She Loves It’ – Tobacco Tycoon Says His Wife Loves Sharing Him With Other Women. Photos

The Candyman insists his wife loves sharing him with up to 30 other women as she reveals: ‘I like girls and I’m doing what I choose with my body.’ Tobacco tycoon Travers Beynon lives in a lavish Gold Coast mansion with his wife Taesha, 27, and two permanent girlfriends Nisha, 22, and Krystal, 21.

But at the weekends up to 30 other women – who message him on Instagram – are invited to join the party and spend the night.

The notorious playboy, 46, said his unusual marriage works because Taesha loves their extraordinary sex lives.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Australia in his Candy Shop Mansion, he said: ‘We’re very happy. I’ve been married to my wife for eight years and our relationship – in a fun sense, in a family sense, and in a sexual sense – is like we first met.’

‘At the weekends up to 30 other women join us and my wife loves that part of it. She absolutely gets involved with the other girls.

Taesha agreed, saying: ‘I kissed girls when I was younger and have always been curious. I’ve had my time with jealousy and you get past it.

She added: ‘Trav and I have a very strong marriage and a very strong relationship – we make enough time to spend one on one together. I feel like I’m always the centre of his life.’


His wife Taesha (left) says the four-way relationship works because she likes girls. She met Nisha (centre) at a modelling shoot where they ‘hit it off’ and she later introduced her to her husband

Beynon said having multiple girlfriends is less morally corrupt than having an affair. ‘Look at all these politicians,’ he said, referring to former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce who left his wife of 24 years for his much younger staffer.

‘How many people in monogamous marriages are truly happy?’

Beynon said he has a strict selection process in place for choosing his girlfriends and that he is always on the lookout for more.

‘There’s a process of finding new girls like any relationship,’ he said. ‘You meet a girl, you court them and vice versa and then if it works out you become more serious – it’s the same process.’

He said he’s trying to find a fourth girlfriend who is the ‘right fit’. Asked how many girlfriends would be too many, he replied: ‘I like challenges and I’m good at management.’

Beynon said he gets on with most of the girls that come over at the weekends but sometimes they get asked to leave for causing drama.