A Man Saved My Name As “Afang Soup” After I Cooked For Him – Beautiful Lady Cries Out(Photo)


A lady who goes by the name Lilah and with the twitter handle (@canyewext), has taken to the social networking platform to reveal how she was left heartbroken after a guy she’s been crushing on, saved her phone number as “Afang Soup”.

The lady claimed she went to the guy’s house at a time and cooked for him a delicious meal with the popular Nigerian delicacy soup, Afang.

From all indications it was quite obvious the guy enjoyed the soup so much that the best way he thought he could save the lady’s number was with something she knows how to do best, which to him, might be the Afang soup she cooked for him.

Lilah went further to state that after learning her lessons, she will never in her life cook for any man again, adding that all men should die hungry.


Though it was not stated in her post how she got to know about the name given to her by the guy, but surely she wasn’t happy as shown in the way she came online to rant about the whole situation.

She then went further to call the man her crush and even said he is a scum for what he did to her.

Her post reads:

“The last time I cooked for a man he saved my number as ‘afang soup’ heartbreak I will never cook for you men again. You all DIE OF HUNGER. My crush o you men are really scum.”

It is not quite uncommon for people to save other people’s name on their phones with something they can easily identify them with.

If you can recollect during the Tiwa savage and Tee Billz’s marriage scandal, it was revealed that Tee Billz had a name saved on his phone as edible catering.

A lady who goes by the name Teniola Kashaam (@tennycoco) was fingered as the alleged mistress.