SaharaReporters Boss, Sowore , A Chameleon On A Mission To Decieve Nigerians(Photo)


By Wisdom Nwedene

Since SaharaReporters Boss, Omoyele Sowore has been talking and disrupting the online space over his political ambition. I decided to keep quiet because I thought he will be different from other politicians who have been deceiving Nigerians with their dubious acts but I have discovered that Sowore is not different from them. Sowore speaks from both sides of his mouth.

Recently, he said will apologize to the Igbos because they are being marginalised, I was surprised because Sowore has never used his media to fight on behalf of the Igbos. How many times have Sowore used his media to tell the world how Buhari is treating the Igbos? None!!


How can we trust him to beg the Igbos when he eventually becomes the president of Nigeria?. Because I know power intoxicates.

Again, Sowore was spotted pushing a truck when he went for his takeitmovement and I was shocked too. I discovered that Sowore omoyele is not different from Nigerian politicians who have polarized this country.

Omoleye Sowore, please Nigerians are tired of that old type of political campaign. Nigerians want someone who will not hide what he is, just to win an election and reveal his true colour. No!! Nigerians are tired. My advice to you is for you to stick to your townhall meeting and keep enlightening Nigerians.

(Wisdom Nwedene is a Journalist, writer, motivational speaker. Contact: