Biafra : One Year After Operation Python Dance, Where Is Nnamdi Kanu?(MUST READ)

One Year Gone, Where is Nnamdi Kanu?

In the latest Nigeria, where young and old now talks about 2019 presidential elections alone, I can’t but ask the Igbos, Nigerians as a whole and, President Buhari where the omnivorous Lion of Biafra is. Where is this young man? Is he buried or erased like some people are mongering? Is he somewhere in his Aba Father’s house hid? Is he in Israel or in the United Kingdom? Where on earth is he? I wish he hasn’t crossed to the world beyond. I wish he’s not already dining with spirits. I wish he’s not dead. If so; another heroe has fallen and Nigeria is already saying adieu to sportsmanship and activism.

If the king of the Jungle is still alive and had not completely fallen victim to the dancing python’s venom, I expect, at least, a light roar. In my earlier ABCs to him, just before the python’s violent dance, I opened up on how Nigeria was better as one.I told him how we could reform the country from within. How he was a confidence I venerated, how he should save Igbos the stress of losing and/or forfeiting their investments to Nigeria and how he should please save me the pains of losing my Igbo friends, neigbours and celebrities to some Biafra, in case he succeeded. But he was either too conditioned to the several intimates, buddies, fans and converts, who would spend a lifetime singing his mentions and congnomen.

Nnamdi Kanu

I can remember telling him how Biafra(if got eventually) would still be governed by wicked Igbo leaders, who like their Yoruba and Hausa colleagues brought Nigeria to her knees in the first place. I reminded him that there seemed a general problem with the black race. There is no black nation that could be ranked developed. I would rather say, that Africans have the kind of leaders they deserve . If there’s any solution to our problems, it is in unseating a generation of leadera that has failed, by all means and, then actively look inwards for young people, those that can and are ready to serve.


Where is Mazi? Those who lost their sons to protests he championed might now be feeling a deep sense of loss. Those who lost their pretty wives to Biafra-Inspired freedom marches are on the lookout. Those who were maimed and crippled in the process of Biafra agitation want to see Nnamdi Kanu. The Children who lost their parents to stray bullets during campaigns for Biafra would certainly want to hear from him, and learn how there’s still hope. But, no one is talking about him any longer. Igbo leaders now patronize Aso rock villa and, I can bet, such visits are mostly for selfish reasons. No one is putting pressure on the federal government to produce mazi. No one is repeatedly calling the attention of the world to his bizarre disappearance.

Election held in Anambra, even in his absence! Kanu was declared a terrorist. He’s said to have committed treason and, likely carted away with. We who were not in support of secession but admired his selflessness and audacity want to know where the Lion is, even if the Igbos for whom he fought care less now. The problem is not even the young man’s dissappearance, but a people that could be so silent when those who fight for them are being victimised, oppressed and, even killed. What will the future of activism look like in Nigeria? Who would be ready to fight for a cold and ungrateful people in the nearest future?

Kanu’s predicament is far from the first, you know? Fela’s mother was reportedly thrown down from a storey building and died from complications related to the event. Nigerians watched Ken Saro Wiwa killed, just for fighting for his people’s rights .Can we still say things as they are and go scot free? Since the python dances freely in my country, can we still gambol without awe, scare, phobia and/or suspicion? Well, life goes on in the east, Igbos are still eating chicken and senegalese rice, cars are still moving and the clock tickles on, beyond that, the leaders are busy preparing for 2019 elections. In Igboland, people are still getting married in flamboyance and birthdays are still being celebrated with Osadebe’s Osondi owendi, even, when Mazi is in not-many-knows-where.Where is the Lion? Where is the prince? Nnamdi Kanu, where are you?

Ayeni Faith Damilola is a writer, public speaker and eulogist.