Shocking!! “His Wife Caught Him Red-Handed. You Just Can’t Believe What Happened”(Must Read)


As shared by a fan,

Really, women don’t need to scream or create a scene at every given opportunity. I had this great experience recently. Please read;

I was hanging out with my friends yesterday evening , so we ordered for fresh fish and drinks, the next person beside us came in with his girlfriend and ordered drinks and fish too. They were drinking and holding their hands together, the lady was resting on the guys shoulder. Apparently, they were having fun. However, their joy was short lived because, before we knew it, a woman walked in with a baby not more than 4 months old. She quietly pulled up and joined the table of the two love birds.

It was a moment to behold as the young girl looked surprised and angry at the same time obviously not impressed with the fact that someone came to invade their privacy. The man on the other hand was so quiet and looked totally confused.

Then the woman called the Bar attendant “please give me a bottle of malt and Fresh fish” and they served her. At this point, her baby started crying and she fed her and continued eating obviously enjoying every moment. Not done with whatever game she was playing, she further ordered for two fresh fish (point and kill), they told her its #1500 each she said she needed two of the fish and ordered for Isi-ewu 3 full mortar, they did and packaged all for her.

Finally with a wry smile playing on her beautiful but sweaty face, she now ordered for 7 cans of malt which they also gave her.

All these while, the man was kind of scared for the woman not to create a Scene at the joint, while the girl he came with was no longer comfortable.
Satisfied, the woman now stood up to leave with her loot and no one would have been the wiser if the bar the man had not walked up to her and said , “Please madam your money”

That was when the bubble bursted as she blurted out “My husband here will pay”. She quietly dropped her baby on the man’s laps and went off with her Goodies.
The silence that followed was breathtaking.

Surprisingly, immediately the woman, several other men quickly paid their bills and left as if expecting their own wives to turn up too.

Men! Abeg, who do us this thing?

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