Slay Queens Hide Their Faces After Police Raid Brothel While Waiting For Customers. Photos

A dramatic footage has emerged today showing the moment cops raided brothels in Vietnam and found dozens of young escorts huddled together as they desperately tried to hide their faces. Police stormed into the Fortune Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City just before midnight on June 9 and caught the women waiting for customers.

The women fled into small rooms and used their handbags to cover their faces as police checked the buildings.

Cops then ran up to a hidden roof top terrace and discovered a further 30 waitresses “dressed provocatively” playing on their phones.

They were asked to go downstairs for administrative checks.

About an hour later, the same interdisciplinary inspection team made a second raid without warning at Fortune 2 Hotel, which is also on the same street.


They said there were a number of seductively dressed waitresses who were found singing karaoke with foreign guests.

Officials said that more than 80 waitresses were not officially employed under labour contracts and most of their earnings come from tips from guests.

Ho Chi Minh City Police said in a statement: “These two hotels have made a number of violations such as operating karaoke service without a license, utilising a number of waitresses per room more than permitted by laws, employing employees without contracts, and using a sexually oriented business method.”

Police later raided a third entertainment venue, the Fyou Karaoke Bar, where staff showed an ”uncooperative manner and argued loudly”.