Woman Confronts Surgeon After Failed Boob Job That Left Her With Only One Breast

A furious woman confronted the surgeon who “bungled” her boob job, leaving her with just one breast. Ekaterina Abdulina, 37, a bodybuilder, pole dancer and bikini-wearing DJ, says she was left in “agony” after her enlargement surgery went horribly wrong in a Russian clinic.

She claims her private life and career are in ruins and she has been disfigured and turned into an “invalid”.

A criminal case is underway into surgeon Irina Shmarina.

But the aggrieved patient took a film crew from Russian state-owned channel NTV with her, tracking down the medic in an elite clinic.

Ekaterina – or Katya – told the plastic surgeon bluntly: “You left me with just one breast. “You have seriously damaged my health. “You have ruined my private life and my career in sports. “Are you aware of a criminal investigation against you?”

The doctor nodded but did not reply in her new clinic in Novosibirsk – a job she got after being fired from her previous post at Kind Doctor surgery in Barnaul.

Shmarina listened briefly but then got up and went to summon a security guard, aiming to have Katya thrown out.


But other medics at the Novosibirsk clinic were shocked at her story and helped her call the Barnaul clinic to complain to the director.

She is heard telling him: “I was left with just one breast. “I was infected with blue pus bacillus.”

Katya had wanted to enlarge her breasts – from her original cup size A to D – and was in initially pleased with the results, posing and working in a nightclub in China as a bikini-wearing DJ. But the implant in her right breast was infected, which led to “horrific” pain, and the scar did not heal.

She had two operations aiming to solve the problem, but in the end emergency surgery was needed to remove the breast.

One of these removed the infected implant but put it back immediately, it is claimed.

Her lawyer Sergey Sokolov, who plans a £116,000 compensation claim over her breast removal, said: “The woman has experienced serious moral damage.