ABOMINATION! Nig Prophet Caught On Camera Doing This Awful Thing In A Night Party (GRAPHICS)

ABOMINATION! Prophet Caught On Camera Doing this Despicable Thing Openly

This has to be the most controversial church dance I have even come across, the dancers are a prophet and member of his church and the routine engaged did not help the situation as well, as a whole, it was a total farce and guess what!? This happened in a church! Inside a church, where is the line supposed to be drawn? between Godly and worldly worship? peep the video and share your opinions on it

An unnamed prophet who is suspected to have watched the sultry music videos of Nigerian artistes was caught on camera doing what his eyes had seen on TV.


The prophet enjoying himself openly

These are screenshots from a viral video of a prophet rocking a young lady from behind at a wedding ceremony in Ekiti State. The party took place over the weekend and the religious cleric threw caution to the wind.

The identity of the prophet dressed in a white garment remains unknown. According to rumours, he exercised some stellar dance skills as he kept his waist close to the bum of the lady.

It’s not clear if the white garment man was under the influence or he was engulfed by the hysteria of the moment.

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