Bende 2019: Chima Anyaso, a Call for Order – Okiyi

By Ndukwe Okiyi

Following various publications and pronouncements that the Flag-bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Bende Federal Constituency Seat, Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso has secretly promised to work for the All Progressive Congress, it is pertinent to address this issue as a keen political observer especially in relation to the happenings in Abia State. My first call was to find out the source of the information and the veracity of what has been dispensed to the public.

First, let’s try to look at it from this angle. Let’s assume that Dr. Anyaso actually met Chief Orji Uzor Kalu; what would have been the outcome of the meeting? Would he voluntarily mortgage his future, name, integrity and political future because of a single meeting? Would there be any unusual political maneuvering to shape things in favour of OUK even as a flag-bearer of an opposition party? Some of these questions need answers and they will point us to facts which show the true position of things.

Dr. Chima Anyaso

Except something out of this world is about to occur, no man can truly move the destiny of PDP single-handedly into the hands of APC no matter the clout he claims to possess. Nothing can be as shocking as forgetting that we have enjoyed about 2 decades of democracy so we have an idea of what can be based on the reality of the Nigerian political system.

My underground investigation showed that there was no time he travelled to Germany to meet with the Senatorial Flag-bearer of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief Orji Uzor Kalu. His trip to Germany was to receive a humanitarian award based on some of his philanthropic initiatives.
It is very unfortunate that we have few groups with the right professional approach in regards to working for the goodwill of the people. Most are driven by money and not passion. They peddle stories without investigating for concrete proof. Most of their report is watery and financially biased.


I need to advise these ill-minded individuals that real politicking involves gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting views, working for the peace and prosperity of the led and not resorting to vain accusations just to score cheap political points.

It should not be a matter of debate that a democratic system is one that exists primarily to protect, provide basic goods and services and increase the quality of life of every member of the society it serves. This should be our focus at this time as the election year draws close and not to heat up the polity with unfounded allegations.
In this light, I need to talk about some of the pressing issues affecting the Nigerian political system. The goal is to enable every committed nation builder to know the role they must play in order to build a better Nigeria.

Rigidity or liberalism does not make an ideal Nigerian leader of today; but the consistent application of socio-economic and political policies for national unity and stability by the leadership is what the country needs. This is precisely the character and leadership quality that Dr. Anyaso represents.

Amiable, focused, and patriotic, Anyaso leaves nobody in doubt over his accomplishment as a consummate business man, and as a catalyst of cohesion both home and abroad.

Nigeria has been led into socio-economic and political calamities in the past by some all-assuming and unpatriotic leaders.

Primordial considerations like religion, ethnicity, and geographical proximity to crude oil resources should not be allowed to determine the next set of Nigerian leaders. Rather, the ability to provide meaningful development across the Federation through which the fears and feelings of maginalization among different groups can be allayed and put permanently to rest, should be the parameter for electing the next political leaders come 2019.

Let us join hands with a progressive who is set to bring new ideas that will better the lot of his constituents. This is the mandate of the hour; it is our time for positive transformation.

Ndukwe Okiyi writes from Lagos

Dr. Chima Anyaso

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