REVEALED!!! “Why Prof Yemi Osinbajo Should Resign”

Prof Yemi Osibanjo has dropped the final card, the ethnic card is one which only desperate politicians use, I remember meeting with him in November last year where we deliberated on very important national issues but I noticed we were all Christians.

It’s quite unfortunate that the ruling party does not have projects and results to use to campaign but rather would resort to using ethnicity in our already dangerously divided nation.


A man of Osibanjo’s credentials should never been seen peddling such garbage, the nation today is in desperate need of a true visionary leader not some ethnic jingoistic individuals, presidency 2023 should never even be in the bargain for now, but it’s obvious they don’t care, it’s to them about power and who sways it.

I am disappointed in the person of Yemi Osibanjo, a supposed pastor who suddenly has become a tribalistic politician who sees nothing wrong with his decapitated administration that is being controlled by two individuals which him and the president cannot control.


He is a man that should stand up for the new generation, lead by example but unfortunately he got consumed by the flames of power and the luxuries of office, he goes from market to market in attempt to deceive gullible market women and use the pictures ad videos for political optics, yet the business of governance is unattended to.

The trader Moni is one that would come back to haunt Oluyemi Oluleke Osibanjo for the remainder of his life, you created poverty and use the same poverty as a weapon of war against the innocent people, you deceive them with 10,000 that cannot buy you recharge card for a week, what in the world could explain wickedness more than that singular act? Why not create an enabling environment for the children of these poor women to get productive jobs and look after their parent?

The man who was a shining star of this administration has just thrown it all away, it’s unfortunate that he still speaks on pulpit in the name of Christ.

Vice President Yemi Osibanjo should apologize to Nigerians and take the path of honour, it’s obvious he no longer have the intention to serve the country but the Yoruba tribe, which contradicts his oath of office.

At this moment we need men who would unite the country not those who want to devide it. Someone like Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim.

Written by Mathias Tsado