IPOB Lady Journey By Sea To Foot Bills Of Victims Member, Says IPOB Shall Risk All To Help Victimized Members

Amarachi Ibe Gift is a rare  admirer of all , she is among those who risks all in ensuring that Biafra as a nation become a reality.

On several occasions, the young and seasoned IPOB media journalist was pictured distributing relief materials to  prison inmates in South-East/South-South Region and also  hospitals footing the bills of her members.


Yesterday, the young guru took to her facebook page with numerous fans and unveil a selfies were she was on a mission traveling by sea to pay the bills of victimized members in a distance Nkoro community in Rivers state.

She wrote:

Journeying through the Sea to visit and foot the Bills of an IPOB injured victim, at NKORO Rivers State.In IPOB under the unsurpassable Leadership Of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu, we prioritize our Family members and careless the magnitude of risk attached to grant abutment of victimized Biafran activist and restoring the Biafra Nation.

Below is the photos

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