Woman Throws Party In Her Wedding Dress To Celebrate Getting Divorced. (Photos)

A woman who was newly-single decided to celebrate the end of her marriage by throwing a party – and her friends all turned up wearing their wedding dresses.  Nicole Niesner, 36, from Saskatchewan, Canada, asked her friends to come and party with her to mark a fresh start in her life.

However, what she didn’t count on was her close friends arriving in their own wedding dresses…but when she saw them all gowned up she promptly dug her out the dress she wore walking down the aisle.

After suggesting she should mark the end of her marriage with a celebratory party, Nicole’s best friend then took control – and made sure attendees got the memo to wear their own bridal dresses.

Nicole said: ‘When I opened the door all of my friends had brought their wedding dresses, it was so fun.

‘I had no idea that this was the plan so I went into my storage room and dug my dress out.


‘We all helped each other get dressed, danced around, took some pictures and reminisced about our weddings, children, families and friends.’

The divorced mother is now looking forward to her single life and ‘turning a negative into a positive’.