Unclad Lady Takes To The Streets Just Covered In Body Paint. Photos

A model screamed ‘my clothes are melting off’ after she got caught in the rain in just body paint and pants. At first glance it looks like Brianna Anthony is wearing denim shorts and a floral T-shirt.

But actually the she was just wearing a thong and nipple pasties, covered in a creation by renowned body artist Jen Seidel – aka Jen the Body Painter .

In her latest experiment Jen and her daughter Kennedy draw on the incredibly lifelike outfit before taking Brianna onto the streets in Baltimore, Maryland, to see what reactions she received.

But then as she makes her way through the streets it suddenly starts raining – and the crew turn it into a challenge.

The cameraman can be heard telling people: “Can we borrow your umbrella because she’s about to melt?”

Two girls let her under their umbrella and also a man let’s her dart under as she says: “My clothes might melt off.”