ASUU Strike Who Is To Blame? Fact Check On History And Origin Of Their Strikes

By Tetehjewels:

The first ASUU strike to hold in Nigeria was in the year 1999 (lasted for 5 months) when Obasanjo and Atiku were in power. That was when ASUU start demanding for money from FG.

The second strike was in 2001 lasted for (3 months) still when Obasanjo and Atiku were in power. They
failed to meet their demands.

The third strike was in the year 2002 (lasted for 2 weeks) still in Obasanjo’s regime. Who is to blame?

In 2003 ASUU went on their fourth strike still in Obasanjo’s regime. Don’t you think it’s fair to blame
that regime for deceiving ASUU?

ASUU’s fifth strike was in 2005 (lasted for 3 days) still in Obasanjo’s regime.

In 2006 ASUU held (1 week) warning strike. It was in Obasanjo’s regime.

In 2007 ASUU’s 7th strike held (lasted for 3 months). I see nothing wrong if I blame Obasanjo/’yaraduwa.

In 2008 ASUU held their 8th and 9th strike (each lasted for one week) that was when Umaru Musa ‘yeraduwa was president.

In 2009 ASUU’s 10th strike held (lasted for 3 months). ‘Yaraduwa is paying for Obasanjo / Atikus regimes crime.


The ASUU’s 11th strike held in 2010 (lasted for 5 months one week). That was when Dr. Goodluck ebele Jonathan was president after ‘yaraduwa’s death in 2009. Who is responsible?

In 2011 ASUU’s 12th strike held (lasted for 3 months ended 2012) that was when Jonathan was in power. Who was the cause of all this?

in 2013 ASUU held their 13th strike (lasted for 5 months 15 days). It was in Jonathan’s regime.

It was in 2017 that ASUU went on their 14th strike (lasted for 1 month 6 days) that was when General Muhammadu buhari was president.

Now ASUU are on their 15th strike which is still ongoing (for more than 24 days) it is in Buhari’s

“Its unfair to Punish Mr. A for a crime committed by Mr. B”. This story started long ago and I think Obasanjo /Atiku were the originator of this problem because if they were very kind enough to meet their demands then, they wouldn’t have been on strike today.

Their successor was ‘yaraduwa. If he had managed to
settle them, maybe they wouldn’t have been on strike till date. If Jonathan Ebele Goodluck had even once tried to meet their demands after he took over power in 2009 they wouldn’t have been on strike today.

Now its buhari’s regime, and honestly he shouldn’t be punished for an atrocity committed by his predecessors. But we are optimistics that he will not match their footsteps and end this recurrent strikes which began with Obasanjo and Atiku.

The very first government which originated these strikes did not do well at all.

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