Bishop R@pe Relative, Arrested By Police And This HAPPENED

Bishop R@pe Relative, Arrested By Police And This HAPPENED

A s*x hungry bishop who was accused of defying an under aged  relative has been released on bail bond.

The 49-year-old Bishop  was arrested last month in Hofmeyr, Eastern Cape, South Africa, where he is also facing a case of indecent assault.


Regarding the rape charge, he allegedly forced himself onto a relative, now 18, in 2015.The bishop’s first bail application was denied two weeks ago, after he said he wanted to be free to look after his mum and seven church branches.He had told the court his mother was suffering from a heart problem as well as hypertension.

South African Magistrate Nwabisa Jumba said when the bishop applied for bail again, new facts showed he did not own a firearm.

“On a balance of probabilities, there are new facts warranting his release on bail,” said Jumba.

The bishop was ordered not to interfere with state witnesses, the victim or her mother, and not to use church members or anyone else to contact witnesses.

The bishop will be back in court on 2 November.