Analysis of BBC Video Showing Sharing of 4000 Naira to Voters In Ekiti

From the video one can clearly conclude it was PDP that was sharing the money base on the the following

1. The first old woman they interviewed clearly said she was given 4000 Naira.

2. She was asked who is she voting for. She said anybody of her choice. And then secretly said she is voting Fayemi with low voice. That clearly shows she was betraying those who gave her the money. Which means she got the money from PDP.

3. The younger woman they interviewed clearly said it is PDP who is sharing the money to them.

4. The other women who were rushing to the venue said the location is old govt house. We all know PDP is the ruling party and as such are the one to operate from govt house.

Clearly the BBC video shows PDP sharing money.

Note: Na who them catch be thief. That does not mean the other parties are not doing the same.

Watch Video below