2019: “It’s Benjamin Kalu’s Time” – Bende Constituent

An indigene of Bende Federal Constituency, Sunday Uche has said that the candidate of APC for the constituency in the 2019 election Chief Benjamin Kalu is the candidate to beat in the election slated to take place next year.

In an article, he emphasised that the founder Benjamin Kalu Foundation is fully prepared and qualified to represent the constituency. He added that the opposition parties are aware that Benjamin Kalu will win.

Kalu getting a hug from one of his supporters

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They say they are young we say he is not old, he is fit, prepared, ready and matured enough for the job of representing Bende Federal Constituency 2019.

We caught hold of him while on holidays in the beautiful Sydney Australia and this is what he had to say;


“ my people and my communities mean a lot to me and to fight for them, you need he adequate fitness both mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually.

A moment to seek God’s face for “though the horses are made ready for the day of battle, victory is of the lord”. “ for it is not of him the willeth or of him that runneth but of Him that showeth mercy”. “It is not of him that Soweth of him that waterth but of Him that giveth the increase” for as believers “ it is in Him we live , move and have our being”. Finally and like you are aware, “ promotion does not come from the east or west, it comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth, who will keep turning and turning till whose turn it is.

I am convinced beyond doubt that our turn has come and that’s why your favours, prayers and support have been turned towards securing this victory in few months. I may not know the big names or have all of them behind this project but He that is with us is greater than he that is in the world and when a man’s ways pleases the lord he causes even his “enemies” to be at peace with him. Even my brothers and fathers in PDP are aware that it is Benjamin Kalu’s turn now.

Let’s strive beyond hope.”