SHOCKER!! Witnesses Disappear In Court Mysteriously After This Happened!(Photo)

Report has it that charms of Victor Phiri popularly known as C4 caused his case to fail to take off at Court in Zambia after all the witnesses summoned by the State mysteriously disappeared from the court premises without explanation.

Before the case took off the witnesses were seen talking to the Prosecutors but after C4 arrived in company of a horde of very armed police officers and his hands cuffed, the witnesses disappeared unknown to the prosecution.

When the Magistrate called for the case, the prosecution was in disray as they took effort to search for the witnesses who were nowhere to be seen.


Drama ensued when phone calls where made to the so-called witnesses with one responding that he was not aware that he was a witness of anything.

This is despite that the said witness was in the morning before court.

And another witness denied on phone that he had never been to the court today. The police were surprised because they had met the witnesses from the prosecution’s offices and gave a lift to them to court using a government vehicle.

When the Magistrate Chilukwa Chiluba asked for witnesses, the police complained that C4’s charms are seriously working and that it has confused the witnesses.

The prosecution complained that C4 is making their lives hard because his charms are strong.

The case has since been adjourned to 20 June for continued trial – the police still kept C4 in cuffs for fear that the moment he manages to touch his p3nis, they won’t see him again.