Did You Notice Some Guys Who Play Instruments In Church Don’t Give Offering?

Investigations reveals that guys who play instruments in the church do not pay offerings or give tithe.

According to the information gathered so far, most of the instrumentalist are being paid by the church and it become cumbersome for them to remit their wages to the same church who pays them.  The instrumentalist in the  churches today sees the church as a business venture, a place where the wise ones and business acumens  get paid for the services which they rendered  at the detriment of those who are in dire need of salvation, wealth, or spiritual deliverances.



The most annoying part of this investigation and analysis gathered by Igberetv is the fact   the so called instrumentalist seems to be soaked in sin.
h instrumentalist in Nigeria do have a date with their female church members who are been carried away probably by the beauty of the art craft. (skills).

In this investigation , we gathered a verified report of an Instrumentalist named Chibuike (not real name) who plays in one of the popular church in Nigeria, with her branch situated at Ebonyi state, who got the choir mistress pregnant, upon receiving the news of the pregnancy, chibuike disappeared into tin air.

Seriously, it is alarming at the rate in which pastors adore this instrumentalist, some church pastors even to some extend do hold a special prayer to the instrumentalist, and at the end of the church service, the instrumentalist ends up not paying their offering and tithes. Are this instrumentalist not part of the members of the congregation? Or are they above other members?