World Cup : 5 Strong Reasons Why Nigeria Will Not Qualify From The Group Stage By Wisdom Nwedene

Before yesterday’s football match between Nigeria super eagles players and the Croatia team, I have already lost hope because having watched their last friendly match against Czech Republic, I discovered that the players are not ready for the World Cup but only in fashion parade.

Let’s forget about the pig that predicted that Nigeria will get to semi final because that won’t happen with how the Eagles played yesterday night.

Having watched the match yesterday night but left after the second goal because I no wan get heart attack, below is my reasons why the Super Eagles won’t qualify from the group stage.

1) It will be very hard for them to win Iceland : Anyone that watched the match between Argentina and Iceland will believe with me that the Eagles won’t beat them. They have a strong defense which the Eagles cannot break easily. They were able to hold Messi till the match ended in draw.


2)Argentina Will Try To Beat Nigeria To Qualify From The Group Stage : There is no doubt that the Argentina team will try to prove a point when they meet the Eagles and believe me, the Eagles don’t have what it takes to hold Aguero, Messi.

3) No Good Strikers : The super eagles don’t have good strikers that will perform the magic for us. Just look at how Victor Moses was falling down like the wall of Jericho. Na that one go perform the magic?

4) Instead of them to prepare very well, they were busy doing Shaku Shaku in Russia and doing fashion parade. Lol, they should buckle up, world cup no be moi moi.

5) That goal keeper is not all that good. I heard that he is 19 years old. Lol. He should learn from the Iceland goal keeper if he wants to stop Messi from scoring hart trick that day. Ooo.

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