Shocking:”Lagos Police Slapped An Old Woman, Beat Up Driver With Gun, Collected 7k”

A Nigerian lady who says some policemen in Mowe Ibafo, Lagos state slapped an old Woman and a man and also used a gun to beat up the driver and they also collected 7000 Naira from him. she shared the story of the incident on Twitter.

According to Anuoluwapo Oluwaseyi‏, the incident happened on 7th February 2018 on her way home in Lagos state. She wrote:

“On my way home yesterday, something terrible happened by our so-called PoliceNG they slapped an Old Woman and a Man and also Used Their Gun to Beat The Driver and also collected 7000 Naira!!!!!! So i stay in Mowe Ibafo, and on my way home, the bus i entered stopped to drop a passenger in Wawa,So he was about to move when a Car stopped in front of us and the driver mistakenly hit the car and started begging,
Well little did we know they are police officers @PoliceNG, they all came down and started beating the driver they even knack the drivers head with their Guns


So a man was trying to beg them…. They came and slapped him.. ImmediatelyAlso an old woman got down to beg them maybe they’ll consider her to stop beating the driver…. They slapped the woman and pushed her she almost fell on the floor!!!!!

When i wanted to record a Man said” if dem born you well make you record anything i go shoot you”So they told us all to get down that they want to drive the car to their Station, we all didn’t get down…. And the man said he’ll Shoot us all and nothing will happen…. He slapped the conductor too Until the man gave him 7,000 What is the country becoming?

We are not safe again!!!!

This is not good at all!!!?!

I know where they came from!!!!”