partnering with the church saying, “a great man is not great because of his physical wealth but because of his impact to society.”

The Anglican leaders held their hands in prayers for BenKalu, pledging to continue to pray in support of him.