Woman Seen Stripping Off Her Clothes In Front Of Spanish Airport. Photos

A female tourist was caught on camera stripping at a busy Spanish airport in front of astonished holidaymakers and cabbies. The blonde woman was seen stripping completely naked from the waist down before struggling to put on a pair of leggings at Palma Airport in Majorca.

Video footage shows her attempting a quick change by the taxi rank outside the airport, but she appears to regard underwear superfluous.

At one point she appears to be struggling to stay upright while putting on her leggings, and is forced to sit down on the pavement in a fit of giggles


One onlooker filming the bizarre scene, said to have taken place on Wednesday, raged in a running commentary in Spanish: ‘Here we are. Nice and cool without any clothes on at the airport.

‘This is how it is. Now I’m taking off my knickers. It’s amazing. How disgusting!’

It was not immediately clear today if police had been called to the airport, where public nudity is not normally an issue.