Former Lapdancer Who ‘Gave Students Discounts For Sex’ Arrested After Drunken Bust-up

A former lapdancer who ‘gives students discounts for sex’ told police her name was ”Adolf Hitler” when they arrested her over a drunken bust-up with her fiancé. Zaynab Alkhatib, 31, had been out for a nightcap with civil servant Andrew Hamer when she threatened to throw herself off a glass balcony when restaurant staff asked her to leave.

The Manchester Evening News reports that two constables arrived at the scene, former escort Alkhatib – who goes by the stage name Kat Lee – gave her identity as the Nazi dictator.

She is then said to have begun struggling violently with the officers.

Alkhatib deliberately sunk to the floor in an attempt to stop them taking her away before punching one of the constables – a female officer – in her right thigh.

When taken to a police station she said: ”I just wanted to get away from the man I was with.”



Last month’s incident occurred less than a year after former escort and lapdancer Alkhatib told how she had found love with 48-year Mr Hamer who lives with his mother aged 78 – after he booked her services.

It is not clear whether the couple are still together.

Her bust up with Mr Hamer occurred on January 24 at Piccadilly Railway station in Manchester at 11.30pm after the pair had been out for a meal together, magistrates in the city were told.

Adressing the court, Alkhatib, who admitted assault on police, said: ‘I am just very sorry. I do lots of 10k’s and stuff. I’m always looking after other people and I need to start putting myself first more.’

Magistrates conditionally discharged her for 18 months ordered her to pay £105