Wife Of Nigerian Lawmaker Reveals Why Her Son Was Killed In London. Photo

Mrs. Ronke Badru, wife of House of Representatives member, Hon. Dolapo Badru whose son, Abraham, was killed on March 26 in London near the deceased’s parents’ home, said the murder of his only child at age 26, was a revenge for stopping the gang rape of a girl child when he was just 14.

The devastated mother said Late Abraham feared for his life after he gave evidence to convict and jail nine boys who gang raped a 14-year-old schoolgirl, Daily Mail reported.


Relatives of the rapists threw eggs at the Badrus’ home and made threatening phone calls to terrify Abraham, then 16, because he had imprisoned their loved ones, the paper wrote.

After the case, Abraham fled 159 miles to Bristol for seven years after where he studied a BTEC in Sports Science before attending the University of Gloucestershire where he completed a masters in sports coaching.

‘He went to Bristol in 2007 after he rescued a girl from a rape. ‘He received threatening phone calls, he was really scared for his life. ‘They were throwing eggs at our door and everything, the family of the group. ‘Abraham was just 14 and the police said he was a witness and they said if you do not allow him you will be charged with perverting the course of justice. . ‘

The family of those boys were coming to my door and saying he should not go to court. ‘He moved to Bristol to continue his education, he was only 16,’ the publication quoted her as saying.