JUST IN! Herdsmen Describe Anti-grazing Law as a Time Bomb

The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, an umbrella body for herdsmen, has described the anti-grazing law as a time

bomb. At a press conference in Kaduna on Monday, the group said the law is an attempt to destroy means of livelihood of herders.

The anti-grazing law is currently operating in Benue state, following the clashes between farmers and herdsmen. States like Taraba and Plateau are considering enacting the law.

Abdullahi Bodejo, national president of the association and Sale Alhassan, its secretary, called on the inspector-general of police (IGP) to provide security for herdsmen.

“The grazing law agenda is destroying herders means of livelihood and we are appealing for immediate intervention to safe the Fulani pastoralist from the total destruction of their means of livelihood by current trends from some state governors enacting segregational anti-grazing law which targets primarily at the economic livelihood of the herders,” Bodejo said.


“We are completely opposed to the anti-grazing law and we are worried on the possible crisis that may emerge if such laws are allowed to take effect.

“It is a negative law because it attempts to expel herdsmen from their grazing areas for ages, besides, that of Benue anti grazing law, no herder was involved during the cause of its preparation to get their input.

“To us, ensuring security of citizens should be the priority of governance, but this anti grazing law is nothing but a time bomb if not addressed with wisdom.

“It is a national challenge that requires a national interventions by the government, because it is capable of creating serious conflicts on the land resources. He also debunked reports that there were plans by herders to attack Benue communities.

“We have continued to appeal to our members to be law abiding and I want to say categorically that the rumours that herdsmen are planning to attack communities in Benue state is not true and must be ignored by well meaning Nigerians,” he said.

“We will continue to support federal government policies on crop and animal farming, particularly on the agro rangers which is aimed at providing security for all categories of farmers.”