BREAKING!!! Panic As IPOB In Niger Delta Hosts Biafra Genocide Exhibition, Invites Foreign Medias(Photos)

Declares full support for Biafra referendum….

RIVERS – The members of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) yesterday  30th September 2018 held their first ever Biafra Genocide Exhibition in Niger Delta.

The exhibition was channeled towards revealing many war crimes and atrocities committed against Biafra population in Nigeria during the Biafra/Nigeria civil war up till date.

Millions of Biafrans, mostly kids were starved to death caused by the blockade of Air, land, water and also heavy bombardment from Nigeria, Russia, Egyptians and other world military gentiles.

IPOB Members

In an interview with one of the hosts who is also an IPOB coordinator (name withheld) by IGBERE TV correspondents, the man revealed that the program was organized to enlighten and educate Biafra generation, mostly those from “The So Called Niger Delta”.

He further explained that “Our unborn generation must know and tell our sad stories by themselves.” Every part of Rivers known as (Ugwuocha) is also Biafra territory because majority of us here are Igbo speaking tribes of Niger Delta.

In the deliberate systematic destruction of the Biafrans during the Biafra civil war from the year 1967-1970, the motive of Nigerian military led by Yakubu Gowon was to exterminate every living and non living structures in every part of Biafra territory. This led to deployment of heavy armories in Biafra and which killed millions of Biafra soldiers who were ever ready to defend Biafra territory armed or unarmed.

IGBERE TV also learnt that many Indigenes who are also members of the Niger Delta, such as Rivers State, Akwa Iboms, Cross Rivers and Bayelsa’s have fully declared support for Biafra, according to a Niger Delta elder who pledged anonymously to other brothers who are still slumbering to join any nearest IPOB family to at least contribute in anyway they can in order to spread the gospel of Biafra across the Biafra territory.


During the event, General President of Biafra Council Of Elders (name withheld) commends IPOB leadership and other members of IPOB who have taken it upon themselves to ensuring the total restoration of Biafra. He further urged every Biafran to dissociate self from any activities hosted by Ohaneze Ndigbo, “they have failed us woefully and are still ready to sell us out to our enemies,” he exploded in anger.

“Biafra Indigenous Council Of Elders have risen to fight for the people of Biafra inline with the leadership of IPOB lead by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.”

“In this first ever Biafra Genocide Exhibition held in Biafra land, we are bringing it to the notice of the Amnesty International, human rights organizations and world leaders that the Nigerian government through the British government and others world Islamic elites of Nigeria are fighting relentlessly to wiping out Biafrans. We are only calling for “Self Determination” which is enshrined under United Nations Law for every Indigenous People to participate and Nigeria is also a signatory to it. Our call for referendum is never a call for war, “he said.

IPOB members that attended the event

IPOB member speaking at the event