Mbaka /Peter Obi Saga : “This Is Very Simple” (Must Read)

Written By Gabriel Emmanuel

This is very simple..

The church is doing harvest and bazaar, you were invited as a special guest. NOTE: FOR MONEY,. Then you came and started playing politics ,and he even did a mini campaign . You should know Mbaka to be a no nonsense man, he told him to his face, simple.


If Obi knew he wouldn’t donate, then why honor the invitation?? He should have given an excuse, just like orji uzor kalu did.

Obi came and even campaigned, and ended up not doing the main reason he was invited…

You don’t play with people’s intelligence.

Okay for those that don’t know the meaning of bazaar.

Now what is Bazaar?

Church bazaar is usually held to raise funds for the church. Someone is usually appointed to plan the event or volunteers organize the church bazaar and plan for a fun-filled time.

So what is wrong with all this illiterate social media propagandist. Smh 🙄

Was Fr. Mbaka the first person to organize bazaar in the church? Why is it painful to people in everything this man does? Smh🙄

Bishop David oyadepo, pastor Adeboye and co owns private jet and their church members can’t even afford public airline… let me not talk of airline, many can’t even afford bicycle yet nobody will question them, because it’s Fr. Mbaka, even those that don’t know what to say still open mouth to talk and comment rubbish because they have mb to comment. Smh🙄

Beware of the man who has nothing to lose, for he has only to gain. God has already blessed fr. Mbaka and the world should understand that…

I have said my own… if u all his social media political propagandist that don’t even know the root of things in Nigeria don’t like it go and argue with ur village people.

Long live adoration ministry…..

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