Delta 2019: Dr. Cairo Ojougboh Plans To End Casual Workers Malady

Frontline candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party in the forthcoming Governorship polls in Delta state has made known one of his plans to end the issue of casual workers in the state.
Dr. Cairo in a series of tweets expressed his dissatisfaction over the issue of casual workers in the both public and private parastatals in the state. He noted that many workers spend up to 10 years waiting for a permanent job given to them.
According his official twiter handle @CairoOjougboh he said “The plight of civil workers in Delta State is indeed very pathetic most especially the issue of casual workers is a fundamental issue that must be addressed. It is unfortunate that both private and public institutions are involved in this illegal act. Findings reveal many casual workers spend up to 10 years without any promotion with the same salary level without any hope of being given permanent job with your mandate we can change this” the tweet ended”.


Dr. Cairo is a former member of the House of Representatives in which he served only one term. His campaigns has been centred on using one term in office and eradicating corruption in the state.