19yrs Boy “With Big gods” Married 39yrs Woman (GRAPHICS)

This is unusual. Couple is now trending online after their wedding photos was released and got social media users divided.

The photos showing a 19-year-old boy as he weds  to a 39yrs old woman. A woman who senior him with over 20 years.

Sharing photos of the lovely couple by a Facebook user identified as Akulo Sam’s Ochens, he wrote: “Age is just a number. 19yrs old boy got married to a 39yrs old lady. love is beautiful. Cong’s.”

The groom dressed in the popular white Arabian attire and the bride rocking a peach coloured lacey wedding dress for their wedding.

There were other photos showing the couple as they live their lives after tying the knot.

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  1. Biafran rabbi October 5, 2018