Mixed Reactions Trails As Biafran Man Burns Bible, Says Is For Good


Only a fool will say in his heart that their is no God. Yet some “confused traditionalist and dibia anya nzu groups hiding under Biafra agitation to create awareness  and probably to radicalize and balkanize  Ndigbo into traditional forms of religion   has taken  it as a burden to criticize Christianity and other religion even to an extend of burning the holy bible in public places.

No wonder  Muslims takes the issues of blasphemy serious. If it were in the Northern parts, those who burn the holy Koran always receives a death sentences.But in Christian religion  reverse is the case simply because christian believes the ideology that vengeance belongs to God and sees shading of blood as a sacrilegious act. But currently, it seems some Biafrans are now abusing such right and privileged.

Is this the teaching of Nnamdi Kanu?

Many people who are not following the trends of activities of IPOB may jump into a conclusion that Nnamdi Kanu is a Jewish radical. Though Nnamdi Kanu practices Jewish religion, yet their had never been a day he insults, castigate, criticize or lure his numerous fans into doing so. In one of Nnamdi Kanu’s presentation on Radio Biafra London before his ordeal, he said and i quote” when Biafra comes, it must accommodate all religion”



After series of investigations and research, i discovers that those who are claiming Traditionalist are mere opportunist, using Biafra and IPOB to create awareness and popularity.

What Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB Must Do

It is time IPOB issues a public ban on all these sadist that derives joy in burning the holy bible. Doing so will strongly affiirms the disassociation of IPOB from the miscreants trying to damage the legacies of   IPOB.

  • Chukwu Solomon, Writes From Ebonyi State





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