Angry Father Breaks His Son’s Head With Hammer for Using Phone at Night (Pics)

Angry Father Breaks His Son’s Head With Hammer for Using Phone at Night (Pics)

A Facebook user has cried out after his father disorganized his head following a mild quarrel, According to Alachi Gabriel the father got angry after he saw him using his phone at night, and asked why he would use a phone at night.. Sad, read his piece below!

”My God never sleep, I escape death from my father this night. My father use hammer to break my head. Only God knows the amount of blood that just came out of my head.

At my age are mine not suppose to be using phone?

See trouble see me oooo, this night after our so called family prayers I went inside my room i saw my phone brinking light when i take it, it was a message from MTN i was reading it then my father was going to the bathroom to take his bath he now came to my window he stood for some time and knock the door I opened it he said i should give him my phone. He said what are mine doing by this time with phone i said MTN sent me a message so am reading it. 


I even showed him the text he wasn’t satisfied. He called my younger brother to collect my phone and read all the text messages for him about 180 messages on my Inbox. His plan was to sizze the phone so i refused. I taught it was a joke he took hammer and started hitting it on me with the respect i have for him i didn’t take it as anything. My mom came and told him he’s acting like a child that what concerns him if am operating my phone, and she left. Before I know he landed the hammer on my head i was bleeding he want his way. Right now its 01:51am am in the hospital where am receiving treatment. They said I will be discharged tomorrow morning.

If i react to this now they will be saying another thing, But now for just no reason my father took hammer and broke my head.”